Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 37: The world's largest coffin?

Qin Yiheng closed the door, told me to spit out the goat dung ball, said just before entering the door to contain me, is afraid that I led something to follow in, finished in the door scattered a lot of grains, told me to pay attention not to step on. This is just what I wanted, I was worried about such a disgusting thing has been containing, in case I bumped into something to scare me I accidentally swallowed ...... I spit out the goat dung ball, gargled several mouthfuls of water to lighten a bit of the strange taste in the mouth. I walked to the side of the mill to take a look, thinking, "How can this place have such a thing? The weight of this mill must go without saying, if it was purposely transported here, it would have taken a lot of work. But it is here now, so even if Qin Yiheng does not explain to me why, I can guess that this thing is vital to this mansion.

Thinking of this, I asked Qin Yiheng, what is this grinding wheel?

Qin Yiheng said, let alone this, there are more surprising things, said he uncovered a piece of rain cloth, I was really surprised, the original was covered with several large closet previously seen in the mansion, each closet is painted red, are wrapped with wide tape tightly. I subconsciously took a step back and said, "Last time that closet almost put Qin Yiheng in that mansion, how can there be so many of them?

I saw Qin Yiheng in front of the closet paced back and forth a few steps, and did not mean to answer, so I asked him, this closet is not also closed something?

He shook his head, I was a little anxious, said, you shake your head does not know the meaning or the meaning of no? I'm scared here, you give a quick word.

He then said, I do not know, but these closet we have to find a way to transport.

Now I am more confused, transported? Not to mention how valuable these closets are, I do not look like antiques, but even antiques, this poor countryside, there is no a good transport, with the two of us, play dead to lift are not necessarily able to move out a. I probably counted, there should be six closets.

I asked Qin Yiheng, what exactly are these closets for? What are they shipped back for?

He listened and went to the side of a closet, knocked gently with his hand and told me that he did not know exactly what these closets were for, but he guessed that something was written inside each closet here, and it was mostly the address of some mansions.

He said so I understood, so he suspected that these closets are "address book" ah, this is not a joke! Before he said, address book because to be easy to carry, are the lighter and simpler the better, now he suddenly told me that Wan Jinrong like to maverick, get a few of these huge things as address book? He is not willing to let others find or what? And then again, if these are address books, then who took out the previous one? And then how did it get to someone's house? I can't understand more and more things, I feel like there is a thread in my head constantly knotted. I looked at Qin Yiheng in disbelief and asked him how he knew it was the address book.

He shook his head again and said he just guessed that these were address books, but he could only find out if they were after opening each closet.

I saw that Qin Yiheng meant to open it, and immediately felt a little weak in the legs. I definitely do not approve of, but to say to take back to open words, but also can not be achieved. I advised him, this is not necessary to open it? After all, you are only guessing, in case you guess wrong? And we don't know what's locked up inside.

Qin Yiheng nodded slightly and agreed, but then he told me that even if he guessed wrongly, these things still had to be opened if he couldn't bring them back. After that, he looked at me and pointed to the closet with his finger, saying that the one he saw in that mansion before, because he didn't care too much at that time, so he just looked at it again carefully, and he found that these closets are modified with the old material of coffins, and, now, I'm afraid that this is modified with a batch of coffins, or even, most likely, a pair of coffins.

I listened to the more puzzled, with the coffin changed? This is indeed surprising, so the people who make these closet is no place to find wood, or on the coffin of the wood? I saw that the wood of the closet is ordinary wood, although I can not identify the specific species of wood, but at least you can see that it is not valuable wood.

I hurriedly lit a cigarette, inhaled hard, and looked at the cabinets. Each cabinet is the same size and style as the one seen in the mansion, but in terms of volume, if the wood of the coffin is used to change it, it is definitely not enough.

