Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 75: Only with an umbrella can you enter the mansion

The more I thought about it, the more I felt uneasy about it, because if the old man really wanted to help us and give us clues, there was no need to go through such a big circle, just hand over the closet and be done with it. He tried everything to get us to go to his so-called old mansion, which is clearly a trap.

I have a discussion with Qin Yiheng, told him that this place we better not go. He thought about it for a long time before saying, "We should go, but we should be more careful. This old man does not seem to be to harm people, in your words, even if he wants to harm people, there is no need to make such a big circle."

I thought about it, although the heart is still not bottom, but Qin Yiheng said to go, I also have no reason to back out, immediately said goodbye to him in the teahouse, go home and wait for news.

The old man did not go back on his word, the next day very early someone contacted me, told me the location of the mansion, and told us to move as soon as possible, call him after landing, there will be someone to pick up at the airport.

The mansion is in a prefecture-level city in the south, the specific address was not disclosed on the phone, I did not even have the opportunity to check in advance from the network map, only two eyes, and Qin Yiheng bought a ticket for the nearest flight, apprehensive on the road.

On the way I have been closing my eyes, but simply can not sleep. Qin Yiheng was unperturbed. The two of us got off the plane, I called there, and after waiting at the airport for half an hour, someone came to pick us up.

The person who came is in his thirties, with a popular face, except for a greeting when we meet, rarely speak, not even to introduce himself, I do not know his last name. I got into his car with Qin Yiheng, and all the way I tried to talk to him, to see if I could get something out. I don't know if it's because of his strict mouth or his personality, but he didn't take my side, so I was embarrassed and had to shut up.

The car drove for a long time, from the airport into the city, and then from the city, along the national highway all the way. By the time the car stopped, it had already spent nearly four hours on the road.

Originally we got off the plane in the afternoon, so a toss, the sky has been dark. I was tired and hungry, got out of the car and looked around, and felt that this time is really a sheep into the tiger's mouth.

Our location, I'm afraid, has been very remote, it looks like a small town. Although not surrounded by mountains, but always feel sparsely populated, look around the building is not much, and I have not seen a few houses light up. This poor countryside, I'm afraid to find a decent place to stay are not.

At first I thought it was too late to hurry, temporarily resting here for the night, did not think the person who picked us up said that the mansion is at the end of the street we were standing, let us eat something first, after which he took us to see.

Qin Yiheng did not feel surprised when he got out of the car, and nodded at me gently, not sure if he was comforting me. I said to myself, now this is the case, can only come and go, smoked a cigarette, followed the people who picked us up to a small noodle shop. The noodle shop was already closing, and it took a lot of convincing to help cook a few noodles, but the taste was not bad. We two have long been hungry, a meal of food, until after dinner, it has been more than nine o'clock in the evening.

Out of the noodle shop, it was even darker outside, before some of the lights on the home lights are out. There is no street light on the road, so I have been a little hairy on the way to the mansion. When I stood in front of the mansion, this feeling of hairiness became more obvious.

This mansion is much bigger than I thought, although not majestic, but with the next mansion a comparison, this is definitely the richest mansion in town fucking ah. The style of the house is Chinese, the courtyard door is very high, look a little like the Forbidden City in the kind of gate, but is equal to the scale of the reduction. Anyway, this kind of self-built house, willing to build what kind of what, there will be no relevant departments to control.

Before entering the mansion, I have been discouraged. I don't know how big this mansion is, but it is definitely difficult to eat down. Moreover, this mansion in such a remote town, unless one day the highway repair to this area needs to occupy, otherwise received this mansion will only be a steady loss not profit.

I thought for a while, completely put off the idea of collecting this mansion. Now the only purpose of this trip is to see if there is a closet inside or not. The man who picked us up opened the courtyard door, but did not rush in, but first took three large black umbrellas from the wall behind the courtyard door, handed two to me and Qin Yiheng, he opened one himself, before taking the lead and walked in.

His move made us both look at each other, the mansion leaks or what, to go in with an umbrella? But this time the sky is full of stars, there is no rain ah. I asked Qin Yiheng in a low voice. He said to follow the custom, so he opened the umbrella and also followed.

I walked at the end, entered the courtyard door, came to the courtyard, suddenly had a sense of clarity. The old man's aesthetic standards are not low, the yard is not very large, but the layout and decoration, flowers and ponds made beautiful. However, I did not have time to appreciate, through the courtyard, the three people entered the main hall of the mansion. The person who picked us up entered the house, but still did not put away the umbrella, Qin Yiheng and I had to continue to hold it, the three of us with a psychotic around the house.

