Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 20 Error

The moment I heard these words, my spine went cold, and I couldn't help but look at the little girl. I do not know if it is a psychological effect, just think she looks very normal, this time a look, I feel that she can not say where to feel uncomfortable all over the body. I hurriedly found a random excuse to pull Qin Yiheng to the side and asked him what was going on. Qin Yiheng skimmed his mouth and said he was not sure now, all the steps were done when he was supervising the completion of the side, and there was no mistake, he also just felt that the girl was not right.

Now, we are in a bit of a dilemma, because there is no way to explain to the couple.

I also know that if you tell the truth now, the blow to them is too big, the mood difference I'm afraid they can not recover for a while, not to mention that we now have no solution. If they turn their faces up to ask questions, we really have no way to cope. I hurriedly asked Qin Yiheng in a low voice how to do, afraid to be heard by the couple.

Qin Yiheng simply thought for a moment, said this thing is now really bad to deal with. First of all, that was recruited exactly what things, we do not know, how much harm and what purpose, for us are also unknown; secondly, even just passing brats because of chance into her body is also very difficult to do, because those who died in vain are extremely attached to life, it is not easy to catch a chance to return to earth, it is impossible to easily let go, and the main thing is that We can not use too extreme means, one is afraid of hurting the little girl's body; two is in case the other side of the jade stone jumped to suicide or something, then it's really finished.

Qin Yiheng analysis is right, but at present we really is a dilemma, we can not put people here on the go, but stay for a while also nothing countermeasures. Finally, Qin Yiheng quietly suggested to me that it is better to leave first, and then go back to work together to see if there is anything that can be used means.

I saw that the matter has come to this, there is no other way. Before leaving, we made up a reason and told the couple that they had to keep the little girl in the bedroom tonight. When they saw that we had really cured the little girl, of course, they did as they were told. When I left the door, I still felt a burst of panic, I said, Qin Yiheng told me before now low fortune, really is not fooling me.

Back to the hotel, Qin Yiheng again recalled the process of invoking the soul, think there are still no mistakes, I think the problem is not here. For a while, we were both a little anxious. After half a day, Qin Yiheng suddenly came to a realization and told me that it was possible that the girl's birth date or name was written wrong!

Originally I saw the reason for finding quite excited, but think about it, and feel that this does not hold water. The birth date is very important to the ceremony of invocation, so they must have confirmed several times when writing, and in such a critical matter, we will focus on, the probability of writing wrong should be minimal. The name is even more so, a simple two words, how can it be easily written wrong? However, in the current situation, Qin Yiheng can only think of such a reason.

I said, could it be that this little girl was not born to her parents at all, so they did not know the exact birth date?

Qin Yiheng shook his head and said he had actually worried before the whole ceremony started, because the person who shouted the soul must be the next of kin, he also made the stakes very clear, the couple could not be rash.

After hearing Qin Yiheng's words my heart was completely cold, I really do not know how to face the couple, but we can not escape. Look at Qin Yiheng's expression is also a bit lost, we both lie in bed who did not speak, and finally simply put the head to be a shrink, each to sleep.

There was no talk all night. The next morning, Qin Yiheng dragged me up and told me that he may have thought of a way, not to say whether the girl's real soul can be retrieved, but at least the girl's soul out now.

I look at him full of red bloodshot eyes, look at the situation is pondering a night, hastily dressed and he went to the nearby life clothes store. Qin Yiheng hugged a whole womb of white wax, also asked me to help carry a bag, the two went straight to the couple's home.

The couple was surprised at first by our sudden visit, and then thought we had changed our mind about buying the house, and were kind enough to take the initiative to draw up a contract again. Now I was more embarrassed, and casually made up a reason with them, saying that the little girl's soul is still unstable, we have to do a simple ritual to help her stabilize her soul with magic.

The couple would have taken us both as saviors, naturally obeyed. Qin Yiheng explained that they could not come in when we were in the room, and took me directly into the little girl's bedroom. The little girl at this time 80% can also feel Qin Yiheng understand the line, see us come in, although not show panic, but also can see that she is still a little afraid. Qin Yiheng did not approach her, but silently began to pull out the white wax. I saw the situation and hurriedly followed to pull out, and soon, the white wax was laid out on the ground.

I leaned down and my view was just blocked by Qin Yiheng's body, but I couldn't help but want to see the girl's expression now. I want to side head, Qin Yiheng reminded me that do not talk to her, look as little as possible, she now belongs to the body soul is not a state, later you listen to my command, I lit the candle, you help me to hold her down on the floor, remember to be fast, do not let her run away.

I do not know what Qin Yiheng really want, but listen to him is always right, nodded that I heard. I was surprised that the little girl knew we wanted to deal with her, but did not react in any way, just sat on the edge of the bed and watched us. I have been restrained from looking up, but I can still feel the little girl's eyes on us, this feeling makes people shiver, I hurriedly moved my attention to the work in hand up.

Although there are many candles, but it is still very easy to pull out. Qin Yiheng counted from the pile of candles to choose a few out, and the rest of the candles with red thread tied into bundles, put aside. I am particularly nervous, afraid that Qin Yiheng suddenly asked me to hold down the girl when I was too late to react, and I am also a little scared, one is really a little scared, because although she is now a physical body, but after all, I do not know what is inside her body; secondly, I am also worried that I missed her physical body hurt, back to the soul is back, the physical body is in trouble, this is also a big problem.

