Haunted Houses’ Chronicles

Chapter 10: Broken Financial Road

This time the mansion is not a private house, technically speaking, it is a former state-owned canteen after the conversion of the warehouse, but because the location is good, and is in a large city in the central region, Qin Yiheng and I think it can be converted into a car wash, so the potential is still relatively large.

The mansion very early did not die, but a canteen administrator suddenly absent from work to come, and took away the few money in the safe at the time, there has been no news, no one alive, no body. Only a month later, the administrator appeared in Tianjin, took the initiative towards the oncoming train, committed suicide, died penniless, without any belongings, not even ID cards. His family said that there was no sign before he left, just told his then-young daughter to go out to buy food, and did not take any luggage and clothes. And then the restructuring of state-owned enterprises, the canteen was converted into a warehouse, rented to a small steel mill.

After that it was quiet for some years, until in recent years, there was another incident of the same kind in this steel mill. A young worker who had just joined the factory for a short time stole and sold part of the steel in the factory at night, and then absconded the next day. But the amazing thing is that this young worker also died in Tianjin, and used the same way as the administrator before the suicide!

Because of the previous administrator's matter in the city spread around, so when the young worker died, people rehashed the old story, it was easy to link the two things together. After that, the rolling mill also somehow began to lose money, not long after the closure. After that, a car wash was opened here, still losing money. Many people say that this depot is very evil, one after another, this place is not willing to rent.

A store to lose money for a variety of reasons, poor business, business competition squeeze, and even feng shui metaphysical factors, anyway, there are a variety of reasons. If a store to lose money, in comparison, because of the probability of dirty things haunting the negligible. First of all, dirty things will rarely break the wealth, because money for them does not have a direct stake. Of course, this does not exclude some deceased miser, I heard a rumor early, said a miser is very stingy, simply a hair, suddenly died of a heart attack one day. His children want to share the family assets, but how can not find his should have the passbook, the family searched for a long time, but did not find, of course, this does not exclude the old man had hidden the passbook before he died. But the strange thing is that the children to this old man burned a lot of gold and silver treasures when the mouth chanting that the money in the yang world he can not spend, it is better to leave to the children, children so that he can change some yin money down. As a result, the chanting so back, and then to find the bankbook, it is easy to find. This rumor has reached my ears through word of mouth, and I do not know if it has been added to the vinegar, but I believe it is true. But this mansion obviously has nothing to do with the miser, so everything will have to go in person to see.

Qin Yiheng and I simply prepared and set off. Along the way, we both communicated that the mansion will not be difficult to do. Because the mansion is not particularly strange things happen, although two people who worked in it died, but not in it, so the mansion can not be called a murder house.

And now no one is asking for it because the people who rent this mansion for business will lose money, lose money for too many reasons, at best, it is only related to feng shui. I and Qin Yiheng, maybe we buy this, with what way to wash off the happy, and then find a non-believing boss to rent down, in the middle at least can earn a price difference.

Arrived at the local morning, off the plane we went directly to meet the mansion's property owner, a simple negotiation, the other party did not show us the house first offered a price. I did not expect him to offer such a high price, so there was some hesitation.

Qin Yiheng wanted to see the mansion first before making plans, so a group of people went directly to see the house. The mansion is not small, the front and back, the corners add up to nearly 500 square meters, but there is nothing inside, walk into the look especially empty. Following Qin Yiheng around in a decent manner, he nodded at me, meaning that it was quite clean.

In fact, after so many times, I can also have some sense. Usually there is a problem with the mansion, after entering the person will feel very depressed, can not say where uncomfortable. This mansion does not have this feeling. Although I was now interested in this mansion, I could only pretend to think in silence, with the aim of pressing the price.

The property owner, a man in his forties, was not in a hurry and had no intention of lowering the price. I just said to go back and think about it first, and we would reply later. This time we didn't make excuses, because we did have to think about it, or at least we both had to exchange views.

Back to the hotel, Qin Yiheng took a calculator to calculate an account, according to the local market price at the time, we used the price offered by the property owner to buy it is actually still very profitable, but we must first understand why the mansion business will lose money on the issue. He said, from the feng shui point of view, the outside environment is not much of a problem, and the house is a transparent, even tables and chairs partition, there is no feng shui problems, so it is clear that this house used to do business will lose money mostly because of operational problems. But summed up the previous lessons, I think should not be rash to make a decision, or should continue to wait and see, I'm afraid there are some missing issues have not been found.

