Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 53: The mansion of the "master of the circle

And the next few days, I was drowsy, knowing that on their own this ability, but also can not analyze a way to, might as well leave space and time for Qin Yiheng, let him think about it, also let go of the heart sleep.

Until the fourth day, Qin Yiheng called me. I thought he had found out what clues, only to answer the phone to know that there was a house that came to the door, he asked me if I was interested in going to see it, if so, go to his house and meet him.

I was quite excited to hear that there was money to be made. We both haven't opened for a long time. However, I thought about it carefully, or some hesitation, not afraid of what's inside, after all, in front of blocking the gun is Qin Yiheng, I just consider that this time the price of housing continues to go high, but that is all inflated, basically have a price without a market, now this time to eat into the mansion, the future may be a loss. So, I asked over the phone about the approximate location and price of the mansion. As a result, Qin Yiheng told me that the mansion is a new house built in imitation of a courtyard, barely a kind of villa, in a certain prefecture-level city in the northeast, the location is relatively remote, but the surrounding environment is good, but do not have to worry about the problem of falling prices, and the price is also very real, all down there offer 700,000 yuan, but also includes the transfer.

I listened to his tone on the phone was quite relaxed, I guess the mansion should not be a big problem, and I looked at his location in the online map, from the map, the potential should not be small, it is said that the subway will also be repaired to this area, when the time will certainly also be able to appreciate. I was moved by this thought. This time the mood was very low, earn some money to stimulate the energy, but also good, so I immediately agreed to pack a few clothes to go to him.

I remembered after I left the door, with Qin Yiheng's style, the closet and plaster statue must still be in his house. That thing I saw is really disturbing, so I called him again to meet at a cafe.

The two met at the cafe, Qin Yiheng told the mansion again specifically.

The mansion was built two years ago and is considered to be in a villa area. Now many rich people are tired of living in villas and want to return to the feeling of old Beijing courtyard. The developer also tends to profit, in the last row of the whole villa area, according to the specifications of the courtyard to build a row of mansions. At that time, the opening price was not low, and it was quickly snapped up. This is one of the households that came to us, the earliest this mansion is rarely lived in, it is estimated that which big money to buy down, occasionally to spend a weekend to live a fresh. The surrounding quadrangles are similar to this one, mostly empty.

Coincidentally, one day last year, in time for the repair of the plumbing in this neighborhood, the property owner needed to go door to door to check if the house was leaking, so the owner was found through the owner's phone number registered in the property. The owner may also be busy with business, has not come to live in the courtyard for a long time, at that time he did not rush back, but sent an employee to help open the door. Who knew that after opening the door, everyone was shocked by the sight in front of him and almost fell on his heels.

Because, right in the middle of the living room, there was a dead man, who had been dead for some time. The quadrangle is big enough, plus each courtyard is far away from each other, the body is smelly and not discovered. And it is very strange that the dead is a big man with five big men, actually wearing a female dress, face heavy makeup. The body has a number of large wounds, are cut with broken windows glass, all over the body is almost stained with blood, the whole person in a very bizarre position, hands clasped knees, nestled in the living room there. The whole room, everywhere this person crawling on the floor of the blood, look very frightening.

Seeing that someone was killed, the property immediately called the police. After the police came to check, found that the person did not have a bit of relevant identity information, and never received a similar missing person report. After the investigation, the investigators, combined with the peculiar dress of the person, finally decided that a person with mental problems committed suicide here, and so the case was closed.

Someone so bizarrely died in their own house, the owner naturally do not dare to live again, plus that time he may be a business need for capital turnover, in the last year the house to another person at a low price. Because of what happened in the mansion, although not considered a sensation, but also a time of street talk, so it is said that the price was very low, specifically how low, I'm afraid that the price is lower than the price reported to us now.

After the body was found, there was no news of a haunted house, but it was still a murder house in the standard sense after all.

The person who took over is not a fool, he bought it at the time is also intended to do property investment. In fact, to be frank with the two of us doing a trade, this person is barely an insider, because earlier was a "circle master", also understand some of the means on the formula, they use the method to clean the mansion inside and outside once. This cleaning is not just cleaning, but also includes a series of processes to raise the spirit, send the spirit.

When he got the mansion clean, he moved in first, thinking about living in the first three to five years, and so the mansion is almost forgotten, and then sell the mansion, then earn the difference from the inside. The mansion was stable at first, but only the door of one room in the main house did not work well. However, this "ring master" is also a solitary, live on their own can not use such a large place, and has not cared.

