Gorgeously Enchanting Elementalist: Insidious Evil Emperor’s Airheaded Concubine

Gorgeously Enchanting Elementalist: Insidious Evil Emperor’s Airheaded Concubine

Author:ye xi yue
Chapters:1512 | 3.8


She is a top assassin in the 21st world, a dark and naive person, but once she crossed over, she became a waste material, an idiot and an ugly girl, but she didn't know that she is a seven elemental systems, a dual-cultivation body of gods and devils, and various divine beasts and magical beasts are rushing to contract with her, so let's see how she can play around in this world, punish those who bullied and humiliated her before, and pay them back a hundred times. Just who is this demon? Hey! I want to discuss a matter with you! A certain demon: I'm not called hello! I am your future husband, a woman angry glare: who wants you to be my husband, a demon: I do not do your future husband, then you do my future daughter-in-law, a woman ...... this world without you, ruined and so what, reincarnated for a thousand years, just to wait for you. He is ten thousand years ago heaven and earth heaven and earth bred emperor, at the expense of disobeying heaven and earth, consuming all the spiritual power, only for her to be reincarnated. He is the devil emperor bred by heaven and earth, only for her to be reincarnated, deeply in a deep sleep. "Little Zi'er, as long as you live, it's better than anything.

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