Then we both discussed the issue of the two people who both took their unit's money and left, and finally both chose to crash the train to kill themselves. I was worried, because I thought that although the two people were separated by a long time, but may not be so coincidental. And Qin Yiheng was optimistic, saying that the world is too much of the same thing in different ways, but my worry is not superfluous, because it is likely that there is some connection between these two people, but when you think about it, the two people are not much different in age, and it can not be inferred that the second dead young worker is the first person who died reincarnated.

This time the price is indeed a lot higher than we expected, so we are still a little hesitant to discuss half a day, but also did not explore the mature proposal to Qin Yiheng said, let's look at a few more days, more observation, perhaps we can find something.

So stay a few days, we both go to see the mansion every morning and evening, most of the time just outside to observe. A few times down, still think there is no grievance in it, the mansion should be safe.

However, just when we were ready to make up our minds to buy the mansion, instead, we really discovered something strange about the mansion. Coincidentally, one night, we went outside the mansion as usual to check, just in time for the day to burn cold clothes for the deceased, many people at the crossroads to burn paper money yuan treasure. Qin Yiheng saw a breath of cold air, patted me and said, it seems that we waited for a few days is right, this mansion is really some strange.

I listened to very puzzled, but I could guess that he was referring to the mansion and the people who burned cold clothes have a relationship.

I asked him, see what?

Qin Yiheng thought for a while, said, I can not say, but I found that those burned paper money were sent to this mansion inside.

I listened to it is also a shock, so, this mansion inside someone robbing Yin money?

Qin Yiheng also said it was very strange, but he could not tell a reason, unless we go in now to see. He said so I backed off, frankly speaking, although the previous experience has made me less timid, but I still have an instinctive fear of these things that go inside the mansion in the middle of the night and wait to see a ghost.

Fortunately, he did not insist on going in, only that we can not buy the mansion at least now. Before leaving, Qin Yiheng also went to buy some paper money burned on the roadside, explaining to me that this is for no one to send money to the lonely souls of the wild ghosts burned, so I do not follow the mix, this thing is not just any person can burn.

I can only watch from the side, while thinking about what he just said. According to his analysis, Yin money will be collected by the mansion, it is difficult to lose money doing business here is also the reason? There really is something dirty inside very love money, Yin and Yang two worlds of money are not spared? However, now no one can say a reason.

So, we went back to the hotel first, and discussed some more. Qin Yiheng analyzed that because when we went in to see it before and after there was no day to burn paper money or worship, so perhaps the things inside would only come back on these specific days. So it is necessary to go back to the mansion the next day to look inside.

I agree with what he said, anyway, it is also daytime to go, at least the heart is very comforting, and will not need to be afraid.

The next morning, we pretended to still be interested in the mansion, and called the owner to show us the house. Open the door, I thought I could feel something this time, but the inside of the mansion is still normal, there is sunlight shining through the windows, how to see it does not look like a problematic mansion.

Qin Yiheng went around as usual, this time he went around very carefully, but still nothing. No way, we pretended to go back to raise money again, simply to cope with the property owner, then back to the hotel.

This time we both completely confused, who did not expect that the mansion is not fierce also become an obstacle. Thinking again and again, Qin Yiheng said, in fact, there is a way, we also buy some paper money yuan treasure, also go to that crossroads at night to burn. This time we burned to the deceased relatives, then see what will happen in the end.

Listen to his advice, I think it is a way, but I also followed the worry, in case there is any problem, we two can not cope with how to do.

He reassured me that, depending on the situation, even if there is something, it is also seeking money, and not necessarily hurt people.

Hearing him say so I also put some mind at ease, thought, just in time to pay respect to the dead grandfather. Usually when it comes time to pay respects are family members to burn, so I rarely have time to go in person, this time I also came to show filial piety.

In the afternoon we went to buy a lot of paper money Yuan Bao, and then Qin Yiheng temporarily decided to buy a large wolfberry, so I swallowed a mouthful, saying that it can fix Yang, do not accidentally recruit any fallen ghosts.

