Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 49 - The funeral procession

This line of people is more than we thought, there must be more than two dozen people. The most strange thing to me is that a few people in front of the team holding some kind of flag, the flag is white, more conspicuous, I noticed at a glance. The people behind the flag piled up together, and I do not know if it is the formation of the team marching or what, it is not clear. I kept cold sweat out, this group of people in the end what ah?

I asked Qin Yiheng to confirm whether this is a living person or not. He stared at the group of people, half a long time before speaking, listening to the tone is also very shocked: "It looks like a funeral procession, the front is carrying the spirit-led streamers, the back of a few people carrying a coffin."

His words have not yet fallen, I feel the cold hairs on my body one after another stood up. Who has heard of the midnight funeral? The reason is that early morning, ah, not in time for dawn to borrow the Yang, not afraid to attract what filth? And you funeral on the funeral it, how do not use a lighting equipment ah, walking so far in the dark?

I was completely baffled. Qin Yiheng also did not figure out what to do, hesitated for a moment, and then lowered his voice and said I should wait here, he walked a little closer to see.

Frankly speaking, seeing such a situation, I really do not have the courage to follow him forward, but then I thought, I stay here alone is also scared, it is better to let go of the courage to go together, at least there is a care. With Qin Yiheng expressed a little attitude, he did not oppose, just told me to run when there is a situation, said the first to touch the past.

Out of this stake, the front again became open, basically no place to hide, fortunately we both wear clothes today are dark tones, regardless of whether the other party can find, at least they feel safer. Another dozen meters to explore the front, Qin Yiheng told me to get down, and then go forward, it is too close.

My heart jumped into my throat, looked over there, the other side seems to be resting, look at the situation and not to their destination. We looked into the distance, the current location is estimated to have reached the edge of the third phase, further ahead is a few dark buildings, can only see a general outline. I recalled the plan, which should be the commercial buildings on the periphery of the entire development.

I thought to myself, "Are they going there? Otherwise it would be out of the construction site. I whispered to Qin Yiheng exchange, he whispered: "This group of people should have some relationship with the developer, this way over, even if the building is not finished, then there must be a watchman or civilian workers dormitory, this construction site is a lot of steel and other construction materials, no one to watch over it is too unjustified."

I woke up like a dream, I had ignored this point before. Talking work, the group began to move again, as usual, or unhurriedly forward. We both patiently wait for each other to go almost, and then followed.

Half walk half crawl with ten minutes, I have begun to ache all over my body. The pedestrians really ran to the commercial buildings that were not repaired, and finally stopped at the side of the building. We both patiently consumed a while, carefully rounded a corner to the wall.

This position, see much clearer than before. For fear of the other side to notice, we both dare not rashly poke their heads out, just a dozen seconds to glance on. Qin Yiheng finished looking at my ear whispered and asked me: "Look carefully, is there something crawling out of the coffin?"

He said this lightly, but I heard it was a thunderclap - crawling out of the coffin? A fraudulent corpse? I was afraid, but I couldn't resist my curiosity, so I bravely poked my head out.

As expected, there is a figure crawling out of the coffin, this time more than half of the body has come out. I drew a cold breath, turned around and wanted to ask Qin Yiheng how this was the case, but did not dare to shout out, choking me very hard.

I did not expect Qin Yiheng laughed and told me not to be afraid, that is certainly a large living person. According to the current situation, this whole is a bureau, it is estimated that the coffin is either very superstitious, listen to who gave the law, or is terminally ill and desperate. This whole bureau, in fact, is very common in metaphysics, which is called "out of the sideburns" or "life abduction line". Here "out of the sideburns" is the sideburns, and "out of the funeral" homophonic different words, it is estimated that the original is also deliberately so taken. This is a life extension in ancient times to receive the life of the move, but rarely heard of people succeed. So called "out of the temples", is the whole process and the person died after the real funeral exactly the same, but the final burial in the coffin only the person's hair, in order to deceive a down to take the soul of the ghosts, so that the ghosts mistakenly think that the person has died, the soul has been scattered. Not found for a while, this person will play a time difference, and live a few more years or months. Another title "longevity abduction line" is also a meaning, probably to say that the person's life has turned a corner, and can continue for a while.

I don't know who this person is, but if I had the chance to see the life line on this person's palm, I would have used a needle dipped in cinnabar to prick a few turning points. This actually can not be called the standard party art, many places have this folklore, but it has been very simplified, most of them just let the relatives at home fake crying mourning only, figure a psychological comfort, basically nothing works. Like these people do so bizarre, it is the first time he saw.

