Hail the King

Hail the King

Author:luan shi kuang dao
Chapters:1316 | 4.0


The video made by Shinosu herself, ages ago, you can check it out. became an orphan overnight. Meeting him was the best thing in life, and her total love and devotion was a joke in the eyes of the rich family. She is just a puppet who is not expected to have her own thoughts, and even more so, she should not have moved her love and heart to him. In order to love, she became irrational, looking at the picture of him entwined with others, she was vulnerable and helpless screaming, the dust settled, she decided to leave, things are not what they used to be. Once young, he played the game, hurt the nominal wife, married her, just better suited to be a puppet wife, once obsessed, he thought it was love. However, what he missed was not only love, but also the right to be a father. The cruel mo is but that when you love me deeply, I do not love you, when you leave me, I am already pining, when you do not love me, my love has long invaded the marrow, into the blood. *************** ten years later, when she, and her husband and daughter appeared, chaos, everything is chaos, originally thought long ago no longer qualified, but God actually gave him the last trump card. Only, finally realized that his daughter turned out ...... to be some people do not always stand in the same place, waiting for your repentance. Missed is missed, just that he paid too much price. **************** Fan Xi Chi: I always thought you were a puppet. Yu Zidie: So all you want is a puppet? Fan Xi Chi: I thought you were. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want. Fan Xi Chi: Not disappointed, ask for whatever you want! I will meet your demands. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want. ...... In the end he gave up not only his marriage, but also his soul. ********************* Cui Yu Xi: Die, I will take care of you for the rest of my life, unless you let go of my hand first, I will never give up on you. Yu Zidie: So for such a vow, even your own happiness will not be pursued? ******************** Zhou Fan: Why are you the woman my best friend loves, and why wasn't I the one who met you ten years ago? Yu Zidie: Zhou Fan, if you really like me, do not make it difficult for me, love makes me wait and wait, but also was hurt very deeply, do not want anymore. ********************* Zheng Shixian: Die, please remember, whether you love someone else or not, I just want you to know that if one day, you have no way back, please remember that there is still me. Jade Zidie: Zheng Shixian, ten years ago you did not pay attention to me, that means there is no fate between us, why do you need to suffer still struggling? ********************* Yu Guoer: Fan Xi Chi, are you my mother's ex-husband? Very well, please remember my words, stay away from her and don't bother her life again. Fan Xi Chi has been dumbfounded. ********************** Yu Zi Die: Fan Xi Chi, why suffer? I spent ten years forgetting you, and you spent ten years remembering me. Fan Xi Chi: you used to be in love with me, now I'll be in love for the rest of my life, is that okay? This article is said to be sadistic and sadistic, please give your opinion to Xiaoxia, [collection + recommendation]. crying, this article is divided into three parts. The first part: abuse the female lead, ruthless abuse. The second part: abuse the main male, deadly abuse. The third part: small cozy, small abuse + sweet and sweet. This article female protagonist is not so easy to forgive the male protagonist, pro can wait to fatten up and then look, you can also wait until the abuse of the male protagonist and then look.

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