Wait until the evening, we both moved to the mansion that street. At the crossroads, Qin Yiheng first drew a circle with chalk on the ground with an opening, and then piled paper money in the circle, lit a fire for me to pick with a wooden stick, while I followed the chanting to Grandpa send money, Grandpa pay attention to check the receipt and so on.

The wind that night was a bit strong, many paper ashes were blown up, raised my face, I could only endure, continue to burn all the paper money. Qin Yiheng has been staring at me from the side, not a word. When all the paper money burned, I saw him still frowning at the paper ashes.

I asked him what he had found.

He told me that it was different from what we expected.

The paper money was not taken away, but collected.

I didn't understand him at all. Is there a big difference between snatching and taking away? Not still the money is in the hands of others?

Qin Yiheng explained that it is certainly not the same, from a literal understanding of the fact that you can know, if you use a very "earthly" statement is that the robbery is illegal, the collection is legal, so you can understand?

He said so, I thought for a while, probably understand what he meant. Then according to him, just now is to meet the kid to collect the money?

Qin Yiheng nodded and said, that's what it means, but now the most important thing is that the Yin money, including other Yin money burned at this intersection, were received inside the mansion. Although it is not possible to see exactly what is in that mansion, but it can be presumed that the mansion is the post of the underworld. The post is the ancient transfer of information, documents, letters and other transit rest and change horses, in fact, is similar to the current local post office.

If he guessed correctly, the yin money was returned from there, and then distributed by the ghosts. Then, it is not difficult to understand that business in this location will lose money. The so-called road to wealth, in fact, to put it bluntly is the yin road, we can not see and touch. And this place Yin road is occupied for a long time, so it is bound to block the road of wealth, no matter how you open the layout of Feng Shui, unless you really have the ability to pass the sky, otherwise as a mortal, want to use a Feng Shui layout so that the yin to give you the way, is simply a nightmare.

I thought about it, people who have had the experience of burning and sending paper money to the deceased know that the custom in many places is to burn paper money before burning a paper with the name of the recipient, or simply burn an envelope. In addition, most people will burn paper to their family's deceased relatives, while burning some small money to the orphaned spirits, hoping not to take away the money of their loved ones.

According to Qin Yiheng, these Yin money is collected and aggregated, and then unified arrangements to send out, which sounds very efficient, just that none of us have seen it with our own eyes, and can not glimpse its truth.

Now listen to his explanation, I wilted a little. This means that the mansion is not profitable to buy. Qin Yiheng also expressed helplessness, but this is indeed a matter of no choice, we do not have so much ability, we can not earn this money.

Two people stood on the roadside chatting for a while, are frozen enough, and then rushed back to the hotel. On the way back I was still struggling with the problem of the two people who died before. Qin Yiheng said, because people have died, and died in another city, so want to know exactly why they died, you can only recruit the soul. But such a soul, one is to want to recruit very difficult and very laborious; the second is that if you recruit the fear of getting yourself into trouble, so, for so little curiosity or do not take the risk. However, he now knows the reason for the mansion, can also speculate about the two people.

One, those two people are certainly the number of Yin, not necessarily the most Yin kind, perhaps he just that period of bad luck, such as drilling through the crotch of menstruating women and so on.

Second, the two people are indeed very greedy for money, want to steal public property, but I do not know how the coincidence was targeted by the yin, and finally 80% was taken as the yin horse ride, accompanied by the yin to send things to that place. Finally the soul has almost scattered, can not return to the Yang, perhaps the Yang life has been exhausted, all died in the yin road.

Qin Yiheng followed this topic and went on: the construction of many roads, even the laying of train tracks, are in accordance with what rules to choose the site? This will have geographical, topographical, policy, and even financial factors, but it will also contain a message, that is, feng shui. From the ancient Chinese capital site selection, to the opening of large and small roads, are summed up by projections, calculations, calculations, etc. Therefore, to this day we can also find a phenomenon, but all the ancient dynasties to build the capital of the city, never a large-scale natural disasters, and the road is the same. These so-called metaphysics may seem esoteric and impenetrable, and there is no denying that it contains too much that we cannot understand.

The construction of each road, the ancient road is the most obvious, are in accordance with these truths in a step-by-step selection of open. And the road, not only people are walking, so those two people died on the train tracks, in fact, died on the yin road.


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