Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 292: The crisis of Xiao family (2)

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Nangong Zifeng eyes are cold, cold-eyed, and everyone who walks out of Xiaojia’s mouth has a hint of shackles in his mouth, and he seems to have not put these people in his eyes.

"Xiao Tianyu, Mrs. Holy Moon, Mu Ruyue's two most fancy people!" Nangong Zifeng slightly picked up his eyes, and cold mans passed through the bottom of his eyes. If these two people died, I don't know how much the woman of Mu Ruyue would suffer. ......

She is looking forward to seeing her expression at that time...

"You are the person of the Nangong family?" Xiao Tianyu frowned, his face gradually sinking.

"Oh," Nangong Zifeng laughed twice, and the cold and proud face with a trace of disdain, "Nangong family? Those people are just my servants, and they are not worthy of being compared with me, Xiao Tianyu, Mrs. Holy Moon, if you Didn’t bring the woman like Mu Ruyue back to Xiao’s family, maybe the Xiao family would have been peaceful, but you really have lost a lot of hatred, because she brought this crisis to you!”

The heart of Mrs. Holy Moon trembled, and the elegant and beautiful face instantly cooled down: "Is your daughter missing? Is it wrong?"

"Ha ha ha!" Nangong Zifeng laughed twice, the cold face was a cold killing, "missing? She estimated that there is no bones, and as for you, since it is her loved one, then I must I will not let go of it! The people of Xiaojia have listened to me. I am here to collect your life. If you know each other, you will be embarrassed, so you will not suffer the pain that cannot be resisted!"

Just like the purple house of the millennium...

Nangong Zifeng laughed wildly, and Sen cold's eyes firmly fell on Xiao Tianyu's couple.

She will never forget the day before the millennium, because she deliberately revealed some secrets of the purple family, and recruited the only force in Zhongzhou that can resist the purple family. Together with her help, everyone in the purple family fell. In the pool of blood.

Especially her own adoptive father and mother, she will not forget the eyes of the two people who were distressed at the time, probably they can't believe that they will betray the purple family...

Who let the two people so sheltered from the sultry of Mu Ruyue, is even more reluctant to let themselves become the little sister of Zihuang brother, if they only need a word, they may not need such pain.

So they are damn!

Anyone who prevents himself from aligning with his brother, Zihuang, is guilty of sin!

The strong killings spread from the body of Nangong Zifeng, and they were overwhelmed by the Xiao Tianyu couple. Under the mighty pressure, the lady of the Holy Month was white, and the beautiful face gradually dignified.


Xiao Tianyu was shocked and hurriedly took Mrs. Holy Moon into her arms and blocked most of her pressure.


This woman of the Nangong family turned out to be an innate strongman, and the level is still in the innate intermediate level...


Suddenly, a loud drink blew from the courtyard.

Under the leadership of Xiao Laozi and Xiao Lao, the group of people is walking towards this side. The two old men at this time are all serious and their faces are covered with cold colors.

"Father, Xiao Lao!"

Xiao Tianyu stunned. I didn't expect this to be alarmed even by Xiao Lao. In addition to the blood test of Xiao Jia's children, Xiao Lao generally does not leave the retreat of the ethnic group...

“A congenital low-level and congenital intermediate.”

Nangong Zifeng cold eyes swept to the two old men who came to the forefront, coldly smacked the lips: "I didn't expect a family outside of Zhongzhou to have a strong innate middle class. Unfortunately, you almost finished the oil lamp. It won't be my opponent..."

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