Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 295: Mu Ruyue returns (1)

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"Xiao old!"

The heart of the old man suddenly lifted up, and the fear that never had existed in his heart. The strong sense of fear made him tremble, and his eyes were filled with deep fear.


Xiao Lao coughed twice, and the blood spit out in his mouth dyed the gray coat. He did not feel it. He raised his pale old face and looked at Nangong Zifeng. However, from beginning to end, he never removed his body from the crowd.

"The old man said that it is death, and he will die in front of the people of Xiaojia. If you want to hurt them, you must cross over my body!"

He held his fist tightly and stood up from the ground a little...

In the breeze, the old man's body swayed, as if he would drift with the wind at any time, but his footsteps were hard and abnormal, and it seemed that no matter what kind of blow he would take, he would not walk away from the crowd...

Xiao Lao looked up, his gaze gaze with a firm color, and said to death: "Nangong Zifeng, you come to my Xiao family is the biggest mistake. If so, then accompany my old man to go to Huangquan, ha. Haha!"


A transparent barrier rose from the Xiaojiayuan, and covered everyone in the Xiao family like a protective film.

"Xiao Lao, what are you doing?" The old man shouted anxiously, and a fistful of green flames shrouded the barrier, but a light wave in the barrier bounced him out.

With a bang, the old man fell to the ground, desperately watching the gray figure in the breeze.

"This is the final card of the Xiao family. It can resist the strength of a congenital intermediate self-destruction. Nangong Zifeng, the old man will live for the long time. He is already a person who is about to step into the coffin, but can pull a congenital before he dies. The back of the pad, not the old man came to the world."

Xiao Lao’s smile is firm and satisfying, with unquestionable choices in his eyes.

At this moment, the faces of Xiao’s people were all grief-stricken, and the angry screams came out from the mouth of the old man.

The strong sorrow made him almost crazy, and his fist fell on the barrier...


A powerful force erupted from Xiao Lao's body, and expanded to the Nangong Zifeng with the thunder of lightning. He felt the power of this arrogant, and Nangong Zifeng's face changed greatly. The beauty of the scorpion finally showed a hint of panic.

"Damn old man, he really doesn't want to die!"

A congenital intermediate self-destruction, even if you are lucky, you will not be alive for a long time. If you become a half-length in the Xiao family, the Xiaojia old man who is smoldering in the eyes will surely result in her.

Xiao Lao faintly raised his lips, he gently closed his eyes...

At the last moment, the most he remembered was the days when he fought with the ancestors of the Xiao family. The time was dangerous, but it was the most beautiful memory of his life.

Now, he finally completed his ancestors' mission, and he can go to **** again to follow him. God knows how long he has waited for this day.

For the death of Xiao family, he died without regrets!

Xiao Lao suddenly opened his eyes, his body quickly expanded like a balloon. Under the horror of Nangong Zifeng and the grief of Xiao family, he burst into laughter.

"Ha ha ha, I have a lot of life in Xiao Laoyi. I have no regrets. My homeowner, after I die, I hope that you can bury my ashes and ancestors together, and go to hell, I will go. Fight with the ancestors!"

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