So pondering the work, Qin Yiheng side has almost finished, I also want to remind him to shout at me a little later, do not scare the girl's parents, Qin Yiheng suddenly shouted, on!

I completely relied on reflexes to stand up violently, because too suddenly, the soles of the feet did not pay attention, actually stepped on an ash, so a slip, fell directly to the ground.

The little girl seems to have not expected us to suddenly come to such a sound, is also a shock, I heard her "ah" a sound, directly from the bed to leap to the window, casually opened the window.

I took a look, I said, this time completely finished, if she jumped, I lost a fortune not to say, may also have to go to jail. At that time is also head blinded, actually followed by a shout, you calm down.

My voice has not fallen yet, Qin Yiheng step from my body across the past, reaching out to try to grab the little girl's arm. The little girl saw the situation, but actually righteously wanted to jump out of the window. Fortunately, or Qin Yiheng's action is faster, pulled her in advance. I hurriedly got up and tried to help hold her down, but unexpectedly, the little girl actually did not resist at all, allowing Qin Yiheng to directly hold her down on the floor.

Qin Yiheng broke the little girl's hand, and hurriedly asked me to light the ash, using the fire to roast her palm at a distance of one fist. Although my heart is very intolerant, but this situation can not be my pity. I put the flame under the little girl's palm, just put not two seconds, the candle went out.

Qin Yiheng told me to throw away this extinguished candle, a new one to light and continue to roast, but this candle is also the same as it did not take long to go out. After a long time, the extinguished candles piled up a pile, each one would somehow go out. However, each candle burns a little longer than the previous one.

The little girl never screamed in pain, not even a sound. It lasted for another half day before I heard her muffled grunt and collapsed directly into Qin Yiheng's arms. This time the candle did not go out. Qin Yiheng put the little girl down, rushed over to hold the candle, in the room inside a circle, see the fire is not different, before a long breath.

I saw his expression, seems to have been less nervous, so I asked him if he was all right. He nodded and told me that it was basically fine now, just back to where we started. This time on the girl's body is fortunately not what the evil gods, look at the reaction is most likely a little kid who has not yet grown up, this kind of ghost after death, although also very upset, but also can not make much noise. Legend has it that children who die under the age of eight cannot be successfully reincarnated, girls because of the heavier yin, and boys have a time difference, even if they enter the hell, but also can only wander on the banks of the Nahe, which is why in ancient times for children's hair bundle age is a hard limit (basically from the age of eight). This is actually a sign that the child's spirit body has been basically united, after death is also able to smoothly enter the path of reincarnation. It is for this reason that although we often hear rumors of evil spirits, we rarely hear of children who have turned into evil spirits to harm people, because they only hold a kind of love and reluctance to life in the yang world, and do not carry much resentment. Even if you will personally experience, but also just caught, followed by minor illnesses and disasters is not it deliberately imposed on you, but where there has been relevant contact, washed the fortune, the natural word will go back.

Listen to Qin Yiheng said just a little kid who will not harm people, I am naturally also secretly happy. What he said I heard quite fresh, and let him speak some more.

Qin Yiheng saw that the little girl is now no longer seriously injured, also rest assured to continue to speak, the kid not only includes the child who has not yet reached the age of hair, the unborn baby also count. It is written in many books on the arts that abortion is resented by the child for killing the child's life. However, this is not inevitable, because the aborted fetus, there are two kinds, one is the Yang life is not yet enjoyed, then was killed, this kind is indeed there will be resentment, usually will affect the parents' fortune or body, but not quickly or necessarily will be fulfilled, because it depends on the specific circumstances. For example, the parents' Yang Qi is strong enough, or the fate of the eight characters to Yang, etc., will have a certain alleviating effect. The other kind is actually destined to be so, this kind of fetus because it is destined to have no yang life, so even if it is not willing, it can not bring much impact to the parents. Since we are talking about babies, we will naturally talk about the issue of the eight characters of birth, which as the core of numerology, can be projected to a variety of information. If there is a high level of projection, although you can not say everything, but at least will be generally consistent, these in today's society has basically become a consensus. However, there is another saying in metaphysics, called the eight characters of Yin. Our so-called birth date is the year, month, day and hour of our birth, which is projected according to the moment of birth; while the Yin eight characters are calculated according to the so-called ghosts reincarnated at the moment of the year, month, day and hour, which is used to project the previous life, that is, before reincarnation.

Qin Yiheng told another set, is also considered to give me some knowledge of metaphysics popularization. I thought, if so every day with his ears and eyes continue, one day maybe I can also mix a master or something, at least to cheat is enough. But then I thought, what else to learn ah, tossed a ground ash, only barely achieved a stage victory, the little girl's soul in the end where we do not know yet.

Seeing the ash, I remembered to ask Qin Yiheng, just baked with ash in the way exactly what is going on. Qin Yiheng explained that the white wax aside from the physical properties, from the metaphysical point of view, is actually more able to feel the Yin thing. This is why we choose to use ash in funerals, such as film and television dramas want to show the yin forced to come, always give a close-up of ash, and then see its extinguished, which is actually based on certain.

The fire with white wax to roast the little girl's palm, that is, the candle fire to burn the little girl's body Yin. And whenever the yin invades the candle's fire, it is necessary to replace a new wax, because that candle has been invaded by the yin, and then point, the effect is greatly reduced.

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