Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 26: The game of chess

Crippled Liu's proposal is really worth a try, but I'm still very unsure, in case something goes wrong, we both have our lives on the line. I think, anyway, when the time comes, he will perform, let him try. I think this is actually selfish, in case he succeeds, the mansion I will take without effort; in case he does not, the trouble is not me, so I hesitated or agreed. We both told the old lady about the idea, she was quite supportive, and I and Liu Crippler made an appointment with her to come back in the evening, and then got up to say goodbye.

Back to the hotel is just time consuming, and there is nothing to prepare. We casually dealt with some food, see the time is almost back. Crippled Liu instructed the old lady beforehand, said, no matter what happens in the house, she do not come in, afraid that the time is really the old man's spirit body, she rushed in by mistake, will mess up the old man's God, easy to mess up.

Waiting for some hours, the old lady settled down, I and Liu Crippler closed the bedroom door, the chess set out. To be honest, I did not want to wade into this mess, although Crippled Liu is trying to satisfy his own curiosity, but after all, it is also for me to do, in the interest of reason how I have to accompany.

After nightfall, time passes quite quickly, but we dry eyes and so on for half a day, what movement in the house is not. At first, I was still a little scared, so consumed for a while, but also at peace. Crippled Liu saw so empty waiting is not a solution, asked me if I carry something to ward off evil, flush the house's yin, so that the old man could not show up.

I turned back and forth, and did not find anything. Crippled Liu felt very strange, asked me, is it too much Yang Qi for both of us? How about you go out and hide?

I can't wait for him to have this proposal, just a little farther away from this place of right and wrong. Just want to move, Crippled Liu said again, forget it, in case something happens, even a hand to help people are not. We think again and again, Crippled Liu actually gave me the proposal, let me hide under the bed.

Bedroom bed is a raised bed, the space under the bed is very large, hiding personal words, turn over what is no problem, but there is a lot of dust. I squatted down and took a look, I think his proposal is not at all reliable, but I have to say not to go in, the two people can not always wait so it. I thought I'd get in and do the job, so that finally persuade him to give up also have the strength.

So, I picked up a few newspapers from the house, simply laid a little, and went in. Once down, the line of sight immediately became narrow because of the bed, I can only see the two small legs of the crippled Liu walking around the house, I do not know what to do.

After a while, I heard some strange movements coming from the house, I carefully distinguished, and could not hear what was issued, only to see Cripple Liu still walking around in the house.

Immediately after, I inexplicably began to get nervous, and looked for a while, I suddenly felt as if there was something wrong, but could not say, so I had to concentrate on watching the legs of the crippled man walking faster and faster in the room. Suddenly, I found a problem - Cripple Liu's feet do not seem to be lame at all!

This, my scalp instantly a little numb, but it is not good to show, can only tense up the body, trying to calm breathing. Previously with Liu Cripples all the way over, even if I did not deliberately pay attention, but also saw him walking with a limp ah, how this time his feet suddenly healed? Has he been pretending before? But if he was faking, I was still in the house, so why didn't he continue to act?

I tried my best to calm down, and suddenly another thought came to me, which startled me. Before the old lady mentioned that her old man would be pacing back and forth in the bedroom in the middle of the night, could it be that Crippled Liu had just been possessed by an inattentive?

Now I'm more at a loss, want to go out to save him, they are not capable, I'm afraid it will be in vain, but do not go out, he is finished not to say, do I have to so under the bed with this evil thing to stay all night?

Just when I hesitated, Liu Crippler suddenly stopped. However, said stop can only be sure that his footsteps stopped just, hands in the work of what, I do not know. Crippled Liu stood still in front of the bed, also seems to be thinking about something, and then I saw his body slowly squatting down.

I was so nervous that I was about to suffocate, if I saw a face that was not his, I could really be scared to death. Fortunately, he just crouched down, as if he had picked up something from the floor. Something small, I could not see clearly. And then, Cripple Liu went to the chess side, because the room was extremely quiet, I could hear the sound of him slowly put down the pieces, he was playing chess? I put my body sideways in order to see his side of the situation, but the line of sight is still extremely limited.

Crippled Liu's chess is like playing very leisurely, but I still kept breaking out in a cold sweat, head resting on my arms, feeling my heart had jumped to my ears. I immediately changed position, because before Qin Yiheng said, if you hear the heartbeat in other parts of the body, such as fingers, ears, arms and other parts, is the most unstable time for your soul, it is easy to be hooked soul.

So after a full ten minutes, Crippled Liu got up, turned the light on, and called me out. His voice is not different, but just now I looked under the bed but really, his feet are not a problem, I still have to be careful. But on second thought, even if I don't go out, if he wants to harm me, I basically have no escape, might as well go out first to see what is going on.

So I climbed out and saw that nothing had changed in the house, but the chess pieces on the board had indeed been moved. I don't know if the old man played chess with Cripple Liu just now, looking at his expression does not look like any conspiracy is brewing, I tried to ask him how the situation is now.

Crippled Liu hands, said he turned half a day, but did not see the old man out, he felt that if the other side will move the chess pieces will show up, the results of his a person to play chess are finished, the house is still safe and sound, and finally he had to give up. After I listened to him, I went to look at the chess set again, and the red disc was eaten clean, and the situation had become dead. I was even more suspicious, but I didn't dare to tear my face off and question Cripple Liu, so I thought I would go back and wait until I saw Qin Yiheng.

I proposed to tell the old lady, we will go back to the hotel. Crippled Liu nodded and said he could only do so, so he opened the door and went out. I was about to leave when I suddenly heard something fall on the floor, looked down and saw that it was a chess piece. Surprisingly, I was not afraid at this time, but curiously picked up the chess piece. Before I could take a closer look, there was a sudden noise outside the house, and the old lady's scream was so loud and clear that I put the chess piece in my pocket and rushed out.

From my bedroom door to the living room, only a few steps away, but because of the type of household, out of the bedroom door can not directly see the situation in the living room. When I ran out, the old lady was the only one left in the living room. I hurriedly asked the old lady what happened, I guess she was also scared enough to speak but could not. The more she does, the more anxious I am, simply do not wait, directly first chase out, I think Liu Crippler must be outside.

However, when I chased him outside, but no sign of Crippled Man Liu, instead, I saw Qin Yiheng holding a flag-like thing with his back to me, and was panting heavily. I went over and asked him what was wrong, but he did not answer, but ran straight to the old man's bedroom. By the light, I could see that what he was holding was actually a soul-stirring streamer. This kind of streamer is usually the funeral time, by the eldest son in front of the high hold, one can let the deceased relatives remember from home to the burial of the road; second is also to pass by the brat a warning, tell each other that the family has died, do not embarrass the family on the road. However, Qin Yiheng is now holding this thing, I am dead and can not understand what it means. Since we met, we have never heard him talk about his family, could it be that this time he did not meet me on time, because of a change in the family?

This thought, I want to go up to comfort him two, but he did not care about me, just in the house around, suddenly turned back to me and said, damn, indeed, he took it!

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