Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 44 - So that's how it is

When I woke up again is already afternoon, the meal did not have time to eat, Qin Yiheng took me to a trip to the deli first, bought a lot of chicken wings and pork and other things, but not take away, just ask the boss on the counter can. I was quite puzzled, this fucking money is not burned well, asked him but answered with a straight face, told me that last night fooled those brats overnight, there may be a hatred in the back of the follow me, waiting for retaliation, so do it is also prepared, anyway, it does not use a few money. He also makes sense, but I look at those cooked food really feel some pity, not that I'm heartbroken money, just because hungry, see the food can not eat, heart some upset.

In order to calm the imbalance in my heart, in the afternoon, we went to one of the largest local restaurants, eat until people can not stand up a little, the heart is comfortable. During the meal, I discussed with Qin Yiheng about the mansion, asked him if the boss was killed, so the ghosts do not disperse, has been stranded in the mansion. He was opposed, said, pulled out from the bag last night's chopsticks on the table, I looked, the chopsticks have actually become two pieces. He explained that in the morning he had gone out to do experiments, the boss died really strange, although this was killed by someone is also a grievance, but usually such a horizontal death of the ghost is not so sensible, and, now he has a rough guess, but we still need to verify it.

He has always been the style of selling, and I did not bother to ask. Seeing that he spoke with a lot of courage, I reckoned that things would come to light in a while. Sure enough, I guessed right, after eating, Qin Yiheng called the boss's wife, but the inquiry was very surprising to me, he actually asked the boss how much he weighed.

I listened to the side is really puzzled, Qin Yiheng after getting the answer, and pondered for a while, then told me to move. We split into two, to find the mansion near all the life clothes store, to ask in the boss before he died is not a big fat man had a custom-made life jacket. Now I'm even more puzzled, and even asked him the means of Fang Jie can still guess a person's figure? This is too god, right?

Qin Yiheng but a faint smile, said that this has nothing to do with the magic, he just saw the boss's two-inch photo on the business procedures hanging on the wall of the mansion, and now just want to confirm whether his speculation is wrong.

The matter should not be delayed, we immediately moved. This life clothes store is not many, and relatively open are relatively concentrated, so it is still very easy to find. We said we were splitting up, but we were actually acting together, just going into different stores and asking questions. After asking a few stores, I did not expect him to be right, there is really a life clothes store owner said there is indeed such a thing. According to the boss, there is a very fat person to customize the life jacket, and to be very urgent, he was working overnight to make it. Originally this life jacket is basically a person's family to buy after death, even if it is prepared before life, it is also half a foot into the coffin of the elderly, never seen such in their prime to give their own custom-made life jacket, plus this person's physical characteristics so obvious, so he was also extremely impressed.

The result is really the same as Qin Yiheng speculated, he immediately asked me to ask the boss's wife out. Three people found a cafe to meet. It is estimated that the boss's wife has been remembering this matter, so the wind and dust to come.

Qin Yiheng also did not have much courtesy, open to the point on his analysis of the matter with the boss's wife, said, although he only speculated, but almost can restore things to a rough.

First of all, the dog meat restaurant opened before the death of a boss, which is well known. How exactly that boss died is unknown, but the place where he died is very problematic. Folk are rumors that hanging ghosts and water ghosts can not be reincarnated after death, must be stranded in the same place to find a replacement. And other death is not such a rumor, this is also based on, because the hanging ghost died with feet hanging off the ground, off the ground, Yang Qi go empty after still can not enter the hell, and water ghost is also roughly similar, because the water itself is extremely Yin thing, the soul into which, it is difficult to get out, must find another person died in the same place to fill the gap.

Qin Yiheng finished, there was a pause, but also to give us both the time to understand. The boss lady is not stupid, pondered a moment to ask, is not her man was dragged to the boss who died in the water before as a double?

