Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 39: Enemies

Qin Yiheng kept smoking after he said these words, probably to let me digest it. We were all silent for a while. I analyzed a little in my head, barely understood the meaning of his expression. However, there are too many doubts, around and around still can not understand, so dry sitting makes people's heads more confused, I stood up and skipped a few steps, want to change the brain. Suddenly it occurred to me that Qin Yiheng mentioned that there was something on the wall here, so I swept it with a flashlight. As expected, someone had really written a few lines of numbers on the wall with a marker. I have never had much talent for mathematics, and after looking at them, I felt that there was no special pattern to the numbers, nor did they look like calculations. I was a bit confused, and looked down and thought for a while, always felt that there was something wrong with these numbers.

I asked Qin Yiheng how he looked, heard me ask, he also stood up and came over, said these numbers he just hurriedly recorded, but also did not work to think carefully, look at the situation is estimated to be left by the people who came in before.

He did not have a clue, I would not mention it, can only sit down in peace and wait for the dawn. I glanced at the table, it was already 4:00 am, not long, the sky will be light. Stayed up until this time, but really some tired. Just sitting down I was a little sleepy, but suddenly a thought flashed through my head, I seem to know what the numbers on the wall. I thought of this, I immediately came to the spirit, the numbers on the wall is not at all what the calculation records, but the time.

I stood up and took a closer look at the numbers, and the more I looked at them, the more I felt that my guess was correct. Although not all the numbers correspond to each other, but some of them are definitely time. In our daily life, we usually add a colon between the hours and minutes for time recording, and these numbers are written in a more compact way; secondly, they do not add a colon, so it is difficult to associate them with the time.

I immediately told my deduction to Qin Yiheng, he listened to also nodded his head.

Now, although the numbers on the wall have some idea, but I compared, only some of the numbers can correspond to the time, the other numbers are still inscrutable. Now this situation, I do not have the heart to think about it, from the bag to find the phone, intended to write down the numbers on the peace and wait for the dawn. Just remembered half, I heard Qin Yiheng behind me "hey" a, turned around to see him shining a flashlight against the wall, seems to be found something. My head was blinded, remembering that there were people outside the hole, the work of this moment to focus on thinking, and even overlooked such an important thing. I hurriedly also swept over with a flashlight, three holes outside are dark, but also did not see the shadow of a person, and a closer look, only to find that Qin Yiheng has been shining an object in the corner.

This room is not big, but a look, I still have some trouble seeing clearly. I didn't pay attention when I came in, and I don't know when it was placed here. But the last time I came to this room, I was carefully looked over, the house is definitely empty, can not we leave after someone came? Was it Yuan Zhen?

I asked Qin Yiheng a question, but he ignored it, but carefully walked towards the thing. I look at his attitude seems to be quite nervous, and followed behind him with a flashlight. After two or three steps, I realized that the corner was something like a round tripod, not very large, as if it was similar to the one found on the roof of the village chief's house.

I asked Qin Yiheng, how did this thing come here? He looked back at me, shook his head, and then walked to the object, surveyed a glance, suddenly shouted, damn, is Qiu Sh!

He shouted so I was startled, although I am a typical layman for the square art, but with him to fight together for so long, but also some of the ear and eye, this Qiu Shi Qin Yiheng before also specifically to me, so listen to him say so, my scalp is a little tingling.

Qin Yiheng said, the so-called Qiushu, is to be able to "hinder people" of things collectively. The "nuisance" and "grams" similar, we often confused in everyday life, but in the strict sense, these are two different things. In simple terms, "nuisance" comes from the external, such as the appearance of the person. And "grams" from the inside, mostly for the birth date, the five elements of the fate of the grams. There are many things that can "hinder people", the famous, the Three Kingdoms period, there is the Lu horse hinder the Lord, and "hinder" is not limited to animals or even creatures, trees, objects and even a certain action of people or animals, in fact, can be counted as a "hinder people". "nuisance". In many places, there is still a saying that a child crying is a nuisance. China is a vast country and customs vary from place to place, so there is no uniform understanding of what is considered a "nuisance". For example, in many places, the custom is that a dog with one color body and four white feet is a "nuisance", and when a female dog gives birth to such a puppy, all four feet should be chopped off and buried in the four partial positions of the house to break it. ", the same way as against the dog. And these are chopped off the dog's feet and cat's tail, known as the enemy.

Qin Yiheng initially told me about the various kinds of hate shush, including the scope is too broad, I only remember so many. Now suddenly listen to him, I also rushed over to see, but a look but feel very surprised, the tripod inside is full of things, but at first glance can not see what is actually. I asked Qin Yiheng, this inside is Qiu Shou? Why does it look so strange?

Qin Yiheng "hmm", told me that it is full of human nails, are pulled off the whole finger. I immediately drew a breath of cold air, the tripod is not big, but the nail cover is only how big, this look at the entire tripod to be filled, how many people's nails inside ah? Where the fuck are they collected from?

Qin Yiheng said these are the nails of the dead, if you know a crematorium staff or something, in fact, it is easy to collect. Now, the big question is, how did this tripod get placed here? Saying that, he squatted down and turned around to check it out, and then looked up and told me that this was the one we found on the roof of the village chief's house before, no run.

After that, Qin Yiheng stood up, swept the room with a flashlight, continued, this dead man's nails is a kind of revenge, stay at home is inviting evil inviting bad luck, so piled up here, there is nothing special happened, but still can not stay long, we have to go out ahead of time.