The person who picked us up took us from room to room, but there was no half-way explanation or description. I could only estimate the size of the mansion through experience. Excluding the courtyard, it was estimated to be 500 to 600 square meters. There were many rooms, and really like the old man said, the furniture was all ancient-style wooden furniture, I don't know if it was a modern imitation or if it had been left behind earlier.

I saw Qin Yiheng's eyes kept sweeping around, presumably searching for the closet. I also tried to find a little, although the mansion is large, like the closet so large objects really did not find.

The three of them went around roughly, and finally sat down in the living room. Although the mansion I no longer intend to buy, but after all, once here, or a symbolic talk. So I asked the man who picked us up if the old man had said his psychological price for the mansion. The person who picked us up listened to my question, but seemed a little distracted, and kept staring at the umbrella in his hand.

At this time, Qin Yiheng and I did not put down the umbrella in our hands, the scene is still quite funny. I saw that he did not answer, so I had to raise my voice and ask again. This time he shook his head at me, said he did not know, and raised his eyes again to look at the inside of the umbrella.

I was completely annoyed by him, and I was a little angry. I also tilted my head and looked up. This look I was quite surprised, I the umbrella of the inner top, surprisingly attached to a cut does not know is self-adhesive or rubber paste or something, not long, half thumb size, look a little like the umbrella leak, was temporarily filled in the top.

I thought this umbrella is this person just mended? Otherwise he always think about this why? I put my body as low as possible, want to see Qin Yiheng that umbrella inside the top. But he held it low, I could not see how, so I gave him a wink, prompting him to look at the inside of the umbrella.

Qin Yiheng also looked up with understanding, frowned at me, stretched out two fingers and pointed to the person who picked us up, not sure what he really wanted to express. I guessed for a moment, is he telling me that there are two pieces of stuff attached to the umbrella? Now I'm even more puzzled, the umbrella together are broken? This old man's family does not look like they can not afford to buy umbrellas, ah, to be so frugal?

Thinking, I asked the man a question: "What do you mean by holding up the umbrella since you came in?"

The man was stunned by my question, did not answer positively, but only looked a little panicked and told me that tonight we can stay in the mansion, by the way, you can also see the mansion, all at your own convenience, but only one thing, but all walking around the mansion, must be wearing an umbrella. After that, he got up and said goodbye to us, and before he left, he put the key to the courtyard door on the table, and told us that he had bought water and vegetarian food in advance and put it in the kitchen, and went out quickly.

I still wanted to ask him a few questions, Qin Yiheng reached out to stop me, whispered to me not to chase, said: "Something is wrong with this man, it looks like he is also not familiar with this mansion, take us around, see the door to enter." Saying that, he stretched out two more fingers and pointed to his eyes, "His gaze has been wavering, obviously to this place he is also very raw."

I thought for a moment, combined with the previous performance of the man, it seems that he really called him to the right. Although he is not the first time to look like, but I am afraid that he has not been here several times. The old man arranged for such a person to receive, what is the intention? Obviously not like to sell the mansion ah.

I asked Qin Yiheng, he also shook his head and told me it was useless to think about it now, and then pointed to the ceiling of the house.

I moved the umbrella away a little and looked up, only to find that the ceiling of the house is very interesting. I do not know if the old man likes to see the stars, the ceiling opened a lot of skylights, each skylight is not small, there is no cover, through the glass directly to the sky. Just now have been playing umbrella, so did not pay attention to, now I see the more strange. This kind of skylight will hardly be used in residential buildings, and even if it is, it will not be used on such a large scale. Besides, this mansion, whether from the exterior or interior and even furniture, are Chinese style, open skylight also looks very out of tune ah.

I lit a cigarette and asked Qin Yiheng if the skylight had something to say. He "hmm", silent for a while before saying: "The man has been telling us to play umbrella, before leaving and specially instructed a little, may have a relationship with the skylight." After saying that, he walked around the house, one by one to look at the skylight once, came back to light a cigarette, as if in deep thought.

Seeing this I also guessed that the umbrella has only two roles: shade or rain. The glass on the skylight is intact, and it's not raining, is the umbrella used to block the light? In this mansion, people can not be illuminated by the light overhead? Thinking of this I looked up again. This time I did not dare to move the umbrella to look directly above, but tilted the umbrella a bit, leaving an angle to look at the skylight above.

Outside, the sky is full of stars, no moon, and the house is open lights, even if there is moonlight outside can not shine in. I said this has to turn off the lights to see the end, was about to tell my speculation to Qin Yiheng, suddenly remembered one more thing. I heard that there are many folk sayings that you can not play umbrella indoors, the legend will attract ghosts. The man who picked us up earlier, so anxious to leave, it can not be a trap, right? He knew there was something in the mansion, so he used this way to harm us?

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