Qin Yiheng nodded and said, it should be so, but not exactly, because according to the city planning, before the river has been filled in, so the water ghost boss is simply no way to drag people into the water, and the reason why his man died, although it will certainly be related to the water ghost, but frankly, the boss is also looking for death. The owner of the dog meat restaurant does not believe in ghosts and gods, and then suddenly also changed the store to open both day and night, we all thought he was holding the idea of trying to do, but this is obviously problematic, this transformation is really some absurd, so I'm afraid that the river was filled, the water ghost has been to the store, and his family is also aware of this, the reason they will transfer the store at a very cheap price to You guys, is to find a double for the water ghost boss.

After you guys moved in, the water ghost probably wanted to get at the boss a long time ago. But out of the water, he did not have the ability to harm people, and the dog meat restaurant often slaughter dogs, hostility is very heavy, he even difficult to get close to the boss, so he was smart to use another method, is to find a way to prove to the boss, the ghosts and gods are real, so that the boss step by step into the trap he designed. How exactly he compelled the boss, we can not now explore, but it should be related to how to prosper the business.

As a matter of fact, the boss did do what he said, and the best proof of this is the fact that he opened the business day and night, and as a matter of fact, the business gradually got better, so that the boss believed in the water ghost more and more. When the water ghost saw the time was ripe, he made up a more tempting lie, encouraging the boss to put on the life jacket in the dead of night, and then take it off before dawn and burn it, and I'm afraid that the pocket of the life jacket also contains the boss's hair or nails, which is a big taboo in the art. This is a taboo in the art. Since ancient times, China has the tradition of bones being lost and buried with clothes and crowns, and according to the old theory, the owner's clothes should be burned after death and buried with him. The owner wore it for half a night and burned it at the time of extreme yin before dawn, so it was definitely taken out of the yang. In addition, the pockets of the life jacket are filled with my hair or nails, which is tantamount to handing over one's life. This body hair and skin received by the parents, do not dare to destroy, said not only filial piety, in another sense is also to avoid accidentally be calculated by people who know the magic. The ancients are easily not cut hair shaving, even if cut, the cut hair will also be carefully put away, hidden in a secret place, for fear of being plotted by the wrong people to get, fall into a flying disaster. So, the boss is completely into the water ghost of the bureau, to take risks, lost his life.

To be honest, Qin Yiheng this reasoning is indeed very exciting, but the boss's wife listened to whimpering straight. I can only pass a tissue next to me, but also can not say anything to comfort her. Qin Yiheng lit a cigarette and told the boss's wife, now that things have been so, crying can not solve the problem, why not find someone to do a puja as soon as possible, to overtake her man. If she still sells the house, we will take it at the price we negotiated before.

The owner hesitated for half a day, but shook her head and said that she could not sell the house now, hoping to compensate us some money, but also to thank us for helping her to clarify the truth of the matter. Originally, I thought I did not want to take this money, this small profit earned, might as well go along with the water as a living thunderbolt. However, on second thought, I thought it was a bit of a loss, after all, things are now so simple that we can't suffer for nothing, so I agreed to take the money. The boss's wife immediately went to the teller machine to transfer money to me, the money is not much, 50,000 yuan, but at least better than a trip for nothing.

After receiving the money, Qin Yiheng also instructed the boss's wife, if you do not do the deed for the time being, do not bathe in it or move into the bathtub. After that we are ready to return overnight.

On the way back, I asked Qin Yiheng, the last instruction to the boss's wife what is the meaning of that sentence. He explained that it was simple, the boss was killed by the water ghost in the store, and certainly continue to look for a replacement, he was kind enough to remind the taboo, but the boss lady listened to, depending on her fate. After saying that, he sighed, I do not know if he also felt the loss of this trip. However, it has come to this, there is no need to be depressed, I simply closed my eyes and squinted a sleep.

Arriving home is almost midnight, I washed up a little and ready to go to bed, but I did not expect Qin Yiheng's phone call was unexpectedly chased over. I was quite puzzled, I thought he was unusual today to know that home to give me a safe, I did not expect, his voice on the phone is particularly anxious, as if he had encountered some big situation, told me to immediately rush to his home, said there are very important things to show me. I asked a question on the phone, but he said a sentence or two to say it is not clear, and then hung up the phone. I was also afraid that he really suffered something untoward, hurriedly dressed to call a car and rushed over.

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