But in recent times, when he sleeps every night, he can always hear an intermittent strange sound, although the sound is not loud, but the middle of the night sounds very harsh. At first he thought it was the home of the rats, bought a lot of rat poison, but it did not work, but that sound is getting louder and louder. He became suspicious and spent the night on vigil to see where the noise was coming from.

Finally he really found, the source of the sound is in the main room, from the door is not good in the house. He listened carefully that night and found that the noise sounded very much like a person scratching the door of that room with his fingernails.

The "master of the circle" knows a little about the art, naturally, he has seen some of the world. At that time he was not afraid, thought the house into the thief, directly pull open the door to see what is inside the house. Unexpectedly, the door was dead and heavy, he riveted to pull the door open, and the house was empty. He went in to see a closer look, but I do not know what tripped a big heel, get up and look back, but there is nothing on the ground.

This "ring master" began to cold sweat, he is also a knowledgeable person, a look to know that this is the mansion haunted something. That night he did not dare to sleep in the mansion, and the next day with paper money yuan treasure back to worship some, but at night, the sound is still the same.

Although this thing does not directly endanger human life, but he knew that living like this is certainly not a long-term solution, and in the long run, the mansion need not say that the appreciation, I'm afraid he also had to lose a fine. Finally, no way to know that I and Qin Yiheng is specialized in this business, contacted Qin Yiheng, want to sell the mansion to us, after all, we are much more professional than him. This way he does not lose money, we still have a profit.

The first time I heard Qin Yiheng say, this time to find us or a second dealer. Now there is competition even for speculating in murderous houses? Instantly, I felt the pressure. We are businessmen, it is impossible to lose money trading, this person is an understanding of the art, if the things in the house is good to deal with, he certainly will not come to us. In that case, this mansion is not very tricky?

I look at Qin Yiheng's tone, but it looks like he has a good plan. I talked about my concerns and wanted to ask him how sure he really was.

He did not answer directly, but told me that the so-called "circle master" in fact, strictly speaking, is the old society to learn a little bit of magic skin, and then walk the streets to cheat money business. The reason why it is called "ring master", because this line of work all year round will be in the waist of a copper ring or iron ring, the ring will always put a very small gourd buckle, sealed with vermilion mouth. This gourd buckle, is a small gourd hollowed out, filled with dead baby thumb bone, and then in the village at the entrance of the lane, the copper ring or iron ring off, along the side of the ground to draw a small circle, if anyone's child accidentally stepped into this circle, it is said that the night home will be more than high fever, and talk nonsense, and then the "ring master" will take advantage of the opportunity to sell medicine or exorcise evil spirits. In fact, it is also to let the sick child contain a gourd buckle. But the parents of the child certainly do not know the mystery, and thought they had met a life-saving Taoist master, naturally grateful. The family is good, give money to set up a banquet; family is not good, will also send rice to send noodles. The "ring master" to make money for a living.

Later, with the development of society, the "ring master" of the money trick is more and more people are aware of, this line of work is gradually not survive, many "ring master" on the change to fortune telling or simply find a serious job, but there are still a small number of The "ring master" still keep this unethical business, and has evolved into the use of crooked trafficking of children. The "flower shooters", as they are known in the community, were actually the first to evolve from the "ringmaster". This "circle master" although they know a little about the art, but still mostly to cheat, to let them exorcise evil and suppress ghosts, is almost impossible.

After explaining, Qin Yiheng said: "So, this person can not handle things, but does not have to be a big deal, maybe just a passing brat haunting a day or two, we go to see, maybe picked up a big leak."

He said so lightly, I'm a financial junkie heart began to surging ah. Since so said, the money who do not want to earn ah, immediately shot the board should be down.

The next day, we both set off on the plane. The "ring master" personally went to the airport to pick us up. People look more faithful than I thought, not like a cheating oily master, I guess it is also older, seems stable, after all, is also more than fifty people.

The "ring master" introduced himself as Xu Chuanxiang, met with a nod and a bow especially polite, so that I was a little embarrassed. Xu Chuanxiang first received us to the booked hotel, put down the carry-on luggage, and took us to eat a meal, the specifications are not low. It may be that he is really desperate, otherwise it would not be so willing to bleed. During the meal, Xu Chuanxiang told us about the mansion again, and Qin Yiheng relayed nothing different. But when he was telling the story, his tone was very unsettled, very unlike his age, it seems to be really frightened by the things in the mansion.

I listened to some vague unease in my heart, see Qin Yiheng's expression did not change, before persuading himself to put his heart in his stomach, and said that everything wait to see the mansion.

After eating, Qin Yiheng proposed to go directly to the mansion to see, while the dark can still see a clear. The three people did not delay, directly to the mansion and go.

The most important thing is that you have to be able to get a good idea of what you are doing.

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