Fast forward: sickly big brother heart tip pet she killed crazy

Fast forward: sickly big brother heart tip pet she killed crazy

Author:yi ke tang
Chapters:40 | 0.0


The woman is strong + double crazy batch of sickly + mutual teasing 1V1 Su cool sweet + abuse slag] The second highness of the Jiang porcelain demon tribe, in the ceremony of his own enthronement as a demon, a heavenly thunder came down and successfully took her away. Since then on the road to eliminate the villain blackened value. The empire's noble son, the sickly teenager draws a prison: "A porcelain said not to leave me, talk must be counted! The regent, who has power over the country, has thin lips: "Your Majesty is prosperous, the rivers and mountains are like pictures, I do not have half a moment to linger, I only wish to be with Your Majesty to tie the knot and never leave." Paranoid bloodthirsty Earl: "Jiang Jiang good, come here I protect you ~" Watching people approaching step by step. Jiang porcelain: I run now, it is not too late? System:I guess it's too late~

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