Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 15 Six Fingers

Within a few days of getting well, Yuan Zhen introduced us to another mansion. This time it was more special, the owner of the mansion personally approached us and wanted us to buy it. I think he may be really desperate, this house is not sold to people like us, he has absolutely no way to offer. The man who came to us is not old, called himself Lao Liu, 40 years old, dressed like a businessman, but the body is very sturdy, the skin is a little dark, a look at the meaning of some triad boss, when speaking like to use the hand followed by a drawing, but also some jianghu gas, did not wait to see the house to give us a price, stretched out his palm to me a spread, compared to a number, I then noticed that he was A six-finger.

Six fingers to our price is really low, how low, I can only describe it as jumping off a building crying for a shocking murder price. Hearing the price so low, I immediately became interested. Asked Qin Yiheng, although he also found it profitable, but the mansion sold so cheap, I think the things inside is not easy to deal with. However, concerns are concerns, at least to go to see. So, we followed Six Fingers on a flight to the city where the mansion is located. The round-trip tickets were bought by Six Fingers, and on the way to give us a lot of attention, but not a word about the things in the mansion. I feel a little puzzled, a little uneasy in my heart. Qin Yiheng is a relaxed look, in addition to giving six fingers on the way to talk about some of the knowledge of the Fangzhi, is to read the newspaper. Seeing the two of them chatting quite close, I was also happy to clear my mind, so I put on the headphones and squinted.

When we got off the plane, Six Fingers picked up the car from the airport parking lot again and took us directly to the mansion. On the way, I was thinking that the price of this mansion was already so low, so I didn't think about how luxurious it was. However, it wasn't until I was actually standing in front of it that I marveled at how unexpected it really was. This mansion is a bit surprisingly large, from the outside, I am afraid that the area of this floor alone will be nearly 600 square meters. This size of the mansion, I have only seen in Hollywood movies before. The entire courtyard is located near the top of the hill, looking into the distance, the entire city in full view. The exterior of the villa is a bit patchy, I guess it's been too long since anyone took care of it, but it still can't hide a sense of prestige in the mansion itself, I guess when it was built it was also designed by a famous designer, the style I can't call up, anyway it's not the kind of European or French style that has fallen into clichés. Frankly speaking, I have seen a lot of villas, large and small, but there is really no villa that can catch my eye.

This is my heart is a little happy, this price to buy this kind of mansion, with nothing to pick up. Now it depends on the attitude of Qin Yiheng's side, as long as he sent word that it is good to deal with, I was ready to sign the house immediately, so as not to dream too long. But when I looked at Qin Yiheng, his face calm, not directly into the mansion, but first led me and six fingers around the house, but did not take a stand.

Six fingers followed next to the house has been talking about how good this mansion, talking about spittle flying all over the sky.

I was a little tired of listening to it, I said so good you can sell it to us? So I simply asked straightforwardly how the things inside this mansion is a farce.

Six fingers heard me ask, which pretended to wake up like a dream, a slap on the thigh, to tell us about the mansion.

According to him, the mansion was previously a large family, for that large family of information, he did not know, he just knew that suddenly one day, a young man in this large family found him, to sell to him at a very low price. He was also speculating in real estate at the time, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing have a lot of properties, is considered a relatively well-known local speculator. Faced with a big fat easily delivered to the door, he was initially a little apprehensive, but after half a day of inquiring openly and secretly, the mansion did not have any problems, so he was happy to sign the transfer procedures with the young man. After signing the contract, the young man proposed to stay in the house for another week, because he was preparing for the procedure of leaving the country. Six Fingers felt that he had already taken such a big advantage, so he readily agreed. However, during the week, the young man died in the mansion, and his family also disappeared for no apparent reason.

Six Fingers said he was the first to find the body, and the scene was extremely brutal. The young man was divided into many pieces, and the whole hall was scattered all over the place. After the police came to spell half a day, but the body is not complete, and the clues to the murderer have no clue, the case has been hanging. He thought he had eaten a pie from the sky, but it turned out that he had lifted a stone and smashed his own feet. Fortunately, the matter of the mansion did not spread all over the city, he thought, slow down a bit should still be able to strike. But I don't know why, he waited for several months, think almost has been calm, put up the sale information, the result is that no one to see the house, not even a call to ask people. Finally, he was really distressed, because although the purchase price was very cheap, but now the mansion does not seem to have appreciated in value. He gritted his teeth and simply lived in it himself, so that he could mentally balance some.

