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Machine cat, forced movement house

  Xiaofu mother is talking with Nobita's mother while laughing and walking back to Nobita's home, and at the moment the robot cat is rushing to lift the forced exercise device, because a few minutes ago in order to let Nobita exercise to take out the forced exercise props, but Nobita made a face to go out and play baseball, really hurt ah, this forced exercise house has not been turned off, Nobita's mother and Xiaofu mother back home together, they entered the home, once Machine cat hurriedly said, do not come in, come in if you have to exercise, Nobita's mother immediately understood, small Dora, you are not taking out props again, ah, small Dora nodded to show that it is so, but it is to let Nobita do exercise. Nobita's mother said to Xiaofu's mother, "Sorry, you can't go in for a cup of tea even though you've come for a rare visit," Xiaofu's mother smiled and said, "It's okay, I like sports too! Then go in and get some exercise! Little Dora thought he had explained, but still wanted to come in, and he had no choice but to let them in. Only to see just stood on the floor, only to hear the voice said welcome to the sports house, please enjoy the fun inside! They stood side by side, Nobita's mother said, this way please, have a cup of tea, corridor running mode, start! Something is not right, little Dora noticed and said, the corridor is moving! No, don't stop! Then they accelerated running, and the corridor sounded again, accelerate! Just see the floor treadmill is getting faster and faster, and make a sound, will get faster and faster Oh ~ little Dora shouted, jump in! Then they jumped in together, and finally arrived at the tea place. Just heard a voice, welcome to the bouncing room! The floor became soft at the moment and bounced them up, they shouted, oh ~ ah ~ Nobita's mother stared and said, what is this ah! Angry Nobita's mother grabbed little Dora let him quickly stop this machine. Then threw him out, the corridor began to sound again, full speed mode, open! Little Dora reacted and hurriedly twisted the thick fat waist and started corridor running. That said, in the corridor exercise room can not use props! Little Dora muttered to himself. Suddenly the stairs became especially high, wide and large, little Dora was terrified, wow! What is this ah! But puffed up his face and said, "I can't beat this! said and began to jump, successfully jumped up, said, this is really tough, at this time, Nobita's mother and Xiaofu mother still bouncing, Nobita's mother bouncing and said, Madam ~ you are okay ~ Xiaofu mother said, what to say, can this enjoy the sport a hand or quite good ~ suddenly bouncing to the top appeared railings, heard a voice said, next is the iron bar project, come, start tumbling, cheer oh ~ Xiaofu mother It's great that your family can do all kinds of sports. You flatter me, responded Nobita's mother. Then let's start, look at me! Komo's mother said with great confidence. Not to be outdone, Nobita's mother said, "Okay, I'll do it too! Just see the two mothers in the race, rolled several times, a voice said, very good, very good, go! This time little Dora finally climbed up, lying on the ground and said, finally climbed up! Should be enough, do not quickly turn off the words ...... is talking about the sudden look in front of him scared, the floor into a cliff with a few rods erected, the voice said, jumping to Nobita's room it! Of course, be careful not to fall Oh ~ well, I jumped! Little Dora courage to jump over the middle of jumping very smoothly, to the last rod when not standing still, fell down, fell into the net in the cliff, want to go up, then you must grab the rope up, at this time Nobita mother and Xiaofu mother said good tired ah, the throat is so dry ah, Mrs. want a cup of tea? Nobita's mother said in passing. Then I'd like to do it, responded Komo's mother. A voice said, "Move on to the kitchen! Hallway treadmill, on! Both moms were running hard and with great energy, almost to the kitchen, almost! Nobita's mother said, while there is a railing and another railing need to jump and run. This time little Dora has climbed to Nobita room, but once inside all the water, do not have to guess, this is the swimming mode. Little Dora spit the water into the drink. Do not be washed down Oh ~ to hurry up to do ah! Little Dora hurry to swim, at this time two mothers finished the obstacle run project, successfully to the kitchen, but also a really good sport, little Dora quickly stop it! Two mothers said. Drink coffee or tea, what do you want for coffee, what do you want for tea, two mothers dialogue. No then drink water, then drink water well, the two mothers continue to say. Then you wait a moment, I'm going to pour water, okay yo, continue to say. Suddenly the table fell over and the voice said, lift weights 50 times, now start! Good man, hurry up! Go! This time little Dora climbed on the bed to put the props, the result saw a rope, this time two mothers lifting weights completed, Nobita's mother embarrassed to say, that now you can pour water to drink, Xiaofu mother happy to say, good! As a result, there is a large number of balls flying around, the voice said, now is the ball-blocking training! Why is that! I don't know! This should be me saying, ah, pain pain pain! Come on try hard to block the ball, this should be me saying the right ah, after two mothers with a pot blocked the ball, the ball was all blocked, very successful! Then the water, trouble, this time little Dora is also trying to climb the rope, in order to close the prop, Nobita's mother tried hard to screw the hose but the water just does not come out, Nobita's mother had to climb up and screw desperately. Suddenly the voice said, now open the window, the big wind blowing! At the beginning of the two mothers said, so cool ah, after different, directly grab the door, the wind is getting bigger and bigger, the table is blown away, the voice said, finished! Little Dora, turn it off quickly! This time Nobita outside playing baseball, and finally Xiaofu mother decided to go to turn off the machine, Nobita's mother worried, said, to be okay ah, no matter what always have to do something about it, is the lady, and then the two mothers together decided to turn off the machine, the voice said, the end on the second floor! Can you get there successfully? Come on! Let's go! Yes! Moms, power! The direction appears to be wrong. Her head went into the ceiling.

  Little Dora is trying to climb the rope, when will she reach the end! It's still far away! This time the two moms managed to climb the stairs, climb the stairs, done! The end point is behind the door! Xiaofu's mother stood up and said, "Come on! Hurry up, pulling Nobita's mother's hand, they rushed over, successfully rushed over and into Nobita's house. Also went into the water, the two of them happy fancy swimming, but then reacted and said, now is not the time to do this, said the right thing, the end is in the cupboard, little Dora is also climbing the rope, suddenly said, no strength, and then fell, the two mothers fast sprint, has been climbing up, while climbing, said, hurry up hurry up up! Heard the little Dora's voice, the two mothers said. What sound? A look, is a small Dora, Nobita mother and Xiaofu mother together to grab him, and then said, quickly turn off the machine! Together threw little Dora up, little Dora saw the machine, and then hurriedly turned off the top button house back to the original state. Nobita came back happily with a baseball and said, "I'm so happy today, I hit 5 balls! Sure enough, it's better to go outside and exercise, I'm back! I came back and saw three people lying on the ground, panting and sweating, really, what are you all doing? Lazy sheep can not be good for the body, oh, I but a good exercise sweat a lot of it! They said, zamaza ...... Nobita laughed and said, or good sports ah, hahahahahahaha. The end of this episode. This story tells us not to be careless, and that is to encounter problems together to figure out how to solve the problem, even if the difficulties in front of more, can not be afraid, unity is strength. There is also to exercise more Oh ......

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  Do not run away from difficulties, to unite and solve problems together. Usually you have to exercise more to be able to oh.

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