Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 34 - Where did Yuan Zhen go?

Qin Yiheng's words really puzzled me, I quickly asked him where Yuan Zhen went, but he took a fierce smoke and told me to get ready, we must move to that place as soon as possible.

I saw that he was not the answer, so I asked again, and he shook his head, saying that he had never been to that place, and could not say what it was like, but told me to rest early, reserve the spirit, and I had to go to bed and lie down.

In bed I began to think, recently experienced these things seem increasingly strange, take Qin Yiheng, always feel as if he knows something, but refused to tell me.

Although I was curious, but he refused to say, I asked deep questions can not get answers, thinking about the final head are thinking big, simply sleep. Who knows, the next morning, just after dawn, Qin Yiheng pulled me up and told me to hurry up and prepare things today.

This is not the first time such a situation has happened, although I was very sleepy, but I was able to sit up, simply washed my face, and ate something, finally awake some, followed Qin Yiheng out to prepare the necessary items. I didn't expect him to drag me to an insurance company first and give us both a large amount of life insurance. Seeing him make such a big deal, I got a little panicky, it's hard to believe that the place we're going this time is incredibly dangerous? Although the previous mansion is treacherous, but also caused us some trouble, but always come over with no danger, and Qin Yiheng although I can not guarantee my safety 100%, but at least he self-preservation is no problem at all.

So think, I will be afraid of this destination, not waiting to go, the spirit of nervousness. Qin Yiheng's face is not to see what, but he rarely speaks on the road. So long with him, I have some understanding of him, I feel that his heart is now also very apprehensive, just did not show it.

After buying the insurance, we went to the outdoor store to purchase a full set of donkey equipment, and then split up. He went to prepare some prescription essentials, while I went to the supermarket to buy a lot of compressed dry food and canned food, and finally the two of us gathered, filled two large hiking bags with stuff, took a car and went straight to the airport.

Qin Yiheng had booked a ticket in advance, but the departure time was the evening. I saw that it was still early, I tried to talk to him, to see if I could find out what he was hiding from me, but he just reminded me that this work might as well be more restorative, because the journey afterwards is not very good, I had to shut up.

Qin Yiheng was really right. After getting off the plane, we instantly got on the train, and then took the kind of mini-bus between the city and the countryside, and finally when we got off the bus, it was already two days later.

The first time I saw him, I was bored, so I played a mobile game. But I did not expect the road after getting off the bus to be even more perverted. Qin Yiheng said that his plan was to meet some tractors or something that could pull us in, but he didn't expect to catch the farming season. We didn't see any cars along the way, and finally walked for half a day before we reached a village.

This village is very remote, a total of only a few families, but the surrounding fields are not small, a glance are endless crops. Qin Yiheng shelled out some money, we temporarily landed in an old country house. The family surnamed Ma, the family is not prosperous, on the old couple and a son who is said to be working in the city. Usually such a village is rarely able to see outsiders, so the old horse on our two people are quite curious, has been asking this and that to talk. Qin Yiheng at first could respond to a few sentences, and then was bored with the questions, simply lie down and pretend to sleep. I do like to chat with the old horse, and asked about the village situation. Old Ma said that although their village crops are good, but because of the relatively remote, the village and because of the small number of people and refused to build roads specifically for it, so the days are still relatively tight. I said the big deal is that the village to raise funds to build their own road, so it is also considered once and for all, long-term investment. But the old horse but mysteriously told me that they have thought about this trick, the village people also agree, but the road is not up, said also asked me in a strange way, do you know why the road can not be repaired?

This question confused me, I an outsider can know it is strange. I did not expect to wait for Lao Ma to say, Qin Yiheng but preemptively inserted a sentence, because your place is next to the Ghost Gate, right? In addition to planting crops, who moved the soil who will have to die. Old horse face stunned, I also listened to a daze. Qin Yiheng sat up and continued to speak, which is commonly known as the Ghost Gate Pass, that is, the pass of the hell, it is said that the Ghost Festival will open on that day, let the ghosts in the netherworld to come out to slip a circle, visit friends and relatives or something. However, the specific Ghost Gate Pass open place but say different, however, this is also very normal thing, because the Ghost Gate Pass is not actually a legendary pass, to put it bluntly is a feng shui on the Yin point. Yin point is what it means? It is because of the rotation of the world's feng shui, there are good places there must be bad places, in short, is a dumping ground for fatal gas. There are too many such places, in fact, we see from the ancient planning of the city, has long been excluded from these places, so even if there will be similar places in the city, compared to its small but also a big witch. There are many such caves all over the country, people living around it, although not intuitive feeling, but inevitably affected by it, which is why many places in the report obviously good potential, but few people have been developed, while the places that have been developed, but the popularity is always not.

Qin Yiheng's speech was fast, but I could hear a general idea. He meant to say that this village next to the fear of such a Yin cave, in this way, I do not understand his intention to bring me here.

The old horse seems to understand something, nodded his head, but he did not say anything more, only that it was late, he went to prepare dinner for us, and left the house.