When he first moved in, nothing strange happened until one night when it was raining heavily and he was lying in bed, he suddenly heard a deafening roar, a roar so loud that, according to the decibel count, at least the whole city could hear it. He thought it was an explosion or thunder, so he didn't pay attention to it, and when the sound stopped, he went to sleep. However, the next day, when he asked about others, but no one heard such a big noise. Six fingers thought that this house is far from the city after all, and there is no building around, maybe the thunder was not far from him, so he was right to hear it really. Unexpectedly, from that day onwards, every night he could hear such a loud hissing sound, no matter rain or shine. Now he began to be afraid, during the day to find someone to see what did not see. After a few more days, he didn't dare to live any longer and moved out. Today, the real estate market is not very good, coupled with policy restrictions, he thought of selling the mansion and forget about it, so he contacted us through Yuan Zhen.

After listening to Six Fingers' account, I couldn't help but look at Qin Yiheng. He still did not take a position, just kept sweeping his eyes on the exterior walls of the mansion, and stared for a long time before turning his head and telling us to go in and take a look. Six Fingers then saddled up and led the way for us both. Into the courtyard, you can see a lot of weeds on the ground, a look at the mansion has not been taken care of for a long time, but, from the layout, the design is quite elegant. There is also an outdoor statue in imitation of the Greek style, I can not see exactly what kind of figure. We followed six fingers into the house, pushing open the door to meet all the dust. The right hand side of the door also placed a bronze statue, half a person high, a cold look scared me, fixed eyes to see, is actually Zhong Kui. Although I do not know each other, but at least Zhong Kui I still know, many people's homes will be placed to calm the house. Just look around, the hall is empty, but only by the door placed such a Zhong Kui statue, looking not only abrupt, but also very strange. I saw Qin Yiheng expression little reaction, also put down his heart, followed the six fingers in the house around.

At this time, according to our previous work assignment, Qin Yiheng is supposed to check whether there is dirt inside this house, but this time he did not do that, also followed me, listening to six fingers to explain to me the layout of the mansion.

After the first floor, go up the stairs to the second floor. The second floor is not as spacious as the first floor, divided into many rooms out. I did not go into every one of them, just followed the six fingers casually look at the first bedroom on the stairs. Although the room does not have any furniture, but the carpet and wallpaper are still there, the color match is quite nice, but too much dust, looks a little depressing.

After simply turning the house around, I asked Six Fingers to help book a hotel, saying we would give him an answer after we returned to discuss it. Six fingers dropped us off downtown, and when we got off the bus, I couldn't help but ask Qin Yiheng why he didn't go see if there was anything there just now.

He said, in fact, there is really nothing to see, originally he saw the price is so low, and thought there must be an extremely powerful things, but just entered the door to see the placement of a Zhong Kui statue, I think the house should be clean; even if not clean, this broad daylight, and the Zhong Kui town house, a single look is not found what.

I heard him finish, the heart naturally understood a few points, the implication is still to go at night. Although I have experienced this many times before, but the thought of going to such a house at night, the heartbeat is still suddenly accelerated. Perhaps the mansion is too big and empty, I always feel that this mansion makes me very uneasy, but I can not say exactly because of what uneasy. I asked Qin Yiheng if he could explain what Six Fingers said about something hissing.

Qin Yiheng shook his head and said he had never heard of it, besides, it was only the word of the six fingers, maybe he was faking it or deliberately hiding something at the moment of telling, because such a big mansion, he put the price so low and was in a hurry to offer it, there must be a reason for him.

I very much agree with Qin Yiheng's view. However, now it seems that in order to understand the mystery inside this mansion, can only go to see it at night, so we did not go directly back to the hotel booked for us by six fingers, but first inquired about a temple in the county around the city, Qin Yiheng said to go here first to prepare things for the night.