I was happy to hear him say he was going to leave the ancestral hall. Staying in here is really depressing, and I just want to find a place to get a good night's sleep now. So I ran to the corner to get my backpack and just put it on my back, I heard the sound of chains coming from outside again.

I immediately looked at Qin Yiheng, apparently he also heard it and was frowning. I asked quietly, I have heard this sound before, it is difficult not to be someone through that iron door again?

He shook his head, and then suddenly his face changed, and hurriedly shouted at me, this is a fucking chain hooked collarbone strung together with the Yin prisoners, quickly put the bag under the feet, do not touch the ground, or we're dead!

Said, before I react, he "poof" a spray of blood on my face. I had been enough of a mess, he fiercely sprayed this mouthful of blood, and now I was even more at a loss. Look at Qin Yiheng, it is estimated that he is also anxious to be unable to discretionary strength, bite the tip of the tongue too hard, and now the blood flowed all over the chin! I know that this time things are really troublesome, even he began to self-harm! Rush a step to the backpack.

Our backpack is an outdoor brand-name product, the quality should be good, but the things in my bag is not satisfied, people stand up, although barely touch the ground, but the fact that the thinnest place is only separated by two layers of cloth. Now I am more nervous, I do not know if this is considered to leave the ground, see Qin Yiheng also in the bag kept rummaging for something. The air was so oppressive that people were suffocating because the sound of the chain was getting closer and closer to me!

I was afraid that Qin Yiheng did not hear the sound of chains approaching, and could not care less, directly shouted, Qin Yiheng! What are you looking for?

He did not turn around, but just looking for something more quickly, things were thrown by him on the ground. After another ten seconds or so - these ten seconds are simply too long - he turned around, I saw that he had a firecracker in his hand, shouted at me, lighter!

I hurried to pull out the pocket, but this situation has been nervous to the hands shaking, looking for half a day or did not touch. Qin Yiheng immediately anxious, the voice is close to roar, how the fuck your bag so deflated? Not let you stand a little higher?

I said, this house fucking nothing, you let me stand to where?

Between the words of the work, I have touched the lighter, hurried to him to throw over. He took the lighter and immediately told me to lie on his back, remembering that both feet must be lifted. I had to take three steps and leap behind him. As soon as he gave a push, he directly put me on his back.

Qin Yiheng's physique is not strong, and I'm not a very thin person, he stood up for a while can be, but if it is very long, I'm afraid it is very difficult. I don't know how long it will take to get that Yin prisoner, anyway, according to the current situation, it is estimated to be a lot of work.

Qin Yiheng told me to keep my eyes closed, if there is a Yin prisoner escorting the Yin prisoner, the person who sees it will die in the near future! Fuck, it's that Qiushu who lured them here, someone wants to kill us!

After saying that, Qin Yiheng began to move step by step to the corner, I can not see because of closed eyes, but the sixth sense of human instinct tells me that something is about to enter the room! This oppressive feeling is too strong, stronger than any time I encountered before, so frightened that people just want to pee their pants. However, it suddenly occurred to me that he told me to lift my feet and close my eyes, what about him? Holy shit, he didn't mean he was going to die with the other side, right?

I quickly asked Qin Yiheng, what to do next? He did not answer. I obviously feel the whole room instantly cooled a little, this cold does not seem to be the feeling brought by the skin, but the heart of a cold without warning. I wanted to say more, but my buttocks froze and was pushed against the wall. This is quite painful, I "ouch" a sound. Qin Yiheng suddenly told me, straighten your legs, I put you out of the mouth of the drain, after I will reach out, you pull me out with force!

Straighten your legs, easier said than done is really difficult. I eat milk strength are almost out, barely with the waist force to straighten the legs as much as possible, with the feet to try to find the hole. I so a get, Qin Yiheng's body followed the sway, surprisingly a little unsupportable. The more I panicked, the more panicked I was, the more I couldn't find the hole, and it took half a minute to easily find the hole, and Qin Yiheng said, he leaned back and pushed me into the drainage mouth.

Fortunately, the hole is not too small, the process of drilling out is relatively smooth. When the whole person stepped on the ground outside, sweat all over my body is almost soaked through, I do not know whether it is scared or just riveting tired. However, I did not have time to rest, and quickly reached out to pull Qin Yiheng, but he did not extend his hand as promised.

I said, you do not have an accident, if you are handed over inside, I'm afraid I have a sense of guilt in this life, hurriedly shouted inside, telling him to come out. He responded, but still nothing to move, only to hear his chaotic footsteps, and do not know what is busy. I am really anxious, but also can not help, this feeling of helplessness is really unbearable. I want to squat down and look inside, but I'm afraid I'll get caught in the way.

So I waited for a while, I heard Qin Yiheng shouted my name, and then his hand came out from inside, and then the sound of firecrackers crackled in the house. I hurriedly dragged him out with one hand. He just stood, immediately turned back to the hole and spit out a mouthful of blood, and even rest also ignored, told me to follow him to run.

We both ran all the way, ran how far I can not remember, but also fortunately there are no potholes, and did not break their feet, and finally ran to the dawn of day, he waved his hand and said you can stop, we just paralyzed on the ground to catch his breath. I asked Qin Yiheng what he was doing in there, almost killed the old man in a hurry.

He even took a few breaths of air before saying that he wanted to come out immediately, but the bag has a record of the numbers on the wall, he had to bring out. After that, he spat a few mouthfuls of blood spit, told me that today is also thanks to catch the dawn, otherwise we both really bad luck. After that, he reached out to me to see, I realized that one of his hands had been blown up horribly, 80% just been carrying firecrackers did not let go.

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