Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 27: What did Wan Jinrong leave behind?

Qin Yiheng was a bit furious, and I couldn't find the words for a while, but there were already countless question marks in my head, and now it was just a matter of deciding which one to start with first. However, he did not answer me, went out of the bedroom to comfort the old lady.

The old lady has now eased up, still speaks very cultured, said there is no serious injury, but just see Qin Yiheng big night this dress to knock on the door, also thought it was bumped into the black and white impermanence.

Originally it was a matter of adding chaos to others, and now it's a mess, I can't face it, and the old lady apologized repeatedly, and then hurriedly said goodbye and followed Qin Yiheng out.

Out of the door, Qin Yiheng asked me the name of the hotel, but insisted that he was not willing to take a car with me, only to let me go back first.

I had to go back to the hotel alone, smoking half a pack of cigarettes did not see him come. Wait until the latter part of the night, he came to me with a serious face. I held half a day's questions, saw him come, and regardless of whether he listened to it, a brain to my heart of doubt are asked out.

My question is actually quite chaotic, no logic, that is, what comes to mind what to ask, and finally summed up on a few issues. One, where did Cripple Liu go? Two, Qin Yiheng what did he do before he went? Three, he said what was taken? Four, what the hell is going on?

Qin Yiheng has not spoken, and so I stopped, he lit a cigarette, hesitated and said, because of the development of modern urbanization and the modernization of building technology and building specifications, only a small number of buildings will be applied to the art of phase house. In ancient times, this kind of street feng shui gentlemen abound, and the social status is not low. In addition to using the art of feng shui to select the yin house, looking for burial areas, most of the skills of feng shui practitioners are applied in the construction of the Yang house. At that time, there was no such concept as architects, and a mansion, from opening to living, relied entirely on the cooperation of feng shui masters and craftsmen. Although the art of feng shui is not much mysterious and difficult to learn, but after all, there are still only a few people, so then the famous feng shui gentleman, a year or even a few years will only take over a few mansions, one is the technology at the time led to a long construction period; two is that some of the construction of the mansion inevitably with the owner's eight fortunes to calculate, the fate of the peep thing is to lose yin and yang life, so those feng shui reputation of everyone called loud, but only a few lifetime. But only a few works in their lives.

The reason why the social status of feng shui is very high, not just their skills to be admired, but where these people whether in the construction of the Yang House or the Yin House to do a little bit of fiddling, it is likely to be a disaster for the owner. So until now, many people in the countryside to find craftsmen to help build homes know that those craftsmen can only be good words, not bad words, maybe which one knows a little bit of the magic of the law, save people with no, harm is more than enough. There is an unwritten rule in the feng shui masters industry, that is, each built a house, the gentleman will be the house and even the owner of the relevant information recorded in a small booklet, the booklet is called "site book", the booklet may be a word post, may also be a piece of cloth, in short, most will be sewn in the sleeve. These seemingly ordinary information, in the hands of feng shui is a weapon of incredible power. If the mansion changes later, he will be able to find a response from the records of the time. And if the owner of the mansion refuses to pay after the completion of the mansion, etc., he can also use the information recorded therein to break the bureau of the mansion. If Mr. Feng Shui has been fully proficient in this way, even without personally going to the mansion, as long as the right direction in thousands of miles away, to build a mansion of the same proportion, and then add the owner of the relevant information, the same can make the mansion inside the family broken.

And social development so far, know the art of feng shui after the "Cultural Revolution" after ten years of turmoil has been less and less, a little learning a little fur of people, you can be in the community as a fraud, and the real in accordance with the traditions of the old generation of feng shui has been nearly extinct, but this does not mean that no such people exist. In fact, many high people are not as we imagine that reclusive in the mountains or half the time not to spit a word, they also transformed into a modern person according to the development of this society, the ability in a yard, life is actually no different from ordinary people.

Qin Yiheng spoke so much, I listened to the really foggy, how and I asked the question is not on the edge of it? However, I see his expression does not look like he is interrupting. I pondered for a while, seems to have realized something, Qin Yiheng mean is not that Liu Crippler took is a "address book"?

Qin Yiheng nodded, but did not speak again, but took out his phone and played a video for me. The video should be downloaded from a video site, the picture quality is not very good, but also can see a rough. On the screen of an old man wearing glasses sitting on the podium above the eloquent talk, listen carefully, talking about the theory of feng shui. I looked at it very puzzled, thinking, "Is this old man talking about the things he just told me? He is afraid that I do not believe the special out to do supporting evidence? But after listening for a while, the content is next to the edge, but there is no actual connection. I looked to Qin Yiheng for an explanation. He saw that I did not have the patience to watch the whole thing, so he just dragged the video to the end and reminded me to concentrate on it.

The old man in the picture should be saying the closing words, because after the applause, the video will come to an end. I really do not understand what Qin Yiheng means, so I asked him to show me what this.

Qin Yiheng dragged the progress bar of the video back again and asked me to listen carefully. I put my ear to it, carefully distinguished, the old man seems to have said that he recently found a particularly strange place in Chinese architectural feng shui, but he still needs to continue to study in depth, I hope to have the opportunity to discuss with you.

After hearing the old man's words, I still have a head full of questions. I really can't stand Qin Yiheng so to me to sell me off, asked him bluntly, to show me what this means in the end.

Qin Yiheng took a deep breath of smoke and told me that the old man is now the deceased of this mansion, called Wan Jinrong, the old man is a titan of architecture in the country's top universities, but many of his students know that the old man actually knows a lot about feng shui, mostly from before the founding of New China to engage in this business.

Now I do understand, so that, Liu Crippler took away is really the old man's "address book"? But what did he take this thing? With the last words of the old man on the video?

