Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 3: It's a trap

If you have lived in a house for a long time, you close your eyes to walk to the toilet or kitchen, I think it is not difficult, but the problem is that I have been to this villa twice, let me close my eyes to walk downstairs and also out of the villa door, this is simply too difficult. I moved one step at a time with my eyes closed for fear of falling on my face. At first, I could hear the sound of Qin Yiheng walking, walking, I suddenly found myself unable to hear his voice, the heart suddenly panicked, instinctively wanted to open my eyes, but fortunately I was able to hold back in time.

In fact, there is Qin Yiheng in, I still have some confidence in my heart, I can not really shout out to him to save me. So think and stand to smooth out the emotions, continue to walk forward. I held the handrail down to the first floor, before the advancement began to be difficult. First of all, my breath has been completely inadequate, and then hold on I have to faint due to lack of oxygen, and without the help of the handrail, I can not even distinguish the direction, how easy it is to walk out. Walked not two steps, I really can not help to gasp for air, I feel that I have a thing in front of me. I believe that many people have had this feeling, even with your eyes closed you can feel whether there is something very close to your face, and even many people can feel it when they are being watched when they obviously can't see each other.

I thought to myself, Qin Yiheng is to let me hit something and then spit out the mouth, now I have not hit it, yet another step will hit it, I am spitting or not? The things in my mouth just now because of fear have forgotten to feel, now only to react, really disgusting, what the fuck is this taste ah? The brain hesitated for a moment, plus the mouth of that thing disgusting taste a seduction, I completely can not close the air, directly to the mouth of the things dry vomit out, and then coughing uncontrollably.

This is a toss, I subconsciously opened my eyes, just opened my eyelids I regret it, but it was too late. The eyes are not very well adjusted, blurred to see very clearly. I slapped my hand forward, and strangely enough the thing I could feel in front of me just now disappeared. Now I am more afraid, because the feeling just now is too real, not like an illusion, not to mention that I am not closed nor open my eyes. I hurriedly called Qin Yiheng's name, but no one answered me.

I looked around, I have walked down the hall, the door is just a few steps away from me, look in the right direction, I ran towards the door with my legs. I opened the door and ran a few steps away before I dared to stop and catch my breath.

Still no sign of Qin Yiheng, I used my cell phone to call him, but no one answered. I waited a little longer before I saw him slowly move out from the door. Out of the door, he opened his eyes and saw me looking at him, he spit out what was in his mouth, and then also a dry heave. I really regret not bringing a bottle of water, seeing him dry heave, I want to fucking vomit again.

Qin Yiheng asked me how to come out first than him, I also quite puzzled, just walked clearly he did not move, it is reasonable to say that he should walk in front of me, maybe because I just ran out with my eyes open, so quickly? But just run a few steps away, and can not save much time. Now I can't think about these problems, the taste in my mouth is really disgusting. I asked Qin Yiheng what was stuffed in my mouth, it was so fucking disgusting.

He skimmed and said, "I would feel more disgusted if I told me, it's better not to know. I thought of the way he used child urine before, thinking that this 80% is not something good.

I said, "Just tell me if it's shit.

He nodded his head and said yes.

I immediately had a dry heave again.

Qin Yiheng said this is a sheep dung ball, to give the ram to eat only mugwort for a period of time, until the ram completely cleanse the intestines, the feces is pulled out. I listened to it but also comfortable some, at least than human manure sounds cleaner.

Next I asked him, you said something came back, what is it? The ghosts?

He pondered for a moment and said, seems to be.

Now my heart is more bottomless, because he looked like a very disturbed look. I think also do not care what gold and silver treasures, greed is nothing good, directly in accordance with 200,000 yuan deal, this trip I can not afford to wade. Two people rested for a while and went back.

On the way back, Qin Yiheng briefly explained to me. Rams mugwort dung in the mouth is said to calm the meridian vibration, and spray out a very strong exorcism; closed gas is to reduce the Yang Qi out, to prevent the invasion of the body by unclean things; closed eyes is to give that thing respect, you can not see it, it will not come to provoke you. He said, by the same token, if you see something unclean in life, it is best not to speak out, if you go to talk about questioning their existence at night, it is also easy to attract their attention and will get yourself into trouble.

After I heard what he said, I remembered to tell him that I did not close my eyes and run out of things. He listened to the face is not very good, smoked a cigarette and told me that the house can not be sold in any case, can only keep it for themselves. I wanted to ask, he shook his head and said, can not tell me.

Back to the hotel, my heart has been very uneasy, lying in bed can only keep smoking, a night basically did not sleep much, a few times asleep, but after a ten eight minutes and woke up.

Early the next morning, the big money called me to sign the contract. It seems that he is really anxious. I found a very far-fetched reason to postpone for a few days. The big money is still quite reluctant, and persuaded me half a day, I can only continue to perfunctory. Put down the phone, I asked Qin Yiheng, what should I do next. He thought for half a day before holding back a sentence, said, we have been tricked this time.

Hearing him say so, I also followed the panic. If there are any loopholes in the contract, we are pitched some money, but listen to his tone, I think things are more troublesome than I thought. I hastily asked Qin Yiheng what scheme we had been in.

Qin Yiheng sighed and said, the ancient tomb size are certain norms, such as the emperor's coffin has seven, the vassal five, the dafu three, and so on. Before we received news that the coffin already existed inside the villa. According to the news inside the description, there should be only one coffin, and later the coffin's destination we do not know, the earth big money to speak when there is no account of this matter. Before we are too careless, do not feel the presence of evil things inside, have not thought deeply, and this time again actually met a what, which is obviously completely out of line with common sense.

Qin Yiheng said here, drinking a mouthful of water. My throat is also dry, but I am anxious.

He said, if it is according to the very low tomb scale, only a coffin is enough, but thinking back to those murals on the wall inside the villa, I think it seems not so simple. That is, perhaps even the villa is a coffin of this tomb, we entered the villa, I'm afraid the owner will be used as a burial boy. Even if we come out unharmed, I'm afraid that we will die within a certain period of time.

Many coffins will be painted on the inner wall of some imaginary ascension or depict the owner's life's work, I know this. But listening to him, I can not connect these together, because in my concept, since it is a tomb, it should be underground, at least the coffin should be buried underground. If the whole villa is also a coffin, not to mention that the original coffin is now gone, the coffin alone is exposed on the ground is also not justified.

Qin Yiheng also pondered, thought for half a day and said, we still have to go to that villa trip, so on can only be waiting for death. That big money is likely to know this, he is deliberately lured us in.

Originally I had a resistance to that villa, listening to him say so, I was really a little afraid to go. But he also does not look like an alarmist look, I had to follow, can not earn money for the life to lose. Before going to really tossed a lot. Qin Yiheng let me shave off the hair below the neck, even the pubic hair did not let go, said so will be more like a boy. I think I am quite funny, but also can not laugh, all can only listen to his arrangements. After that, he used a pile of sticky stuff like a mask on my face, telling me that it was aged glutinous rice, which had to be boiled on New Year's Eve to work. This all ready, we can do is to wait for the dark, this virtue if the day out really can not meet people.

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