Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 66 - Room Wanjin

There was no talk all night. The next day I woke up in the afternoon, and Qin Yiheng phone exchange, he came to my house, and then drove me straight to our side of the largest wholesale market of small goods.

I was excited to hear him say that he was going to find a master, but I did not expect him to take me to such a place, I could not help but be a little disappointed, asked him a question, he instructed me to meet people later, try to be more lively, speak louder, the old man is a little deaf, and does not like people who talk less.

This is really a test of my acting skills, how to be considered lively ah? The kind that is lively and bouncy and has to have blush on its face? This old man's preferences are really quite in line with the level of high people, different.

I got out of the car and followed Qin Yiheng around the wholesale market while pondering, and finally stopped in front of a store. Qin Yiheng told me to arrive, finished the first to push the door inside. I did not rush, and looked outside for a while. This store is estimated to sell spring couplets, Chinese New Year paintings or paper cuttings of a kind of things, anyway, are to the door of the family paste, look quite festive, outside the door also hung two big red lanterns, but there is no very obvious sign, and do not know what this store called.

I said this is the so-called "hidden in the city" it, the wholesale market of small goods, although small, but things are not cheap, earlier I also want to invest in a few, but did not wait for the start has been robbed. This old man can afford to rent a store selling spring scrolls, is the profit really that high?

Anyway, no matter what, go in and take a look. I put out my cigarette and pushed the door in. Qin Yiheng by this time has sat down with an old man to talk on the table with his transcription of the wrong words on the sheet of paper.

The old man did not look very old, not many folds on his face, beard is not long, wearing a sportswear Adidas, look is a very ordinary little old man, see me come in and nodded at me, smile is quite lewd.

Qin Yiheng also did not help me introduce, just pointed to the side of a plastic stool told me to sit down, and continue to discuss with the old man.

Qin Yiheng speaks loudly, the old man's voice is not small, the two shouted back and forth for half a day, I can hear very clearly. Qin Yiheng asked the old man if there was anything to say about these words.

The old man picked up the paper, squinted for a while, "hehehe" laughed and said: "This thing, not words, called sign. Earlier, many word test gentlemen will use, can measure many things, but only does not include marriage. And sometimes used in prison, such as some specific days, the legendary king of hell that day only receive odd-numbered ghosts, and to kill the death row inmates and an even number, they will be drawn out internally with a sign to slow death, considered to give face to the king of hell. This thing has a lot of strokes, can demolish can fill in, to put it in detail is a bit similar to the quiz game, but also very test people's intelligence. When measuring, first reveal a sign, and then the person who draws the sign fill in a stroke by feeling, and finally from this stroke to start the projection, the heaviest one, can avoid death."

The old man's voice is clear and bright, but I listened but very confused, so these internal magazines are for whom to draw sticks with? Sort of a fun little game? Is this not bullshit? I looked at Qin Yiheng, but he gave me a wink, and then "popped" applauded. I understood and hurried to follow the applause, almost cheering for the old man.

The old man looked around, nodded, said quite satisfied, casually took a neutral pen, writing on paper while continuing to speak: "The old ancestors made words, hidden in the mysteries of heaven and earth, and does not look so simple. Take these signs, it is the reason why a thousand changes, can be used to divine good fortune, is in the strokes. The strokes, but contains the five elements in it. The so-called vertical, a straight wood vertical, which is wood; the so-called horizontal, a line of boundless horizontal, which is earth; the so-called point, a star vajra point, which is gold; and the left and right of the skew and press rest in the word, the left for the fire, table punch; right for the water, table drain. This is only the most basic strokes, to elaborate, but a long story.

"So, this sign on a small stroke, in the eyes of those who know, it is not so simple. Combined with the person's birth date and eight characters to fill in this, there will naturally be a clash or Sang Sang, and the difference between the light and heavy of this sign."

The old man's narrative is indeed wonderful, very insightful. Without waiting for Qin Yiheng to remind me, I could not help but nod my head and say yes. The old man even praised me: "Very knowledgeable." And casually pulled out a box of dry tobacco leaves from his pocket, rolled and threw me one, he also lit one, and continued, "This kind of sign in general is just the same thing, as for you to bring this, must also be one of them, but these signs are written somewhat out of order, each one of the five lines above the line eliminated, so it seems so complex and obscure. "

Said, he asked Qin Yiheng: "Where exactly did these things come from?"

