Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 286: Fengjia ancestors (1)

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The breeze smashed, picking up the **** enchanting red dress.

Feng Jingtian raised the phoenix and swept to the pale-faced Fengxiang. His eyes were obviously cold and cold. His eyes seemed to be not looking at his father, but looking at his own enemies.

"What is your order to order me?"

Feng Xiang’s face changed a lot, and Tie Qing’s face was angry and angry: “I am your father, the reverse son, are you talking to your father like this?”

"Father?" Feng stunned with a sneer. "I have said that if the Feng family moves her, I will wash the Feng family! You don't seem to listen to me."

He obviously felt that the girl in her arms was stiff and did not feel her tightly holding her.

"After more than a decade ago, I failed to protect my mother so that she would die under your weakness, but I promised her that if one day meets the favorite woman, she will be desperate to protect her." !"

And this girl is the only person he wants to protect...

"Let's relax!" Feng Xiangrong Yan Tieqing, the fingers pointing at Feng Fengtian's fingers are shaking, "Reverse, you are really mad at me, cough..."

After a few words, he couldn’t say it anymore. When he coughed, a blood spurted out and stained the ground in front of him.

Compared with Mu Ruyue, he also suffered a slight injury. The blood in his chest leaked out from the long scars, and even the man's internal organs could be seen faintly.

It is conceivable that now he is standing strong and standing here, if he is not physically strong, he will faint in the past.

Lan Xin was staring at the beloved man holding another woman, the delicate face was white, the heart seemed to be stabbed by something, and her tears could not stop falling.

What is this woman's good, Feng Jingtian for her to rebel family.

Such deep affection is that neither he nor the blue moon can get it.

What makes Lan Xin heartbreak is that Feng Xiang actually did not kill this woman! If she dies, maybe everything will not happen...

"Feng Fengtian, don't forget, our Feng family also has a ancestors who are ghosts! You are really strong, but do you think you will be the opponent of your ancestors?"

Although the ancestors are a ghost, but with his ability, there must be a way to let himself fight for a short time. As long as he is willing to play, how can it be difficult to deal with a woman who is seriously injured?

And now only the ancestors can deal with her...

Feng Jingtian’s eyes were more and more gloomy, and Feng Xiang looked coldly, but did not say anything.

The old ancestors did look at Mu Ruyue, but the ancestors were the ancestors of the Feng family. Whether they would stand on their side would not be easy to say...

"Ha ha!" Feng Xiang laughed wildly, smiled and filled with sorrow, "Stunning, you are my son, I will not do anything to you, but this woman must die, now only by the ancestors!"

Upon hearing this, Lan Xin and others looked bright.

Why is the Blue House somewhat fearful of Fengjia within Fengcheng? What he did was the mysterious ancestor. Although his ancestors were only a ghost body, he could keep the spirits for a thousand years. He has some treasures in his hands. Maybe he can use the baby to fight people...


Feng Xiang took out a jade card and broke it into two paragraphs. His cold eyes swept to the girl in Fengshen’s arms and said, “I don’t know what you are from, but since I offended my family, There must be an awareness of death!"


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