Old horse just left, I asked Qin Yiheng, he brought me here, is to find the Yin cave? He shook his head and told me that we were coming to a clan shrine. I listened to it and frowned, after all, he still brought me to see the mansion, it is difficult not to have their family's ancestral shrine here, he brought me here to worship the ancestors? The ancestral shrine must know what it means, is a place to worship ancestors, in fact, with the function of the temple Taoist temple, but one is to worship God, one is to worship their family ancestors. Many famous families will have such a place, one to worship up to bless the family prosperity and well-being; secondly, it is also considered a family symbol. Although many people have the custom of worshipping their ancestors, not many families can afford to build a clan shrine.

So I asked Qin Yiheng what the ancestral shrine would be like, but he shook his head as usual and told me that if nothing happened, I would know tonight.

At dinner, Old Ma got us some farmhouse food, which was quite delicious. After eating, Qin Yiheng told me to pack my things, and we moved as soon as possible. So I followed him with his bag along the path outside the village, the moonlight that night was surprisingly bright, visibility is very high, but also save the flashlight. After walking for 20 to 30 minutes, Qin Yiheng suddenly stopped and called back to me, pointing to me not far away. After he so pointed, I saw that the path ahead forked into two, one road winding into a wood.

Qin Yiheng said, there is 80%, remind me to be careful. Said, gave me a wooden stick, told me to follow him, if you feel something wrong with the body, use the stick to tie their palms.

I was stunned to hear, and quickly asked him if we met something. Qin Yiheng skimmed his mouth and asked me if I did not notice the old horse two feet on the ankles are tied with red rope. I recalled a moment, but really did not notice.

Qin Yiheng went on to say that the two ropes are not simply in the sense of red rope, the usual red rope is to ward off evil things, relatively thin, while the kind of thick red rope like Chinese knots, but few people want to bring on the body. And the old horse's feet are not only very thick, but also tied in such a strange position. If he is not wrong, the red rope inside are less than years old dead children's hair, the red rope is just wrapped around the outside. This rope is called foot bondage, is a kind of Fangjian, is usually used to tie livestock, afraid of livestock night outside by the greedy little ghosts hooked away, and used in the human body is extremely rare. Their village is not at all unable to repair the road, but was set with the foot bondage of people can never walk this village. If he is right, I'm afraid the old horse has long been no longer alive.

After hearing his words, my cold sweat immediately came down. Not a living person? That means - the old horse is a dead man? But dead people are not so lifelike? I thought about it, indeed, many places will have the custom of tying thick red rope around the ankles of the corpse before burial, but that is to tie the legs together, the purpose is to prevent its fraudulent corpse, so we often see in the film and television dramas zombies are legs together, jumping forward, in fact, most of the reasons are not because the body has been stiff, but the legs have long been trapped by the red rope, can not take a step. But, then again, that was also in the era of the implementation of burial, now long since the implementation of cremation, although many places in rural areas do still maintain the custom of burial, but in the end, even if the old horse is a zombie, not so fucking alive, right?

Qin Yiheng shook his head, said, this and zombies are two different things, because China's geographical area is really vast, so the customs of different places are not the same, but most areas will have the custom of spirit guarding, that is, after the death of the person is not directly buried, but lit up to guard the soul of the lamp, stopping the corpse for three days or seven days. In fact, this is also simple, from a metaphysical point of view, is to let the soul of the deceased is not anxious to disperse, can look at the family members left behind, so as to avoid the death of left behind, haunting the family things happen. And the reason for sending people to guard the corpse, is also afraid of accidentally let the spiritual things touch the body, causing a real fraud. From a scientific point of view, this can actually verify whether the deceased faked his death, so as not to rush the burial of the dead. This happens in many areas without this custom, is that the person died, buried in a hurry, the result is a fake death, and finally smothered alive inside the coffin. There are also some coincidences, hear the new grave from the movement, thought the body fraud, in fact, there is a high probability that the deceased woke up, incessantly hit the coffin plate caused. The old horse, but the complete opposite of those. Say he is not a living person, is that his body is now mostly not his own soul, in short, he was something on the body, and then someone with the means of square magic to help it solid in the body.

In this environment, listening to him speak so much, although his voice is very soft, but listen to me still some fear. If so, but just now the old horse in the meal under some things, we two will be here tonight.

Qin Yiheng was optimistic, said the food should be fine, because the old horse was also a piece of food, we should go to the ancestral shrine as soon as possible to see. After saying that, he took the lead and turned into the path. Before, from the direction he pointed out I had vaguely seen the roof of the building, feeling that it should be a not small building, just did not expect, after walking from the woods for ten minutes, really walked to the front of the mansion, I was still amazed.

This mansion is too majestic, although it is not as large as the palace, but in the ancestral temple must be one of the best. The family must be a wealthy family, otherwise no one would have such a large amount of money to build such a thing.

Qin Yiheng did not immediately take me forward, but told me to hide in the bushes to look at. I took a thorough look at the mansion by moonlight, the building is very high, but it is not sure if it is a multi-storey building, because many single-storey buildings will be repaired in this way in order to pay attention to the grandeur. The roof is uniformly black, but it could be blue, after all, the distance is long and it's night time, so the color will definitely deviate.

The only strange thing was that the color of the walls was not the usual gray or white, but rather patchy, a piece of white and a piece of yellow, which looked a bit unconventional.

I asked Qin Yiheng, "Usually, in order to show solemnity, most of the ancestral shrines like this are painted with white or gray? Why is this mansion so strange?

The first time I saw the mansion, I was told to follow him and quietly feel the way.

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