Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 276 - Qin Yiheng OR Jiang Shuo

After these words Qin Yiheng was silent for a long time. I saw his gaze darken and wondered what exactly he was thinking.

"I had hoped that this matter, forever, would become a secret." Qin Yiheng suddenly looked up and said to me, really, there are some things you just shouldn't know.

I didn't say anything, in fact I didn't know what to say. I am very worried that Qin Yiheng will tell me what a shocking big secret, although this kind of secret I should be surprised, but I am still very uneasy. I fished out a cigarette and lit it up, sort of barely suppressing my heartbeat.

"Now that you have seen it, perhaps it really is time to tell you." Qin Yiheng pulled a small bedside table in the corner of the room over, Jiang Shuo you sit down, I may have to talk for a long time.

I rubbed my temples and sat on the nightstand, but still felt a little weak throughout my body. I suddenly thought of the previous time in Tianjin, listening to him speak of those things. I said, "Damn it, there will not be a new drama. I really can't carry it anymore.

"Jiang Shuo, give me a cigarette." Qin Yiheng took a hard puff and said, this thing may be difficult for you to accept, but do not need to have any doubts. Not just me, Wan Jinrong can also prove that what I tell you next is all true.

First of all, you are Qin Yiheng.

I, on the other hand, am Jiang Shuo.

After these words Qin Yiheng paused for a long time and kept smoking heavily. He was surrounded by smoke in front of him, making it a little difficult for me to see his expression.

Even more than his expression, I feel that any matters around me are blurred. I was not shocked by the words, but the brain really can not react for a while, thinking like frozen.

It was only after a long time that the words popped into my head.

I'm the one who is Qin Yiheng?

Damn this is a philosophical proposition? I've been living for almost 30 fucking years and I don't even know who I am?

I slapped myself in the face, to be sure I wasn't dreaming.

"Jiang Shuo, take it easy. I know it's hard to understand. So you have to listen to me slowly. You may think now. In this world, there are many people who know each other with you who can prove that you are Jiang Shuo. You have a lot of memories to prove that you are Jiang Shuo. And the mirror you see every day will also prove that you are Jiang Shuo. Right?"

"But what if all the things that can prove that you are Jiang Shuo are all false? And how should you be sure that you are Jiang Shuo?" Qin Yiheng said with a sigh, so I hope you will listen to me slowly and understand slowly. For any person, trying to accept this situation is very painful, I know it well.

We knew each other earlier than you know. And much earlier. Then something happened that caused us to cut off contact for a while. Just during the period when we cut off contact, that is, a few years ago, you fell into the bureau of those people. The so-called true dragon got into your body. This is why I am so sure that you are the most suitable body for the true dragon to return to the sun.

Because the true dragon returned to the sun, has already happened once... Qin Yiheng pointed to me and said, in your body.

At that time, I inadvertently got the news, and after determining that it was you who had an accident, I used all my abilities and relations in the circle to save you. The middle process is not necessary to talk about now, you just need to know that we succeeded. And the place where you were saved is in that walled city.

Qin Yiheng opened the pocket watch and pointed to the photo and said, the two people in this photo, one is you at that time, although only your shell. The other one, is Wan Jinrong.

The Wan family has always been bound by the bureau in the siege, Wan Jinrong, as the most capable generation, has always wanted to try to break this bureau. And you, as the true dragon at the time, seemed to know the most correct way to do it. So you and Man Kam Wing went to the siege. But before you could break that bureau, I and the others who came to save you arrived, so you didn't make it.

You were two people, but it was really hard to deal with it. Qin Yiheng seemed to recall the scene and said with a bitter smile, but fortunately it still worked. You have been in the circle for so long, you may have seen more or less all kinds of battles, but seriously, that day's scene you can't imagine, even I feel not quite real when I recall.

Ahem, all in all, it's good that we made it. It was also a blessing and a misfortune. Fortunately, yin and yang can often be out of balance in a siege. After the real dragon was taken care of by us, it did not spoil your body, and even more fortunately, your body was not completely invaded clean at that time, and we wasted many days to wake you up completely. Ha, my good friend Jiang Shuo did not die, I am so happy.

But unfortunately, the true dragon will not soul in that kind of environment. It became a time bomb forever. I discussed with all the masters for a long time, and we all asserted that the true dragon would not rest in peace and would still seek to come back sooner or later. Moreover, there was a group of forces behind this that we could not notice at the time before contributing to this matter. Therefore, I had to enable an insurance to prevent you again in the game.

Sorry, no prior permission from you. Qin Yiheng rubbed his face and said, "This face of mine, and this body. It is only yours.

And this body you are using now, is mine.

I swapped bodies with you at that time with a Yin button.

The bureau was complicated, but fortunately many masters were present. We made this thing come true.

We arranged new human relationships for you and erased your relevant memories. Using fetal dreams, we helped you fabricate new memories. Of course the process is far more complicated than what I have told you. Jiang Shuo, all the schools of metaphysics were involved in it. At that time, I also told others that perhaps you will become the mascot and logo of the occult line and we will have to register you as a trademark to do so.

Now that I think about it, it seems like it's been a long time since I've been that relieved and happy.

At the time, I thought I could just save you and keep you protected. You'd never get caught up in it again. Just like I promised you a long time ago, I wouldn't let you get involved with the occult. And I used your body to help you set it all up, and then I would switch back to the body and it would all be over.

But I didn't even anticipate at that time that there would be such a big haze and mystery behind this.

I visited a lot of places and met a lot of people in order to investigate the things related to the true dragon clearly. The more and more I found that the middle is not at all as simple as I thought. The real dragon to help Wan Jinrong unlock the Wan family's bureau, only the smallest episode in this. And the real problem lies in the matter of sinking into the Yin River.

Although it can not be blamed on you, but you were possessed by the true dragon when. Have done a lot of harm to heaven and earth, here have to say a word, is that I set things right for you. Many of the bureaus were left from the period when you were possessed, and many of the places I took you to later were in fact places you had already been to once only.

Jiang Shuo, trust me. If I could really solve everything myself. I would never bring you into it again. Later on, I took you into the business and used the murder house as an excuse, but I really had no choice. Because I found that many things are completely impossible to handle without you. Because you are the one who has actual contact with the real dragon at the beginning. In order to save you, you can only be sacrificed first. Can you understand that?

I nodded my head, and I was impressed that I could still nod in such a situation. All the senses in my body seemed to be left with only my ears functioning, and it's hard for me to describe what it was like. It seemed that everything seemed very surreal.

Qin Yiheng lit up another cigarette and said, "I know, to make you safe forever. It is necessary to solve all this from the source, whether it is the Yin River or the closet, all the fucking hell to go to. That's why we're standing here now, and all the way over here we've encountered so much. So when I saw the Yin buckle suddenly appear in my house, I knew everything had to go to the source to solve it. Including those closets too. Wan Jinrong disappeared while we were saving you, and I found out later that he had quietly shipped out a lot of wardrobes, and somehow retrieved the real dragon.

And what makes it even more frightening is that I suddenly discovered one of the true dragon's abilities.

It was that he could walk through all the closets, through each other at will. Do you remember when you were a child, we like to watch the Du La Meng? Oh, you have forgotten. A simple explanation, a closet in my home, a closet in your home, that the spirit of the true dragon can go in from my home closet, directly from your home closet out.

It is true that I used the Yin button in the closet, only much earlier than you know. If you want to defeat the enemy, you must first know where the enemy is to do so. So I lured the real dragon out, and a lot of things after that, I believe that real dragon has told you.

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