Before I ask, Qin Yiheng told me first, the old man did give a lot of famous buildings, but most of them are just hanging the name of the chief architect, and he really looked at which specific mansions, in addition to the parties involved, we can not find the relevant clues. And he rushed here this time, is to find the "site book". He guessed that the old man's "address book" must have recorded some information on the house can not be found. Originally he was also day and night to me here, just did not expect the way seems to be calculated to be blinded, and finally had no choice but to find a large filial son within a 10-mile radius carried the invocation streamer, which was smoothly all the way to here. This big filial son carried the beckoning streamer is extremely recruiting lonely ghosts, because these lonely ghosts no one worship, so the filial son carried the beckoning streamer has an instinctive pursuit. Just don't let me close is also a reason, afraid that I inadvertently provoke something on, but unfortunately he rushed or a step late, so that the person took the thing away first.

Now things have been a little bit, but for Liu Crippler, I still have a lot of questions. I asked Qin Yiheng, that person is not Liu Cripples?

He shook his head and said that it would be good if Cripple Liu looked like that, who exactly he did not know, but now it seems that this person knows a lot about our actions, that's for sure.

I listened to Qin Yiheng said that the man was not Liu Cripples, the heart also a little panic. But recall, this person does not seem to have the intention of harming my life along the way, but instead gave me a solution to the problem of tinnitus.

I then said, this person will also give me a cure, ah, and with a few needles I got better.

Qin Yiheng's face changed immediately after hearing this, and shouted at me, "What did you say? You let him stick you with a needle? I immediately nervous up, on the crippled Liu to me to tell him the way, the piggyback also reproduced my conversation with the crippled Liu.

I did not expect Qin Yiheng listened more and more frown, half a long time before telling me that I was 80% of the pox was planted. This grievance pox in detail, in fact, and surrender in Southeast Asia has some origins. The difference is that the grievance pox is to use a needle to pick open the skin, the grievance gas planted under the skin. It is said that the pox is planted, but in fact, it is just using a needle to pick the skin, because all the mystery is above the needle.

The needle is not an ordinary needle, but an extremely vicious way to insert the child's body inside, as the days lengthen, slowly insert more needles. The child will not die in a short time, but as more and more needles, will eventually endanger life. When the child dies, then the needles are removed, the first three needles taken out, because the child's soul, is called the soul needle; the last three needles taken out, the child's soul, is called the soul needle; and the middle ones can be discarded, and not very useful. I believe that many television has reported that there are many children found in the body of some needles, but do not know where the needles come from, this is actually a manifestation of the practice of grievance pox needles, just not known to outsiders.

Speaking of which, Qin Yiheng lengthened his voice, and the people who have been this needle, hard life, can maintain the original three years, three years later that the great decline, low fortune to people do not love life. And the life is not hard, serious people will even soon have a flying disaster, or even a bloodbath, all of which is to kill people.

I heard him say these really scary, and asked him if there is a way to crack. Qin Yiheng think again and again, said now found early, and I belong to the hard life of people, the way to crack is there, just let me suffer a little.

Eat a little flesh suffering does not matter, to save life is the most important, I immediately begged him to help me resolve, but he said the matter can not be rushed, first sleep peacefully, tomorrow and then act in time.

Although my heart is uneasy, but I can only listen to Qin Yiheng's words, first sleep. When I undressed and went to bed, I suddenly remembered the chess piece I picked up in the old man's bedroom, so I took it out and looked at it.

It was a "knight", and I turned it over and over, but there was no other mark on the piece. I thought, "What's going on? Is it because the piece was already unstable and then fell down because of a slight vibration or air flow from people walking? In ordinary life we will also meet such a situation, a good thing suddenly fell from somewhere, many people will be suspicious of the home into what the evil things, although this possibility can not be ruled out, but also can not be generalized. I remember Qin Yiheng said, if you have to test whether there is dirt at home, bold people, you can carefully record the location and form of every object in the house every day, until the next day and then check one by one, you can be clear; In addition, the leftovers at home should not be placed on the table overnight, if there is no house gods, it is easy to be hungry ghosts, which is why many places do not eat meals such as can not be organized in time This is why many places do not eat the food in time to organize, will also use a plate or container cover, one can prevent mosquitoes and rats, the second is this reason.

But now this chess piece obviously will not be so coincidental. I think maybe it has something to do with the old man, but what does it mean? I know that on the chessboard, the "phase" goes to the field, and the "horse" goes to the day, so could it be that the old man finally used this piece to express his depression at losing, and shouted "day"? I didn't realize I was going too far, and it was getting more and more implausible.

I turned around and told Qin Yiheng about the chess piece, and asked him what he thought about it.

He also thought it was strange, because when he went there, it was obvious that the old man's presence was no longer felt. I handed him the chess piece, and he also examined it for half a day, but in the end he could only shake his head.

I saw that there was nothing new to discover, and was about to go to sleep when Qin Yiheng suddenly tapped the pillow and said to me that if the old man really died unjustly or in a strange way, he must have wanted someone to find out the secret that he was too late to tell, so could this chess game be a directional map at all? The old man was very subtle in following the layout of the orientation to show what he wanted to express on the board, so that not only could he hide his eyes and ears, but also keep the important information intact, and this chess piece was the most important place on the orientation chart he wanted to tell me.

When I heard Qin Yiheng say this, my heart immediately went cold, because this chess game had been moved by the so-called Liu Crippler. Although I had seen the original look before, but did not have the heart to remember, now even probably can not recover. Qin Yiheng was also disappointed to know that the game had been moved. The two people had no words for a while, and simply fell asleep.

Lights out, I lie in bed tossing and turning, not for the body of the pox and worry, but feel that the current situation is tangled, but tangled also useless, the day still has to live. The two days, although not much exercise, but also very depleted mind, and finally unconsciously fell asleep.

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