Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 80: The enchanting phoenix phoenix (2)

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Mu Yixue put the whistle on the lips and blew the beautiful music. When she was also caught in the music, the red dress was far and near, like a flame rushing to face...

The man leaned forward in front of the window, the red dress was slightly open, and the white chest was exposed to the air. This man is beautiful and beautiful, and the exquisite face is full of charming smiles. A pair of phoenix eyes seems to be intriguing. Every smile is full of absolute temptation.

He is like a genie of genius, and he can easily take away the soul of the people.

It’s just that the charming smile hides his cold and ruthlessness...

With a bang, Feng Jingtian took the whistle back, and Feng Xiao swept Mui Xue with a stunning gaze. Liu Mei slightly stunned and disgusted from the bottom of his eyes.

"Let's say, what's the matter for me? You only have this opportunity."

Mu Yixue has come back to God. This man is beautiful but too gloomy, not the type she likes. What she likes is the handsome boy who comes from heaven...

"I want you to help me kill a person," Mu Yixue bit his teeth and said in a disgusting manner. "Mu's Mu Ruyue, it is best to kill her first J, kill the corpse!"

Feng Jingtian faintly glanced at her, and the enchanting face sank slightly: "Although this kind of thing is not what I want to do, since I have promised you, I will finish it, but you only have this one. Opportunity, I will not owe you anything from then on."

He didn't like to owe anything to anyone, so he only agreed to this condition.

When the words fell, he never looked at Mu Yixue again. He jumped out of the window and went out. The red dress disappeared into the sun in a flash.


Qingzhu Mountain is the only way to go to Danhui.

At this time, on the green bamboo hill, there was a quiet, and the feet of Mu Ruyue stepped on the leaves and made a rustling sound. The black beast in her arms raised her head from time to time to look around, and the scorpion of a pair of domineering clouds contained a faint glow.

Suddenly, a fierce breath forced people to come, and the pressure was as strong as a month.

"Who?" Mu Ruyue turned his head slightly and looked around with vigilance.

Suddenly, in the quiet valley, there was a male and female laughter, and then the red dress flashed into the eyes of Mu Ruyue.

The man in front of him is undoubtedly beautiful, the thrilling beauty, the fascinating world, even if he lived for two, Mu Ruyue has never seen such a beautiful man, it is the beauty of a woman who is not as good as his.

If it is not the throat on his throat, it is estimated that many people will regard this enchanting as a woman.

"Mu Ruyue?" Feng Jingtian evoked the lips, and Feng Xiaoyi looked at the girl in front of him, a charming smile. "I used to owe someone a condition, so I promised her to take your life, but she is letting I will kill you first, but... I will force the woman to do this kind of thing, and I will not be able to do it. It will be too tainted for others to play."

Mu Ruyue's face is slightly sinking, she can feel the power of this man.

It’s just that he gave her a familiar feeling, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen it...

"Of course," Feng Jingtian snorted, the smile became more enchanting, and the good-looking people could not look away. "If you are willing to be my woman, I will let you go. Maybe this is a very good business, you Say?"

The slender fingers caressed the chin, and the phoenix was like a smile.

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