Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 22 - Red Rope Leads Ghosts

This village is located on the edge of a provincial capital, where exactly, I am not at liberty to disclose. Anyway, it didn't take us long to get to the door of the mansion by plane. Half of the entire residential area is inhabited by people from their village, and the remaining houses, in addition to some that have been sold, are mostly empty or rented out, mostly by villagers who can't live on their own.

Yuan Zhen has been waiting for a long time, introduced us to the village chief, the person is quite surprising, and not five big and thick, look quite like a little culture. We briefly exchanged, the village chief said to us basically the same as Yuan Zhen conveyed, but he also revealed a little, the mansion has previously been a knowledgeable person to the layout, the person told him that their family will have a bloodbath, life is at stake. After all, the village chief is still the village people, believe in these, plus he was not short of money, thinking that it is only a matter of shelling out some money, let the high people to their own family several sets of houses to get a little.

The high man specifically got what, the village chief could not say a two or three, because the high man was not allowed to be present at the time of the arrangement. Originally, the village chief thought that the mansion was arranged by a high person, not to say that you can get rich, or at least to ensure a family peace or something. But I didn't expect that not long after the master left, the family had one accident after another. He also found someone to see, but also can not tell a reason, so this time to find us to come, but also hope that we give a look, if this continues, he is afraid that this family will be tossed apart.

After listening to the village chief, I realized that, unknowingly, Qin Yiheng and I have become famous in this circle. But the fame is also false, or have to rely on real ability to earn money, so we did not delay much, and went directly to see the mansion.

This village chief's home specifically how luxurious, I can not describe. Anyway, I dare to conclude that the money he made this time is really not a small amount. This is a 61 type of house that is difficult to see now, that is, six floors to live in, the bottom floor for the garage. And then I described the first floor, in fact, refers to the first floor of living, the lowest floor of the garage does not count.

Starting from the first floor, he took it upon himself to open up the middle of each two floors and put in stairs. In this way, the village chief and his wife live in the first and second floors, the two upper floors are the eldest daughter's, and the top two floors are the youngest daughter's, so that the family lives in half of the unit.

I and Qin Yiheng so layer by layer to see over, is really quite exhausting, fortunately the three families are not the same style of decoration, so look a little fresh. Qin Yiheng turned around for half a day and kept looking around with a very puzzled expression. I then asked him if there was anything wrong with this mansion? He shook his head very firmly and told me in a low voice that this mansion was really arranged by a high person. From the layout of the home, even the plants placed inside the room, there are instructions, this home is certainly not only wealthy and people will be well, should not be at all the village chief said so miserable.

Although I do not know the line, but from a person's feeling alone, the three mansions walk into not feel anything strange. See Qin Yiheng also did not find anything, we went back to the village chief's home to discuss countermeasures.

Qin Yiheng said the mansion now does seem to be half a problem, because no one died in the mansion itself, and even around no one died, plus the family itself is thriving, there are people to town the mansion, even the passing brats will not stay, and from the perspective of feng shui, this is basically a lucky house. Although the feng shui treasure does not mean that there is no dirty things, but at least the use of the Qi of heaven and earth will be slowly dispersed these obscurities, fatalities, grievances, so that the mansion is a murderous house, is certainly untenable. In this case, it is now very likely that the feng shui of the mansion is not as good as it seems, but unfortunately Qin Yiheng himself only knows a little. Because in terms of metaphysics, exorcism and feng shui although there is a connection, but there are still some differences, which is somewhat similar to geometry and algebra in mathematics, they can be said to be a discipline, but also have a lot in common, but in detail, there are still not small differences. That's why he was only able to read a skinny on Feng Shui.

In this case we are considered a trip in vain, because things simply can not be solved by us. But if I say go, I really a little reluctant to see a million dollars in hand, I really do not want to.

I asked Qin Yiheng can try to give a look with the method of Fang Jie, he thought for a while, said it can try, but I'm afraid there will be risks, in case the operation is not good, it is easy to get into trouble.

I also see the money, thinking that even if something happens, he can also be around to cover me. Thinking of this, I discussed with Qin Yiheng, said it is better to try, if you try not, we will go home, so that the money did not earn my heart also comfortable.

In this way, we began to prepare the things to be used, I just help him to mention the bag, in fact, is also to fall a leisure. This time the preparation of things, not to say special, basically the same as before, except this time he bought a lot of red thread. First, the red thread dipped into the juice squeezed from plums, and then each bundle wrapped around, twisted into a share, and then connected to each other, so that it is connected to a full tens of meters of red rope, and finally in the middle of the red thread tied a few buckles, tied to a small bag containing a variety of grains and cereals, the two ends of the line each tied to a small stone. After all this preparation, we returned to the village chief's house, called the village chief's family all live outside tonight, and let the village chief told the other side of the unit's residents, but also to take refuge temporarily. When the people were evacuated, we waited for the darkness to penetrate in the village head's house.

