Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 38 Dead people

Although the room was lit up, but still could not help but feel the chill from the heart, I leaned towards Qin Yiheng and wanted to ask him what his next step was, whether we really had to open these closets.

Before I could say anything, we both stood up at the same time and both looked nervously at the door, because there was a sudden slow knock on the door. The sound is very soft, but in such an environment, even the lightest movement can be heard very clearly.

Qin Yiheng immediately looked at me and drew a "shhh" gesture at me, then touched the door again and listened for a while, then turned back to me and shook his head. Because he made a gesture of silence at me, I did not dare to open my mouth, but could not understand his meaning, and kept asking him with his eyes what was going on. Qin Yiheng did not know whether to read or not, just continue to use hand gestures to indicate that I do not go forward, and then listen for a while, the knocking sound instead of disappearing. To be honest, I was not very afraid, because I do not know where to come from a kind of intuition, always feel that the door knocking is a living person, but the knocking sound stopped, my heart instead raised, can not be outside the person ready to break into the door? So I thought, I took two steps back, but after waiting for a while, there was no movement outside.

I look at Qin Yiheng also seems to be surprised, he first looked at the door on the side of the five grains scattered in advance, see the five grains and no response, before walking to me and said in a pressed voice, the door does not look like evil, but we still have to be careful, finished telling me to pack things, we have to hurry out.

Said to pack things, in fact, is nothing more than a good backpack, tighten the shoelaces. When we finished preparing, Qin Yiheng blew out the candles, and instructed me to wait out to be on the lookout for ambushes. Then he went to the door and listened for a while, then unscrewed the flashlight, opened the door and walked out. I followed him and immediately looked around subconsciously. This corridor is very narrow, not to mention people, I'm afraid to hide a rat are difficult. I saw that there was no one around, my heart dropped a bit, so I asked Qin Yiheng, just now that person came knocking on the door what exactly is the meaning.

Qin Yiheng also quite puzzled, said, this is indeed very strange, because just now the door of the house is not locked, if the person outside the door wants to come in, push the door can. After listening to him, I also muttered, so knock on the door is not a superfluous? Does it mean that the person outside the door is to remind us that it is time to come out? Originally my brain is confused, this is more confused, simply do not want to, first go out and say it.

Another short walk, almost to the end of the corridor, Qin Yiheng but inexplicably stood still, holding a flashlight kept sweeping forward.

Because I walked behind him, there is an obstacle to sight, and I do not know what he saw, so I went over and poked my head out from behind him to take a look at two eyes. This look really ate a big surprise, because on the edge of the iron fence door, there was a person lying, and I do not know whether it is dead or alive. Qin Yiheng did not act rashly, holding a flashlight for half a day, it seems to be a corpse, and only then cautiously go over.

I am also curious, I also want to go over to see. However, just a step, Qin Yiheng turned around and told me not to go over first. After that, he did not know what he pulled out of the bag, waved in front of the man, before waving at me and said come over.

His voice sounded a little low, I knew things were not optimistic, I did not expect to get closer to know, but really fucking lives! Doing this line of work although invisible corpses, but the subconscious has long seen these things related to death is not strange, but this dead person is different, because this person is actually Yuan Zhen!

Qin Yiheng's flashlight has been rushing Yuan Zhen's face. Yuan Zhen's face was a little dirty, but his expression was quite peaceful, not like a painful death. Although we do not talk about any special deep friendship, but after all, so long cooperation, suddenly saw his corpse, I really can not accept some.

Qin Yiheng also seems to be a little frustrated, for a while we both did not speak. After a long time, he pointed out to me with a flashlight. Yuan Zhen wears a brand-name rash jacket, a look is prepared; body is also missing wounds, but a closer look, I was shocked, Yuan Zhen's hands are actually gone!

