Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 77: Hints on the skylight

I hurriedly subconsciously looked at my own shadow, the light in the house is very bright, can not see clearly. I searched for a while and thought it was really outrageous.

If it is really like Qin Yiheng said, since the fear of being found someone without a shadow, then why bother to open a skylight on the roof of the mansion?

Moreover, how can a person not have a shadow? Many rumors that ghosts do not have a shadow, but since they have become ghosts, why do they come together with people?

I discussed with Qin Yiheng, want him to say more clearly, but he told me that at present can only guess so much, as to what is going on, we are not the parties, so certainly will not know.

However, he reasoned that the reason for doing so was probably intentional on the part of the old man, and the skylight on the roof could be some kind of a hold, which would be a safeguard if the person who needed to hide the shadow was against the old man.

And the reason why the man who brought us to the umbrella will be so concerned, I'm afraid that the old man deliberately arranged, it is estimated that what alarming consequences, do so in order to confuse the crowd, so that his purpose is easier to achieve.

Listen to what he said, I also have a picture in my mind: a group of people with umbrellas in this mansion and the old man in the hat conspire, there are some of the feeling of attending a funeral, anyway, I imagine the picture is very strange, this is not a fucking cult, right?

I lit another cigarette, smoked a few quiet quiet, which then thought to ask Qin Yiheng, before he was so nervous to find the tooth marks, is why, because he just told me those, although evil, but it is no big deal, will not endanger life.

Asked, he just told me that before he saw the umbrella above the teeth, at first did not think in the direction of chaotic teeth. Because in the metaphysical arts, there is a bureau called "bite the night". This "bite the night" has a great origin, to choose the teeth of those who died of pain alive. Because when people are in pain, they will instinctively want to bite something, so this tooth is the best effect. Then at midnight every day, draw a tooth mark on their bed. It is said that after this tooth mark is painted, do not let anyone check it after dawn, and when it is night again, you will see more tooth marks next to the tooth mark you painted. That night, with this one tooth to sleep, will dream of some strange hints, this hint is used to find the Taiyang.

Qin Yiheng said he also did not try, so he has not been able to spy out the mystery, only know the general process, but one thing is certain, is that this bureau is very hurtful, because the person who sleeps with the tooth, the next day also need to pull out a tooth, otherwise it will attract a lot of disasters, such disasters are very rushed, such as a fire category.

This may still be related to the tai yi. Taiyang, broadly speaking, in metaphysics can be taken as a name, or a general reference, and to the fine point, the fact is that Taiyang is a very wonderful that animals are not animals, that plants are not plants of a thing, according to legend, eat will prolong life, and the kind of essence of Taiyang, eat will live forever. In ancient times, those emperors who sought immortality, looking for most of this stuff. According to legend, the taiyoung cannot be bitten by the teeth, but can only be contained. Because the human teeth will come into contact with many impurities in the world, stained teeth, the taiyoung will lose its spirituality.

The essence of the taiyoung is not a simple thing, in earthly terms, is very cunning, but also very vindictive. Therefore, if you use "bite the night" to look for, after the taiyou notice, will come to trouble.

However, this is only a legend, people live a life, can see the taiyoung only a few people, not to mention the essence of the taiyoung.

Therefore, he just found the tooth when it will be very nervous, after all, we came very rashly this time, and not after sufficient investigation and preparation, he was afraid that this is a similar to the "night bite" bureau, a trap, and then a careless, we two buried in the fire, which is really not worth the loss.

Since the original reason for the teeth, the next step is to do the business: to see the house, after all, we also have a purpose to come.

After smoking a cigarette, I started with Qin Yiheng in the mansion carefully check from house to house. Before only a cursory look, this check only found that the mansion is indeed very large, and many rooms are found in the kind of "Manmin a household" dust marks seen before, together there are seven or eight.

The house checked once, in addition to any new findings, even the shadow of the closet did not look. Qin Yiheng also straight frown, said: "the mansion is not unclean things, is a standard residential no doubt."