We simply ate some fast food, smoked a few cigarettes, it was almost 10:00 pm. We waited a while longer at ease, and began to move at almost 11:00. Qin Yiheng scattered a lot of starch outside the gate of the building, gently smoothed with his hands, and then asked me to take the other end of the line to stand in front of the door of the village head's youngest daughter's house on the sixth floor, urging me to hold the red line must not be loosened. If you feel someone pushing me, you should immediately face the wall, close your eyes and do not look back.

Originally I did not take it seriously before, but suddenly he said these things to me so seriously, I immediately got nervous, and only then thought to ask him what this is going to do. Qin Yiheng said he was going to attract ghosts into the building. When the time comes, the dirty things will follow the red line all the way up. If the dirty things stop at a certain level, it proves that there is something wrong with that level. The human eye must still have limitations, and these Yin things are easy to find the mansion has been tampered with place, because all the feng shui in such a well-designed mansion tampered with, that tampered with place will certainly be because of the feng shui flow and gather Yin, this Yin is not heavy, even he himself can not see, but those dirty things are sure to find.

Listen to Qin Yiheng so an explanation, I will not argue with the weak legs, walking upstairs, always feel the red line in the hands of a moving. In fact, I also know that this is simply because of the red line side of the reason, but I still can not stop cold sweat.

Almost standing fixed to the sixth floor, I shouted at the bottom of the building, he responded, and then I fell into a long wait. After a while, the lights in the hallway went out, and Qin Yiheng turned off the main power switch of the unit. As soon as the surroundings went dark, my hearing became much more sensitive because of the darkness. I could hear Qin Yiheng downstairs in a trance, I don't know what he was working on, the distance was very far, plus the hallway will refract the sound, so instead of hearing what he was actually doing.

So stand for a long time, I saw that there seems to be no difference, the heart to put down some. The red thread in my hand is sticky, and I don't know if it's because it's stained with plum juice, or I'm sweating a lot. I was thinking about switching to another hand to hold, freeing this hand to wipe the palm, when suddenly I felt the red line in my hand moved a little. I first thought it was Qin Yiheng moving, but then the vibration started to continue with frequency.

I reassured myself that I had come through a big storm, this little thing is nothing to be afraid of, but instantly still a tingling in the scalp. This frequency, if it is Qin Yiheng deliberately made out to screw me, it would make sense; if not, then this will indeed make people pee their pants in fear - because this frequency is too much like a person's footsteps, and this person must be unhurriedly walking upstairs step by step. Needless to say, Qin Yiheng actually did lure the unjust spirits over.

I held my breath, not daring to move, and could even feel the red line on the jittering point began to slowly approach me. I instinctively want to see the front, but, although the eyes can adapt to part of the darkness, but after all, still have limited vision. I some want to escape, feel that the thing has walked up the stairs of the sixth floor, I am more and more nervous, and even hands are a little shaky. At this time, I desperately want a little light, so I thought, I wanted to use my hand to pull out the lighter in my pocket, who knows, the more nervous the hand is not accurate, so a toss, the hand grasping the red wire actually dropped! I was already frazzled, this time the line fell out of my hand, I was a little more overwhelmed, plus visibility is really bad, I hurriedly bent down, touched half a day did not find where the thread. Fortunately, the previous few experiences are not much gain, but the courage is at least some practice. After a few seconds, I calmed down, pulled out a lighter to light up, and picked up the line.

This time I was long remembered, the thread clutched to death, the other hand could not help but use the lighter to light up the stairs in front of me, fortunately it was empty, otherwise I was afraid to be scared out of my wits. The lighter soon became hot, I could only extinguish the flame, the hallway instantly darkened again. Just now the attention has been placed on looking around, until the light disappeared, I reacted, before that vibration seems to have disappeared.

My heart immediately lifted, but after five minutes, nothing seemed to happen.

I was about to let out a long breath when I suddenly felt something was wrong. The hallway seemed to begin to faintly come from a very vague footsteps, at first I did not pay attention, in fact, even found the sound, but also have to listen carefully to distinguish. The footsteps were very soft, yet felt very urgent, much like a person tiptoeing around, trying to make themselves light. I think I may have just been overly frightened and am now a bit skittish and hallucinating, but this footstep seems to be getting clearer and clearer.

I was about to light the lighter again, because the darkness was really unsettling, when suddenly I heard Qin Yiheng shout, Run! That thing is behind you. Don't turn around, run downstairs!

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