I immediately looked at Qin Yiheng, but his face was hidden in the darkness, I could not see his expression, so I had to ask him, where did Yuan Zhen's hands go? In fact, this question is a bit outrageous, because Qin Yiheng certainly can not give the answer. At first, when I first saw Yuan Zhen's body, I guessed in my heart that perhaps the one who just knocked on the door was Yuan Zhen, and then he failed to open the door and went in for whatever reason, so he returned the same way and finally fainted or died here of poison. But now a look at Yuan Zhen's hands are gone, that just knocked on the door is another person? Is he Yuan Zhen's accomplice or his killer? My head is completely confused. Qin Yiheng didn't say anything for a long time, but finally sighed and told me to follow him, then he went through the iron door, but didn't go out of the ancestral hall, but took me back to the room with three round holes. Qin Yiheng lit a cigarette, sat down against the wall and took a hard drag before telling me that we were afraid it was dangerous to go out now, and now we could only wait for dawn in this room. This is the safest place in the entire mansion because it has three openings for the release of the evil spirits.

I heard to spend the morning here, simply also sat down, just so I can ask him what he has to say now. Just sit down, Qin Yiheng asked me if I was confused about all this?

I said, this is not nonsense? He laughed bitterly, then said, in fact, I did not fully understand, but I can now tell you what I presume. First of all, I did come to find the address book, but I guessed wrong what the address book is, I just figured out that the closet is afraid that these people shipped in, but the purpose of shipping in exactly what, I do not know yet, at least those closet is not the address book, because the address book is not a thing, but a person!

Qin Yiheng said here, there was a pause, my heart almost paused. I am not a very dumb person, listening to him, I also understand seven or eight points in my heart, together with the address book is Yuan Zhen? This is too fucking fake, right? The address book has become a spirit?

Qin Yiheng ahem, continued, yes, before the mysterious text message has reminded us, just the two of us did not think about that aspect, and after Yuan Zhen body has been something, now it seems, I'm afraid he went to those very heavy Yin gas places looking for flowers to recruit back, and all this does not have much to do with. I know it is indeed very incredible to say, but we have experienced a lot of incredible things.

I hung my head, thought for a while, think Qin Yiheng is right. Having encountered so many psychic events, it has already overturned my original world view. If a person can become a ghost, then why is it not possible for him to become an address book? I looked up and saw that Qin Yiheng was looking at me, so I nodded at him, signaling him to continue.

Qin Yiheng understood, continued, we all know that many fortune tellers are reading palmistry, the person's palm movements can be generally inferred from the person's fate, but this is only a general look, because the palm line will change with the person, not fixed, in fact, the amount of information contained in the person's palm line is greater than we can imagine. I don't know what kind of palm print Yuan Zhen is, and whether there is any way to change it later, but now I'm afraid that the address book is on Yuan Zhen's two palms. This address book 80% is not specific, only through a special way of identification to find out the general direction, so the house recorded above, even if the high people are afraid that they will not easily find. And Yuan Zhen does not know who has been instructed, may have been based on these general directions to find those special mansions, and he himself does not have the ability to deal with evil things, so found us. It so happened that the deal we made could be used by him, and he introduced us to the murderous mansions that he inquired about on his way to find the mansions in the address book.

Qin Yiheng said this paragraph very slowly, I listened but my heart beat faster. This means that Yuan Zhen's palm print is a map? Is it a natural map or a map formed later in life? I wanted to ask questions, but I was afraid to interrupt his thoughts, so I held back and continued to listen to him. They must be more than just Yuan Zhen, what kind of mansion are they looking for? What is the purpose of it? Why did they have to find it? These we do not know. However, I can venture to guess that the mansion of the true dragon in Jiuzi Town, is one of them. The Wan family ancestral shrine is so big, although there is no scattered ancestral life records, but the house reading feng shui this profession, it is likely to be Wan old man's ancestral, so I'm afraid that the site book is not entirely recorded on the mansion built by Wan old man, perhaps there are his ancestors left behind. However, this inference is also somewhat untenable, because the whole of China are counted down, can find the ancient buildings are only a few.

Qin Yiheng may be afraid that I do not understand, the speed of speech is getting slower and slower. However, even if he speaks more slowly, I still listen more and more confused. I was so confused that I didn't know where to start asking questions. Qin Yiheng also seems to be waiting for me to ask questions, pausing for a while before saying, and, I have a more outrageous speculation, those closet, is a poly house, that is, buried under the foundation of the house!

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