This monastery is not very large, but the incense is extremely strong, located in the city and a surrounding county border. When you enter the gate of the temple you can see a large spray-painted sign, an important leader to the temple's inscription. Qin Yiheng led me to the courtyard between two large incense burners, told me to stand like this, do not speak, it is best to close your eyes. I couldn't understand what he meant, but I thought he must have his reasons, so I took it as a rare opportunity to cultivate my heart.

The surrounding area is inundated with people coming to offer incense, I stood between two incense burners was smoked enough. Almost stood for an hour before Qin Yiheng patted me and told me I could go. My body has been smoked all over the Buddha scent, he smelled my clothes, said almost, and took me to continue to prepare other things. Because after all, I also have some experience, Qin Yiheng prepared things in general I can still understand.

Basically the things he used before, but only one more thing, he prepared a bell. Things are ready, we simply ate a meal, and then sat in the restaurant waiting for darkness. I don't know if it's because I was very nervous, I felt that time passed extremely slowly. We finally waited until 9:00 p.m., and then we started to leave.

I stopped a few cabs on the way and told them where we were going, but many drivers were reluctant to take us, so I finally had to pay more to convince a driver. On the way there I asked the driver why he was unwilling to go to the mansion. The driver's answer was surprising, said, before the mansion is surrounded by restricted areas, guarded by guards, simply can not drive in, and then it is said that something happened inside, the guards were removed, plus the place is relatively remote, many drivers run over only empty car back, very uneconomical, so no one is willing to go.

Hearing the driver say so I was curious, before that mansion is guarded? That must be living inside the person is also a big shot, but such a big shot disappeared for no reason, should be alarmed by the storm, why even the well-informed cab drivers do not know? When I think about it, I'm a little unsure, I can't help but look at Qin Yiheng. He smiled at me, not serious, and my heart just let down.

The night scene of this city is not much to be desired, so vulgar that it is spotted. I want to take this opportunity to squint in the car, just a closed eyes, full of nose is the Buddha scent, smoked me a little uncomfortable, had to just stay up to the end.

Walked to the mansion again, and not as eerie as I thought. Although the mansion under the moonlight spooky, but also looks quite peaceful.

Qin Yiheng also examined a while, told me that this mansion must be feng shui masters have seen, the location of such a single courtyard, are carefully selected site, living in it should be prosperous, not to take the career, 80% will also make a fortune. But the person inside died a tragic death, in such a blessed place, should also be at ease to reincarnate. Unless he was killed too reluctantly, he would rather stay in such a feng shui treasure to suffer, but also refused to enter the reincarnation.

After he finished I was thinking, can afford to live in such a luxurious mansion of people, must have enjoyed the world can enjoy the basic, so what he is still resigned to it? Is it because he was too young when he died? This is a reason, anyway, the richer the person the more afraid of death is a certainty. But his family moved away quietly is a bit unjustified, their own children died, not only did not come to collect the body to pay respects, but just slipped away, is there any hidden agenda, the family had to go so quietly? Are they hiding from something?

Standing in the doorway of such a small amount of time, I thought a lot, countless question marks popped up in my head. Qin Yiheng patted me, I then came back to my senses, followed him into the mansion. The six fingers should also know that this mansion is not much willing to come in, simply not even lock the door, Qin Yiheng and I easily pushed open the door to enter. The moonlight that night was very good, visibility was not bad. Into the hall, Qin Yiheng began to take out the turtle shell to turn around, I smoked in place waiting for him. When he came back, I didn't dare to reach out and touch it because of the lesson I learned last time, but asked him how the situation was.

Qin Yiheng bristled and said, nothing has been calculated, in the current situation, the house is so clean that there is not even a passing ghost. We can only try one way and one way after another, anyway, we have prepared in advance, with more than enough things.

I don't mind if he says so, he's the one who's tired anyway. I thought about it for a while, and suddenly I thought that the Zhong Kui is in here to calm the house, so that the thing does not come out? I told Qin Yiheng what I thought. He thought about it for a while and said that the position where the Zhong Kui was placed was not a place of worship, but was probably moved here to guard the door, as if he wanted to keep something inside and not let it out.

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