Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 29 - Yuan Zhen is not a human being!

I had already arrived home, but I didn't expect to have to leave immediately. I went home and simply changed my clothes, and did not rest, and rushed to the airport to meet with Qin Yiheng.

The two of us did not talk much on the way, and the air line did not take much time to get off the plane, we first went to the hotel and opened a room, see the time is still early, Qin Yiheng urged me to hastily eat something, while the dawn we went to the mansion.

This mansion is located in the community is quite high-grade, for the local prices, because out in a hurry, I did not do my homework beforehand to understand, but from the surrounding environment and the appearance of the property, the price should not be expensive. The property of the district is also very standardized, access are required to the door card, outside visitors need to contact the owners inside to give proof to enter, I and Qin Yiheng because of this was blocked outside the door.

Finally, I had no choice, I gave the security guard stuffed two hundred yuan, and exhaustive registration, finally let us in.

According to the address on the text message to find the mansion, is the first floor. This type of building, the first floor will have a very small terrace, you can give the owner to plant flowers to raise grass. Because the front and rear have very thick security doors and windows, so the terrace is not separated by a very high wall, so Qin Yiheng and I turned in and did not take much effort.

Just turn in, you can see that the terrace is really a pot has withered the hair tree, the pot is very large, but may be the recent rain, the soil is very soft. I and Qin Yiheng hollowed out the soil of the pot, and really found a key at the bottom of the pot. Qin Yiheng took me back to the front door and used the key to open the door.

Qin Yiheng went in first, then asked me to follow him in. The whole room really has the appearance of a murder house, the home has been empty, only some tattered plastic bags, newspapers and the like left on the floor, everywhere is ash, it seems that no one has come for a long time, standing inside people can not help but be nervous.

Because this mansion we did not have any prior knowledge, so the heart always feels hairy. Qin Yiheng did not turn around, but slowly move forward step by step. I followed behind and also lightened my footsteps.

According to the house type, this place in the door should be the living room. I saw that there were doors all around, needless to say, it was just the bedroom, kitchen, etc., but each door was closed. We both entered next to the door. The first one opened, should be a bedroom, the room is not big, the window is also very sunny, but still very empty. Qin Yiheng frowned at a glance, and took me to push open the second door to enter.

Just into this room, Qin Yiheng suddenly stopped. I walked behind him and almost bumped into him when I wasn't paying attention. When I turned my head sideways and saw what was in the room, I also froze.

The corner of this house is a large closet, closet is very large, look very heavy, bizarre, the closet does not know who painted red again, looking a little bloody, very creepy, and outside the red paint and wrapped around and around the wide tape paper, not like a closet, but like a coffin erected.

Qin Yiheng told me not to go forward, he walked over to the closet to see once, back to tell me to go to the other room to see, there is nothing in the other room, this should be the purpose of the man called us to come. I took the order and went to look around, and sure enough, the other rooms were empty, to say that there is not empty, it is only the toilet still has a bathtub and a flush toilet. When I walked back to this room, Qin Yiheng has been in a circle to remove the tape paper, although very time-consuming and laborious, but he did not let me go forward to help the intention.

I'm smoking next to wait, and so the tape is almost finished, Qin Yiheng suddenly back, told me that there is something inside this closet, but he does not know what, because this closet is obviously used to seal the thing, then there is likely to ward off evil and Zhenzhai objects, the only way is to open the cabinet, but this is too dangerous, so can not easily try. Another way is that tonight we will stay in this bedroom and see what happens at night.

In fact, he only informed me about it, it is still up to him to decide exactly what should be done. I saw that this means that we have to sleep here tonight, so I thought I had to go and prepare something. Qin Yiheng also agreed and agreed to split up. He went to prepare things for the night, by the way, buy two sleeping bags and some food back; I was responsible for inquiring about the mansion in the neighborhood before things.

I wandered around the neighborhood, the greenery is not bad, with the park almost, and spent some time, the sun is almost to set, there are some old men and women out one after another to play the neighborhood of those fitness equipment, I waited for this time, immediately shamelessly with those old men and women to talk about small talk. People are old, or like to chat or something, so I did not take much effort to get some information, but it sounded like I had a chill all over.

According to those old people who know the original story, before living in this mansion is a couple, are very young, should be a young couple, the man may be a rich second generation, anyway, is not to see him leave early and return late, but also never lack of money to spend. Originally the young couple had a very prosperous life, but since the mistress bought a very expensive fox fur coat back, the family appeared strange things.

At first, the mistress would somehow hear some cries at night, and she did not care, thinking that the sound insulation of the building was not very good. But over time, you can hear some if not the sound of talking, listen carefully but can not hear clearly what is, the couple began to fear up, in the house to find the cause, and finally unanimously determined that the problem in the fox fur coat, asked some people who understand, said the fox is not a captive kind, but the wild, there has been some cultivation, but was caught by hunters to do the coat, the heart There must be resentment.

The couple thought, why not break the money to avoid disaster, although the coat is expensive, but in their eyes is not a valuable object, the two people said the fox fur coat to give away.

Because the previous owner of the house does not work, usually at home and bored, often come out and chat with neighbors, so their family this coat thing neighborhood basically all know. But the hostess is saying to give away the coat a few days later, the two families suddenly evaporated. After a few days, a moving company came to empty the house of furniture, the house has been empty until now.

Things are indeed very strange, I waited for Qin Yiheng to return, and told him what I had inquired about.

Qin Yiheng listened and said that if this is true, in fact, it is not difficult to do, because the so-called fox fairy, or what we often refer to as Hu San Taiji and Hu San Taiyi, only in the form, that is, when alive to have a huge impact on humans, usually these spiritual animals can be cultivated to regenerate the human spirit, like we always hear of foxes, weasels, snakes, spiders, centipedes, and even rabbits are counted. All can use human beings as psychic mediums, which is commonly known as the upper body, also known as hysteria. But this body in its death is not common, this detailed in a scientific way, in fact, is the brain waves and humans to produce a certain connection, and in the metaphysical view, because the souls of animals are reincarnated with people, but belong to the yin and yang five elements are very different, so this difference leads to these post-mortem spirits can not make much of a storm. But that is only in the usual sense, according to legend, some cultivation to a certain level of the spirit will be attached to the human body, the fate of its cure or fortune telling, in order to increase their own cultivation, and the process must have a standardized model, is to open a "hall", which opened the "hall The process of opening the "hall" is called "out of the horse", these are attached to the spirit "out of the horse" people, in fact, frankly speaking, is also a kind of hysteria, in the "out of the horse" before All have some small and large normal medical means to solve the disease, and "out of the horse" but can naturally heal, which is why we heard that those Daxian, Shen Han and other people in the art, always report a different family, because the things attached to his body is not an animal.

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