Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 99: What is the fool? (1)

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"Everyone, since the test has ended, then the award ceremony is three days later." Fire old smiled and stood up, and the smile looked like anyone could see that he was in a good mood today.

Finally, he swept his eyes and looked at the moon. He left the meeting with a smile.

Well, I found such a good seed, and I went back to the president and said that she would stay in the Danhui.


The night is quiet.

In an inn not far from the venue, Mu Ruyue seems to be sleeping, and the bright moonlight falls in through the window and shines on her delicate face.

At this moment, a strange atmosphere swept into the room, and Muru looked like a moon, but did not open his eyes, just quietly watching what the other side should do.

The hot breath lingered at the tip of the nose, as if there was a breath on her face.

Mu Ruyue couldn't help it anymore, and suddenly opened his eyes. In an instant, the face of the country was in her dark night.

A man in a red dress, such as enchanting general style, the attractive red lips slightly tilted with perfect curvature, his chest clothes are half exposed, the white chest is shining in the moonlight.

At this time, the man was holding his hands on the bed, looking at the phoenix phoenix and looking at Mu Ruyue. The distance between the two was so close, and he succeeded in letting Mu Ruyue gather his eyes.


A sigh of anger accompanied by a bang, Mu Ruyue slammed into the man's body, and then a scream broke the calm of the night.


Feng Jingtian wants to reach out and hold the part that has been smashed by Mu Ruyue. He feels that this movement is indecent, and he can only limping into the corner, and screaming with the sorrowful eyes.

"Awkward woman! You want me to break my grandson? If I break my grandson, I will let you break with me too!" Feng Jingtian hated his teeth and it was impossible to take this woman.

Originally, I wanted to steal the incense all night, who knows that the incense has not been stolen, and I am still tired of being almost a grandson.

God knows that these years, although the phoenixes are lingering among the flowers, they dislike the women who are too cheesy, too lazy to touch them, at most they just drink tea and tease and leave.

So until now it is only a virgin.

If there is really no use there, then has he not tasted the kind of ecstasy in his life and turned it into a pile of white bones?

"Feng Jingtian," Mu Ruyue’s nephew was slightly stunned, and the cold eyes of his eyes were cold. He said: "What are you doing here?"

"What? What do you say, what are we doing here in the middle of the night? What else can we do besides the private meeting? I said that you are really a woman, if I am a grandson, will you accompany my son?"

Mu Ruyue swept the phoenix's lower body, and his brow fainted: "If you worry that there is no son to give you the end, I will let my son handle the aftermath for you."

"You..." Feng Jing’s weather really wants to smoke this woman’s ass. He breathes deeply and bites his teeth. “Woman, do you curse me to die? Even if I go to hell, I have to pull. Going with you, we continue to entangle in hell."

"Sorry, I have no interest in entanglement with you," Mu Ruyue yawned, and looked cold and cold. "And, you can roll me out."

Feng Jingtian did not seem to hear her words. He slammed into the chair and took a cup of tea to himself. It was like treating himself as a master.

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