Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 30: Apprentice (3)

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"Who told you that it is no good to be my apprentice? Dan medicine, status, what you can give me anything, even if you want to go sideways in Qingyunmen, I can guarantee that no one will dare to touch you."

Innocent smiled and said vowed.

benefit? Still not simple? What she wants to give her what she wants, as long as he is there, even the daughter of the owner does not dare to move her.

The dawn of Mu Ruyue flashed. In this continent, there is a guarantee of a point on the back of the mountain. Listening to the tone of this old guy, it should be mixed very well.

The most important thing is that if there is Master's guidance, there will be fewer detours on the road of cultivation.

"Well, then I will agree to it."

What is it?

Yi Xu almost went to the head and fell down. The innocent master wanted to accept her as a disciple. You must know that if you become a master of innocent, you are a hundred times more noble than a princess of a country.

Does she dare to be more angry?

However, no matter whether you are embarrassed or not, as long as Mu Ruyue promised more than anything else.

"Shantou, since you became the apprentice of the old man, can you tell the old man your identity?" The innocent eyes showed excitement.

To be honest, on this continent, which strong person does not want to have someone to inherit his own clothes? But he has always been higher than the top, and no one who is genius has ever seen it.

Now that he finally has a descendant, how can he not be excited?

The hand was lightly lifted, and Mu Ruyue opened the cloak, and suddenly revealed the beautiful face. Although her face still looked a little tender, she already had a pour into the country.

Zhao Lao sighed, this girl is really the peerless genius that happened that day.

"I am Mu Muyue of Mujia, and it is also the first waste of Ziyueguo."


Yi Xu's footsteps were unstable. One of them fell to the ground and his head hit the corner of the table. He seemed to have no pain. The whole person was stupid.

Ziyueguo's ... the first waste?

Do you want to be so scary? If this girl is the first waste, who can be a genius in this world? Who dares to call himself a genius?

"Mu Ruyue?" Zhao Laoyi stunned, looking at the fascinating look, "You are Mu Ruyue? The woman who was retired by Tian Yuan’s apprentice night wind? Last time I heard Tian Yuan master and night wind Talk, saying that Mu Mu is a waste, not worthy of him, and then fell in love with Muting's Mu Tinger, although Mu Tinger can not compare with Qingyunmen's female disciple, but also a genius in this secular world. People, who can think of..."

Whoever wants to be looked down upon by him and sneered at it is actually a peerless genius.

Zhao Lao smiled, and some things are doomed in the dark? If one day, he knows that the person who has been remarried by himself has such a talent, will he regret it?

"With my apprentice retiring?" Innocently snorted, his face was gloomy. "He is a great courage. Even my apprentice’s marriage is dare to retreat. I think that Tianyuan’s support can do whatever he wants? He is too tall to see. My own, my apprentice does not know how many times more than the kid."

Zhao Lao shook his head helplessly. He understood that the innocent master was angry this time, but Tian Yuan and the night wind did not know that he had offended the old guy without knowing it.

But they did not know that Mu Ruyue was his apprentice.

No, at that time, the innocent master did not accept her as a disciple. If I knew the things behind, I wouldn’t dare to do such a thing for the night wind.

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