First of all, there is a big difference between the shape of this closet and the coffin, I walked up and had the guts to compare it, each side of the closet is made of a whole piece of wood, which makes me confirm that it is impossible to change a coffin into such a large closet, because a coffin can not be gouged on such a large area of wood panels.

So thinking, I said to Qin Yiheng doubts. He also nodded yes, said, that's why he guessed that it is likely that all the closet is made of a coffin. Although this speculation is even more outrageous, but theoretically it makes sense.

After saying that, he threw away his cigarette and casually lit another one, still full of doubts. I took a deep breath, thinking in my head, I think his guess is still untenable, such a large closet, all made of wood of a coffin? Then the coffin must be how big ah, not to mention the people, living in a person can not be a problem, what can use such a coffin? In addition, even if these are established, then this coffin is where it came from? It is not possible that who is a whim, want to make a pair of the world's largest coffin, and then regretted and feel sorry for the wood, into a closet? The words have not yet spoken, I reacted to another thing, how he concluded that these closets are made of coffins? According to say, from the closet alone, there is no way to find out, unless there is a reference, for example, he has seen the coffin!

So I thought, I was also a big jump, I looked at Qin Yiheng, his eyes seemed quite determined, I asked him, you have not seen the coffin?

He listened and froze, first shook his head, and then nodded and said, he had not seen the coffin, but had seen a part of the coffin.

After that, he reminded me that in the mansion of the true dragon in Jiuzi Town, he picked up a coffin board with my name and birth date written on it.

Without waiting for him to finish, I recalled, because the impression of that night was too deep. That six fingers is using this board to lure us both to break the bureau of the real dragon in the town of nine sons. Although at that time was very afraid, but not much happened, so I did not pay too much attention. Now by Qin Yiheng said so, I feel my hands and feet are starting to chill, because his meaning is obvious, the board of wood, I'm afraid and the closet is exactly the same.

Now, I have no words, two people are contemplating, but my head is not any thoughts, I just need some time to calm down. So after a small ten minutes, Qin Yiheng is like a dream to wake up, just focus on the closet, this thing is not small. Said, he pointed to the stone mill, and then walked to the edge of the mill, told me that he just took a general look at the bamboo tubes to draw water out, specifically to where, now can not see, but from the analysis of the mill, I'm afraid it can be concluded.

I followed his finger to look, then noticed that the mill was also carved something, surprisingly, some flying birds and beasts and other patterns. The pattern is very abstract, looks a bit like a child's sketch. I simply distinguished, specifically can not see what animals. However, these patterns are carved densely, almost the surface of the mill are carved full.

Qin Yiheng in my look at the pattern, has half squatted down, pointing to the lower black parts of the mill and continue to say, this mill has an exclusive name in the Fang Jie, called "grinding prison", the legend is a kind of torture in hell. However, the hell is actually what, no one has seen, the reality of the imitation there are some, but are much smaller than this, the role is also used to exorcise ghosts, can crush the evil spirits, so that it will never be reborn, and it is said that the high people can even use this thing to change their fortune. This mill is used to crush human flesh and bones, and after it is crushed, dead water will be poured on the mill, that is, water from small pools or lakes that do not have live water sources and can only rely on rain to accumulate water.

When he said this, Qin Yiheng paused, thought for a few seconds and continued, the only purpose of doing this is to use this resentment plus the Yin Qi to trap all the souls on the spiritual places in the ancestral shrine and prevent them from being reincarnated!

If this is true, does it mean that the purpose of this ancestral shrine is not to worship the ancestors, but to detain them? I thought of the densely packed spirit places, at least a few hundred people, this is too creepy, can not be that this is not built by the descendants of the Wan family? But if not the descendants of the family, then how does he know the details of the family? The earliest of the ancestors on those tablets are afraid to go back several dynasties, and the Wan family members all died on the same day of the year, is there any connection between them? What exactly is this person's purpose?

I looked at Qin Yiheng, however, he also pursed his lips, it looks like he also does not know what this is all about.

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