Fast wear the healing little fairy

Fast wear the healing little fairy

Author:a la bi ka dou
Chapters:101 | 5.0


Small theater. One day, a woman finally through a thousand hardships to finally complete the task, turned her head eerily to the system and said: "Kiss the system, we next have a good chat about life, what do you think?" "I ...... I'm still a child oh master, oops I forgot my superiors let me report on the work it, I'll go first ha." The system finished and quickly slipped away, slow step will be cleaned up very badly, bothered, goodbye. "Ah! Ah! Ah! So angry oh," Wang Xinran said, puffed up cheeks like a blowfish. The following is a man's style to coax his wife: (gentle and considerate) a man, a man, a man, a man. (Gentle and considerate) a man, pulling her into the arms, the tone of voice gentle as if you can pinch out water, lightly coaxed: "wife, do not be angry Oh, husband take you to eat your favorite dessert, okay?" (The total bully this bully) a man, hugged her tightly, said: "wife, good boy, husband to help you bully back? My wife can only give me bullying, how can be bullied by others. (Do not you think, I want me to think)" (The actor's essence) A man, blinking his eyes, said pityingly: "Wife, do you not love me, in love with that little kid, well, you say it?" ...... A woman wants me to return it now is not too late, urgent, online? [Sweet pet text, male and female main double clean, full text one-to-one.] ★★★ Author glass heart, thanks to the indiscriminate spray, do not like can directly fork oh.

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