Hearing him say that, I was even more puzzled. The old man in the hat asked us to come all the way here, so he really wants to do business with us?

After thinking about it, I thought it was still impossible, so I asked him what to do now, the mansion is certainly not to receive, it is clear that it is losing money ah!

Qin Yiheng looked around, thought for a while, suddenly seemed to understand what, said: "Turn off all the lights in the mansion."

The mansion is indeed very large, to turn off all the lights, it took us both a lot of effort. When the lights were turned off, the two of us returned to the living room so a look, are amazed.

That night, at first it was bright stars and dark moon, at this moment, I do not know if God helped us, and became the moon and stars. The house itself is located in a remote town, there are no street lights around neon, plus there is no pollution and so on, the moon is surprisingly bright, the light is also surprisingly good, once the lights are turned off, the moonlight shines straight through the skylight. However, the moonlight hitting the ground was different from what we thought.

Because these skylights are octagonal, it is reasonable to say that the moonlight hitting the ground should also be octagonal, even if the angle will be distorted, at least it should be similar to octagonal, but the moonlight on the ground has nothing to do with octagonal!

The shape of the light is difficult to describe, it looks very chaotic, according to my intuition, it is very much like a ball of noodles.

At first I thought it was a coincidence that clouds came over the mansion, looked up, my heart was a shiver.

Because I do not know when, the skylight of the living room was actually used similar to a brush or something dipped in paint haphazardly brush a pass, so the light on the ground will appear such an effect.

At this time, the mansion lights are off, although there is moonlight shining in, but I am still nervous and weak in the legs.

Just when I checked with Qin Yiheng, the skylight was very clean, and now, it is obvious that it has been tampered with.

I said to myself, while we were talking in the study, someone went up to the room? But we didn't notice it at all!

I can't help but start a cold sweat, the other side unknowingly wiped the glass, if you want to sneak up on us, wipe the neck is certainly not difficult! Moreover, this is probably a trap, after all, according to normal logic, who would not go to the roof in the middle of the night, right?

I leaned towards Qin Yiheng and wanted to ask him what he had in mind. Apparently he also found a problem with the skylight, examined for a while, surprisingly walked directly to the skylight directly below, raised his head to look, look for a while, and then leaned down and touched the ground illuminated by the light with his hands, and then asked me, look at these lights have not felt familiar?

I was stunned by his question, and looked a few times, but did not recognize anything, so I asked him, in the end, what is this ah?

Qin Yiheng reached out and drew a little, said: "Remember the old man in the hat gave that side of the seal? This light is the same as what is engraved underneath that seal, it is a spell to suppress the soul and evil."

Heard that the incantation, I went closer to see a few eyes, but really clumsy eyes, so see also did not recognize.

However, I am very strange, not to mention that this is what people painted up, but he must at least have a purpose, right?

Now recognize that this is a charm to suppress evil spirits, listen to the name is not like a harmful bureau.

I asked Qin Yiheng, he also shook his head and told me that he had been thinking, but could not see each other's intentions, but first a house a house to look carefully to see if we can find any clues.

The two of us did not split up this time to check the house, but we were also afraid of a secret plan. Both of them are always on guard, so that I am a little distracted, followed by the turn of the time, but also has not sunken to see.

The rooms of the house itself is quite a lot, the two of us so carpet-style view, really took some effort. But after another round, as usual, there is no harvest.

Finally, Qin Yiheng decided to try to move all the things that can be moved to see if there will be any findings. So, the two people started working again to do the physical work.

Fortunately, the old man did not have any appliances left in the house, it is estimated that when moving out all took away, in addition to a microwave oven and a refrigerator in the kitchen, there is nothing to move.

We both moved the appliances out, in addition to the dust nothing to see, and began to move the furniture in the mansion one by one.

The furniture is genuine mahogany, very heavy, we both moved around tired enough, it was difficult to get the living room finished, smoking a little rest, we both went to the bedroom.

The most important thing is that you have to be able to get the most out of your home.

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