I see Qin Yiheng's stance seems to not want to tell the old man, but the current situation I'm afraid not to say it will not solve the problem.

Qin Yiheng hesitated before telling the old man the origin of this thing, but he did not say that this is the corporate internal magazine, but that he was helping a friend move when unintentionally turned out, handwritten in his friend's home in a few old books, looking very curious, so I came to ask.

The old man listened and nodded, coughed lightly and told Qin Yiheng: "I actually have a guess of my own, but I think it's a bit outrageous. This thing does not seem to me to be measuring anything, it seems to be a search notice."

The old man's words made my jaw drop, look at Qin Yiheng's look is also taken aback.

The old man probably also expected us to be this reaction, "hey" laughed twice, picked up a pen on the paper and wrote and drew for a while, then handed the paper to Qin Yiheng.

Qin Yiheng stared at the paper for a few eyes, his eyebrows are to wrinkle to a piece.

My curiosity with the cat scratching inside the chest, raised his head to look at half a day, but the angle is limited, can only see the back of the paper. I simply stood up and took a few glances, the paper was a messy piece of paper, and students used in exams to perform the grass paper almost, nothing could be seen, I had no choice but to sit down again, patiently waiting for them both who explained.

The result is that these two people since then, who did not talk about this matter, surprisingly, there is a sentence began to chatter up the family, that is, ask each other about the recent situation or something.

The old man asked Qin Yiheng if he had seen Cripple Liu recently, saying that Cripple Liu came a few months ago, bought a few pairs of spring couplets, but also gave him a hat, saying that it was cold to wear warm, and threw two thousand yuan to leave a message, saying that there is something to do in the New Year will not come to the door to see, as an early New Year's greeting to the old man.

Qin Yiheng heard the old man talking about, the body slightly swayed a little. My heart is also a thud.

According to the old man, from time to time, before the disappearance of the crippled man Liu, also made a special trip here, and, from the words of the crippled man Liu stay, he is obviously ready to disappear for a period of time ah. He would not be in cahoots with the fake Liu Crippler, right?

I looked at Qin Yiheng glance, he skimmed my mouth, guess is afraid I can not help but interrupt, hurried to take over the conversation to ask the old man what kind of hat.

The old man did not pay attention to the two of us, happy to take the hat, to Qin Yiheng see.

Hat overall is black, there is a circle of red edge, look at the quality is really good. I did not touch, also do not know what specific material, look like 80% is leather. Qin Yiheng took in the hand inside and outside looked a, nodded and praised the quality of two hat, put on the table.

My seat and the table and two steps away, just Qin Yiheng take in the hand, I did not pay attention, now from my angle, this hat to be higher than the general hat some, also do not know is a design error, or this year on the popular this style, anyway, at first glance very unpleasant. However, I look at the old man's meaning, still like this hat, just hold back not to speak, simply lit a cigarette to block the mouth.

Smoke a cigarette, Qin Yiheng and the old man also chat almost, he said goodbye to the old man, the paper carefully put away, from the wallet took out a pile of money on the table. The old man is not polite, smiling and sent us both out the door, and stuffed Qin Yiheng two couplets, and turned back.

Out of the door, I held half a day to finally be able to speak, want to ask him, a time has not considered where to start. Qin Yiheng said first, everything and so on to the car, directly took me out of the wholesale market.

On the car, Qin Yiheng did not rush to ignite the return trip, but leaned back on the seat back contemplation, told me that the old man surnamed room, is now one of the few Chinese word measurement master, looking at the age of not much, in fact, is also running ninety people, the early years of prosperity, they have several teahouses, known as room million gold, as the name suggests, is to find him to seek the word, as long as he opened to you to speak. The bottom line is 10,000 yuan. Do not see the old man smiling, in fact, very bad temper, when it comes to bad mood, talk is very impulsive, so pissed off a big shot to test the word, was the other side severely rectified, the teahouse are closed. Finally, the old man rented a small market inside the wholesale market, looking at the sale of Chinese New Year paintings, in fact, still doing the word business. So, just let the old man in the room to approve the word, who did not open his mouth. The old man is also read him is an old acquaintance, otherwise, as long as the mouth is open, you have to shoot 10,000 yuan on the table, this is a business.

