Full level big brother she is forced to repair the field every day

Full level big brother she is forced to repair the field every day

Author:fu yun dian dian
Chapters:58 | 0.0


#What if Lord God becomes a top scourge? #What if the gods become top scourge? [Arrogant and unbeatable gods big brother vs crazy batch of beauty after wildly dropping san value] The god of extreme evil who traveled to the continent of white annihilation - Nan Yuan. In order to complete the task, obtain the goodwill value and help herself to successfully fall into the demon, she played countless roles under the guidance of the system. She is a savior who is admired by millions, but also a demon whose hands are stained with blood. She is a silent and calm "primary schoolboy", but also a beautiful woman with a smile. *--The bloodless brother --The brother, who is not related by blood, is cool and noble on the surface, as gentle as jade, but behind the scenes he is really a black-hearted snake and scorpion, a severe paranoid patient, with a warning of blackening in minutes. "Want to save the world? Save me first... Gods." --The teenager she saved, handsome and arrogant, with a wild and unrestrained temperament, spell master talent, like a loyal wolf dog, protecting her every inch of the way, but at the moment she was about to leave, red eyes grabbed her arm and said viciously. "From the day you saved me, you will not escape from my side, not even in death." --Gongyou, the ruler of the divine world whom she had accompanied around the world. He is the oldest king of the human world, the only descendant of the creator god, arrogant and unbeatable. He was born with the wisdom and power of the gods, and was born with the power and crown of the gods, and was given eternal life. But when she fell into the abyss and abandoned her divine blood, he took her hand and stood in front of her, breaking down all the darkness and barriers ahead of her. * "Gryphons, want to make war with the gods?"

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