Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 65 Unrecognizable words

I followed by the side and swept a few eyes, this is the enterprise internal magazine, no run. I see Qin Yiheng are on the hand, looks like there is no danger, also picked up a few books, found that these things are quite comprehensive, one issue a month, this pile contains the Hongda Real Estate several years of corporate internal magazines.

I am more and more confused, what is the purpose of the person who sent this stuff to ah? I said to myself, is it to let me and Qin Yiheng understand the history of Hongda Real Estate? This is possible.

I asked Qin Yiheng what he thought, he did not take a position, just put the magazine back in place, sat down on the sofa and lit a cigarette, and said, "Our current situation is worse than I expected, our every move, are being monitored." He said, he pulled out a small object from his pocket, black, and put it on the coffee table.

I picked it up and looked, but it was a pinhole camera. Qin Yiheng said: "Since the appearance of that closet, I also grew a memory, installed a sneak peek device at home, connected to the same hidden computer host, can record images for a long time. Every time I go out, I will put this device enabled, in order to see, if there is still something sent in, how a process. But I didn't expect that this time something was delivered to your home."

I am not stupid, when he said so, I felt a chill down my spine. The other party knew that Qin Yiheng had installed the camera equipment at home and sent the second best thing to me? If so, this person is watching us all the time, day and night? No matter what the occasion? And watching two people at the same time? Do they have a team or something?

When you think about it, this is really more anxious than hitting a ghost, anyway, I can't figure out whether this is helping us both, or the other side is designing a path, trying to lure us down.

My head is a little big, light a cigarette to take a sip, think back to the previous experiences, the feeling of unease, and began to surge up from the bottom of the heart.

It is estimated that Qin Yiheng is also thinking, for ten minutes, neither of us made a sound. Finally, he moved the book to the coffee table, some comforting as if I said: "We can only be led by each other's noses for the time being, after all, the coffin board written on things, no one can guarantee that it is false. There are too many incomprehensible things in this world, and it's not bad for one or two, so let's see if we can find anything first."

Qin Yiheng's words were reasonable, and I also patted my face and began to turn these internal magazines. This kind of books and magazines can be different from magazines, looks smelly and long, but you also have to quietly read one by one, which is really a torment.

The two of us saw the latter part of the night, with no luck. I was going to go home and get a good night's sleep, but now I've stayed up so late that I'm tired to the extreme, so I have to keep smoking to refresh myself. In the end, I simply went to wash my face with cold water, which was a bit more refreshed, back to the sofa, just ready to continue to read hard, I heard Qin Yiheng "eh" a sound.

When he moved, my sleepiness immediately disappeared and I asked him what was wrong. He pointed to the publication in his hand and muttered, "There's a typo in it."

I thought he had found something important, but it was a false alarm. Not to mention this kind of publication, even the high-end magazines on the market, there is no guarantee that there are no typos, because those who do proofreading are human beings. People, there will be a time to make mistakes, not to mention this kind of corporate publications, usually just a formality, there are not so many people to a typo serious.

I want to complain about Qin Yiheng fuss, turn his face to look, he frowned tightly. I went over and took a look, only to see him pointing his fingertips at the misspelled word. I also looked a little dazed, I do not know this word.

I think I am also a genuine university graduate, not to even know a word, this is not a professional academic magazine, a corporate internal magazine can use what remote word ah, want to ask Qin Yiheng what this word pronounced, not waiting to speak, but he seems to think of something, opened several books, quickly rummage a few times, turned to me and said: "not only this one has a typo The misspelled words seem to be in the same place." He said, picking up another book and pointing it out to me, "These misspelled words seem to be in the same place."

When he said so, my brain still a little not turn around, until I read the few typos he picked out to understand, not to mention that I do not know these few typos, just the location of the typo is very surprising. Because no matter what the theme of that one internal magazine, the content of that page of the article, will be the penultimate page of the internal magazine, the bottom left corner of the line, there is a misspelled word.

What is this? Printing errors, or layout problems? But it's not like every book has a typo in the same place, right? I looked at Qin Yiheng, who was also at a loss.

After a long time, he said, "I'm afraid these misspellings are the meaning of these books here." After that, he asked me to turn all the corporate publications to that page, checked them in turn, and transcribed the misspelled words onto a piece of paper.

When he was transcribing, I was watching from the side. I counted, although each of the misspelled words have, but back and forth is five words, is the rotation of the appearance.

I said to myself, "This is not fucking evidence that aliens are lurking on Earth, right? Unless this is an oracle bone script, I can only believe that this is an alien script. Although each word looks also has strokes of horizontal and vertical, but how to look at how to feel these words make people uncomfortable.

Qin Yiheng finished transcribing, looked at the paper for half a day, and finally shook his head and said, "This is not like the words used on the Taoist talisman, some Taoists do write some ancient words on the Taoist talisman, looking very close to the sketch or totem, but in the end there are only a few, not so much that I have not seen."

Even he is in the dark, I would not mention it, took the paper and looked at it, even guess I do not know what direction to guess, can only put the paper down and asked Qin Yiheng what to do now.

Qin Yiheng is also tired, yawned and said, "This is the end of the line, let's rest, and when you have enough energy, I will take you to find a senior person I know to see if there is any help." After saying that, he got up to say goodbye, but also from my home refrigerator smooth two ham sausages away.

I am indeed tired to the limit, things are too lazy to pack, directly fell into bed and sleep.

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