Qin Yiheng said here, and glanced at the group, before continuing: "As for those firecrackers, now can only guess, should be used to drive away the lonely souls and wild ghosts, many places before the funeral will be released firecrackers, which is called 'scared hooves', one to remind those lonely souls and wild ghosts to get out of the way, do not look for trouble; secondly, is also Calling the nearby wandering souls to follow the funeral procession to receive Yin money. The money is scattered all the way to the place of burial, and it is for this reason. This group of people did not scatter yin money, I do not know if it was so arranged in advance or there was a mistake, originally the front of the soul-led streamer hit, it should be more cannon to open the road."

He spoke a bunch, I summed up a central idea, this is not a fucking fool ghost it. Even if it is to take a form, it can not send the coffin here ah, are they passing through?

I asked Qin Yiheng, he shook his head and said, "We'll have to wait and see." Glanced and said, "It is said that people who have used this method, after death, but to be tortured in the underworld, and the next life can not be human. However, this is only people's speculation, after all, no one has seen the king of hell with their own eyes."

Since the other side is a large living person, I am not so afraid, even if they are found, the big deal is to run. Another look, the group is still in place pestle, and I do not know whether there is a conversation, look at the action are like silly standing. The mood is relaxed, I can also naturally sink to observe. This group of people with things really together, the same as the paper man carriage, a small pile in situ. I said hurry up and burn it, but also through the light to see a clear and clear and true.

Almost another cigarette work, the group of people began to move, carrying the coffin in a big way towards the building inside.

I turned back to Qin Yiheng, he was not anxious, just said to wait patiently for a while, even if they are carrying an empty coffin, it is not much lighter, can not go faster.

Since he was confident, I simply sat down against the wall to take a break and took the opportunity to smoke a cigarette before we both tiptoed into the building again. Standing outside the door of the building to look, because the moonlight does not shine in, the house is surprisingly dark, only by the window hole can see something. I squinted hard to see a few eyes, can only barely see the line of people holding the soul attractor, in the sight is a few hazy light point. Rather, their footsteps were heard very clearly, the building is really empty, echoing a lot. Qin Yiheng reminded me not to make noise when walking for a while, finished on tiptoe to lead the way inside. After walking for a while, I found that the building is more empty than I thought, I guess with the use of the building, there is no wall, may eventually be built to be used as a large supermarket or shopping mall or something.

This is also convenient, do not have to worry about the dark also have to turn around, but the tracking is more difficult, there is no a temporary hiding place. Fortunately, not long, the group stopped, the sound of footsteps can not be heard, leaving only a rustling movement.

We both crouched down and waited for a while, and suddenly there was light up in front of us. The group of people lit up several flashlights at once, several pillars of light in front of swinging around.

Before has been in the dark, but also did not feel afraid, this time I saw the light instead of panic. At first, I thought we were exposed, just want to move, Qin Yiheng held me down, told me to follow him down. He whispered to me: "The other side did not turn around, should not find us, 80% is that they themselves because it is too dark to go on."

If people have been highly nervous, it is inevitable that the grass is always greedy, I got down and found that it was true, the group did not turn back to the intention. There is a bright light in front, see also really, that group of people are dressed very normal, can not see who is more special. This time the coffin has been placed on the ground, the coffin lid is covered, and I do not know just climbed out of the coffin is now in the coffin, or standing in the crowd.

Looked for two or three minutes, the group of people also have little action, only from time to time cat on the ground to organize something. As for what they are drumming, it is really impossible to see.

I wanted to ask Qin Yiheng, so I used my finger to point out to him. He drew a few gestures at me, and I couldn't understand what he was trying to say. Finally, he helplessly pointed to the front with his finger, I guess or let me see for myself.

I had to patiently continue to watch. After two seconds of watching, it dawned on me. Just now there is an obstacle to sight, plus did not think in this direction, and now wait for those who organize things to stand up, I just see, so they are ready to lay bricks! Damn, is a group of workers to work overtime in the middle of the night? This is too fucking dedicated, right?

I'm not only eyes, I'm afraid my mouth is wide open. The other side of the work to do a surprisingly sharp, not a few minutes of work to work on. This group of people with the appointment, work are tiptoe, with what things are also lightly held and placed. The most bizarre thing is that I have not heard them say a word, not even "ugh" such a movement. Look at my heart this vaguely outwardly cool air.

This group of people worked for almost ten minutes, it is estimated that the preparations are done, and a few people came out to lift the coffin, next to the people immediately made a way to carry the coffin of the few people slowly and leisurely to carry the coffin forward a few steps, and stopped.

At this point my view was blocked, I could not see what was in front of the coffin, from the gap between the coffin and people looking over, it seems to be a wall. I wonder, look at the situation, a bit like those ancient war movies a few soldiers carrying a large tree trunk hit the city gate ah. They are trying to break the wall? Before I could think more, the group of people actually lifted one end of the coffin upwards, and the other end of the coffin slanted to the ground. I initially thought they were trying to put the coffin on the ground, but after looking carefully for a while, I finally saw that there was a large gap in the wall in front of them, and several people worked together to stuff the coffin into the gap and stand in it.

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