Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 28: Apprentice (1)

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"Yes, innocent master."

Yi Xu took out the rejuvenation and walked in front of the innocent.

Originally, the face was calm and innocent. When I used my thumb to touch a little bit of spring and spread it on my tongue, the old face suddenly changed. The whole person had a shock that could not be said.

"Innocent master, what happened to this spring?" Yi Xu stunned, not knowing what happened.

Sigh a sigh, innocently put down the hands of the rejuvenation, the old face reveals a helpless color: "100% chemical strength and 95% integration."

"The innocent master, I don't know if this chemical power is..."

Yi Xu was puzzled, and he knew that the degree of integration did not know what it was.

"Chemical power is a way of calculating the drug's ability to digest it into the body. It is well known that this spring is the remedy for restoring the strength of low-ranking military people, but if it only has 80% of the drug, then it wants It takes three hours to recover Yuan Li, and if this has a 100% chemical rejuvenation, it can be instantly restored."

Yi Xu was surprised to open his mouth. It’s no wonder that innocent people will change their face and can recover instantly. This is simply impossible.

"I will accept this spring, and I will go to the Spring Hall in person tomorrow."

Innocent smiled, this good seed was met by him, he will not give up anyway.

The next day.

The morning light is rising.

Mu Ruyue slowly opened his eyes and gently spit out a sigh of gas: "I finally went to the second-order warrior. Although this strength is still very low, at least I can prove that I am no longer a waste."

Slightly picking up the eyes, Mu Ruyue's mouth is sneer, the body's deity is unwilling and humiliating, she will give it to those people instead of her, it is to borrow the body's reward.

"But it's time to go back to Chuntang."

She had just walked down from the bed, and a black figure suddenly flew over, and she fell firmly in her arms, enjoying the embarrassment of her.

Feeling the soft touch of the group, Mu Ruyue's face is black: "Yan Yan, do you know what is called men and women?"

Yan Yan rolled his eyes and scorned: "The deity is now a beast, so I don't know."

I really don't know if it is too bad for her in this house. I haven't developed well since I was fifteen years old. But after a few years, I probably got a lot of material. Now it is still too flat.

The domineering black scorpion flashed a few times, Yan Yan sinister smile, Shantou, the deity is very much looking forward to your ability to grow up quickly...


When Yi Xu saw the girl wearing a black hat, the eyes immediately lit up and hurried forward: "Girl, you are finally here, I am here waiting for you for a long time."

"Well," Mu Ruyue said with a light voice. Her voice was cold and there was no temperature. "How is it?"

"Oh, this is the case, girl, our innocent master wants to see you."

“Innocent Master?”

Mu Ruyue’s eyebrows are slightly stunned. Before she can say anything, there is an old voice coming from the side: “You are the woman with fifty hundred-year-old herbs?”

"Not bad." Mu Ruyue's brow pick, turned his head and looked at the people, such as the starry night black scorpion without a trace of emotion, "I don't know what you are looking for?"

Innocent and a smile: "Little girl, the old man is not malicious, just want to talk to you alone, I do not know what you mean?"

Mu Ruyue's eyelids were not lifted, only the little beast that was stroking the arms, for a long time, only a faint opening: "Good."

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