Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 291: Xiao family's crisis (1)

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Knowing the girl’s words is a fact, and it is too difficult to let her accept him... However, after hearing this, Feng’s heart is still hurting.

This woman is still so direct, she does not know how much hurting her own words?

The only thing fortunate is that she doesn't seem to hate him like that. It is also the result of hard work, isn't it? If one day can talk to her like a friend, maybe this relationship will be even closer...

Staring at the girl's long-distance figure, Feng Jingtian did not stop, just watching the white dress that gradually drifted away, and could not recover his eyes for a long time...


Holy Land, Xiao family.

Xiao Tianyu is talking about something with Mrs. Holy Moon. Both of them have extraordinarily dignified faces. Seeing the expression of Miao Niang, Xiao Xiao’s quietly quiet, the face of the powder carving jade is a bit distressed.

"French, do you say that she is really in Zhongzhou?"

Xiao Tianyu solemnly nodded: "It is the inference of Murong Qingchu, the young master of the medicinal sect. He said that the month is going to Zhongzhou, and the strength is sealed, so the dust will rush to rush. Zhongzhou is looking for a month, but the talent for the month is strong, but if the strength is blocked, it will be bad."

Xu was aware of the worry between the lady of the Holy Month, Xiao Tianyu pretending to smile easily: "Yuer, rest assured, since the dust is looking for, there will be no danger in that month, do you even have yourself? Didn't the son-in-law believe it? When I handed him the month, I could see that it would protect her safety. All we can do is wait..."

The man is strong and infatuated. If he is by his side, even if the strength of the month is sealed, it can be safe.

He must do everything to protect her...

"Who are you, I came to my Xiao family!"

At this moment, a loud drink came from outside the door.

Xiao Tianyu and Mrs. Holy Moon looked at each other and frowned.

"Frank, let's go see it..."

"Okay," Xiao Tianyu supported the lady of the Holy Month and stood up. He swept his eyes and smiled softly. "Gently, you are waiting here, and we will come back soon."

Xiao gently squinted his eyes and nodded neatly.

Within the Xiaojiayuan, the breeze smashed through the corner of the clothes. For example, the nine-day-old woman stood in the void, and looked coldly and proudly at the Xiao family in front of her eyes.

Her lips twitched with a smirk, and she smiled coldly: "This is the family of Mu Ruyue's life? It seems that this is the case. The woman is the most serious and righteous, then I ruined her home and killed. Her relatives, let her regret it for a lifetime, it is best to save the people like a previous life, and suffer a slap in the face, so that I can save time and effort to deal with her..."

Mu Ruyue, the biggest mistake in your two lives is to grab the man of Nangong Zifeng!

You are an orphan before, and the purple family is your only relative. I can still imagine the expression of grief when you see the purple house being destroyed. That expression should appear on you.

And this world, I want you to suffer the same pain, now the dust-free brother is not in the Xiao family, I see who can shelter this family...

As if to see the girl's desperate expression, Nangong Zifeng sneered, his eyes flashing, the coldness of a piece of cold, the only imposing momentum that erupted from his body, with a strong murder.

"Xiao family, you shouldn't be looking for Mu Ruyue to come back, otherwise you will not be devastated by the disaster. If you blame you, blame her, she offended me, I will kill you!"

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