Fast forward: my loyal dog has blackened

Fast forward: my loyal dog has blackened

Author:shui bo li
Chapters:43 | 0.0


Song Heng picked up a divine lamp. The divine lamp told her: "In my wick, there live countless spirits, you make a wish to them, and after that everything will go well." Later, Song Heng finally knew that the soul lamp was not a divine lamp, and what lived inside was not a genie, but thousands of spirits. From the very beginning of her life, she was an outcast in the eyes of her relatives, just because of the phrase "no talent to speak of" then fell from heaven into the abyss, six years old to get the first time the fate of the green, 22 years old, but by the hands of relatives cut off the future. The Buddha said that everything has a destiny, and what is yours will be returned to you in the end. Since then, the soul of her degree, Heng Yuan she sought, from the abyss was rescued, there is no half of the reason to fall back again. Song Heng: my ambition remains the same, the soul lamp is not empty, vow not to become Buddha. The main man: # online waiting quite urgent # wife addicted to work can not help me how to do? Crowd: Hum, cold feet, so that she does not know how to do! Male lead: "I can't give up." As long as Ah Heng is happy, I can take my life for it. People: "....." (The female lead has a very positive outlook, the male lead has a slightly negative outlook, but anything involving the female lead that is out of control will breed small emotions, but what he does is completely worthy of the "best loyal dog ever!"

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