Qin Yiheng finished, and took out the paper that the old man had approved and showed it to me. I carefully examined for a while, the above is really similar to what I thought before, and indeed with the performance of grass paper, there are several vertical formulae, and I do not know what is calculated.

I said, this fucking few strokes to get 10,000 yuan? This money is also too good to earn it!

Asked Qin Yiheng, he explained to me that this is the old man's calculation of the five elements of the formula, do not see only a few strokes, which contains the mysterious opportunity is very small. From the conclusion of the old man's house, this thing may really be a search notice, because the first four signs, respectively, representing the year, month, day and time, combined together, is a birth, and the other sign, the old man's house did not figure out exactly, we have no way to know what it is, anyway, this thing is really problematic.

Qin Yiheng said here, the tone suddenly serious, staring me in the eye and said: "The reason why the old man said that this search notice is outrageous, because the projected birth date and eight characters is the year A Wu c Yin month B Mao day and time."

These words he read is a word, each word is like a sledgehammer to my chest smashed.

He said the time is too familiar to me, although I never mention it in the mouth, but late at night when people will really think about it. This year, month and day, is not exactly the day engraved on the coffin board? Jiang Shuo, died in the year Jiawu c Yin month B Mao day. Is this not the date of my death?

I hurriedly lit a cigarette, trying to calm themselves.

There are too many questions that can not be smoothly guessed. For this so-called death, I have not been serious, but still instinctively have some panic, not to mention it is good, mention it, my whole person is blocked uncomfortable.

I thought about it, I think this search notice is really outrageous, not to mention that it has no connection with the so-called date of my death, just say this date, but a few years later ah. Even if it is a search notice, then how to find a future person ah? According to the birth date, this person has not yet been born! So what is there to find? Or maybe the old man was wrong and it's still my time to die? Damn, why do they all want to curse me to die that day?

I asked Qin Yiheng: "This must be a birth date? If it's just the time, it's entirely possible that it's a recorded event, or a future intention." He listened, still very serious, shook his head and said, "This is launched with the pushing Yang method, so your guesses are untenable, the only thing that can meet the conditions, and only a person's birth date, I think the person who issued these signs, will not put an animal's birth date."

Qin Yiheng's words fell, the car fell into silence. I actually did not think anything, just did not want to talk. After a full ten minutes, he broke the silence and said, "Today was not in vain, but also unintentionally got the information of the cripple Liu. Originally listened to the old man said so, I thought the cripple Liu left any clues, but that hat I carefully read, and there is no mystery. Now it seems that the crippled man has not met with misfortune, should see the situation is not good enough to hide."

"But there are still some strange places. Since Cripple Liu expected to be in danger, why didn't he ask for help? Although the room Wanjin now compared to the year is a decline, but still a very wide network of people, the wrist of a great master, in this circle, is considered to be a loud figure, it is reasonable to say that some things are still more than enough to set things right. Since the cripple Liu can come to the door to say goodbye, it is possible to ask for help from the room Wanjin."

Listen to Qin Yiheng chanting, I also guessed that the old man is so old, and then hard legs are certainly not good, it seems to be Liu Crippler does not want to give the old man trouble.

Qin Yiheng listened to straight shake his head, said: "Even if this is established, that Liu Crippler can also be completely to me for help."

My head straight dizzy, has been unable to think, simply closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. Suddenly, I understood that the reason why Crippled Liu did not ask anyone for help, there is only one possibility, that is, the trouble he encountered is not solved by others, he knew that asking for help is not helpful, can only carry or hide themselves. In that case, he did not kill someone and run away, right?

I hurried to the launch of the conclusion told Qin Yiheng, he listened to the "ah" a, said my speculation is very reliable. Then he looked down and thought for a while, or shook his head, said that now with empty speculation is not to find the answer, I'm afraid we still have to start from the Hongda Group, everything can only wait and see, said, started the car, according to the original road back.

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