Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 278: Break through the innate (six)

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"Fengjia?" Feng Jingtian smiled twice in the cold, and there was a glimpse in the phoenix. "Don't forget how my mother died. Don't forget why I left the family. I hate the blue moon. Not only is she the wife you choose for me, but more importantly, I can't like her hypocritical character, and if I am talented, will you be able to see me? I don't want Fengjia from beginning to end. Young master this identity."

The man’s words were stabbed in the heart like a needle, and Feng Xiang’s body could not help but tremble.

He said yes, the wife’s death is really because of him. In the past, if he was not too weak, he would not dare to defend her, she would not die so miserable, and she could never forget the woman’s last look. A glance.

Desperate and bitter...

Because of this, Feng Jingtian will have no sense of belonging to the Feng family, and even hate his own guilty.

When Feng Xiang was immersed in the memories of the past, Feng Shentian’s body shape disappeared into the hall, and soon, the red figure of the fire fell into the room of Mu Ruyue.

Feel the breath of the face, Mu Ruyue Liu Mei wrinkled, faintly asked: "Hero, what are you coming to find me?"

The phoenix-stricken Fengjing stared deeply at the beautiful face of the girl, and the enchanting and beautiful face seemed to have emotions that people could not understand.

"I have to leave the Feng family for a while. You should pay attention to your safety during the days when I am not there."

Mu Ruyue’s brow pick: “If you let me go, maybe I will be safer.”

The girl’s words were stabbed and smashed into the man’s heart. He seemed to laugh out of the way, obviously a man, and he could laugh so beautifully.

"This token you hold, as long as you are in danger, I will be able to come back, woman, I know? When I was very young, my biological mother had passed away, but the one who caused her death was my father. Weakness."

Feng Jingtian smiled bitterly, and his eyes were filled with sorrow: "Only because she cultivated a kind of exercises, that kind of exercises can make people come back to life. The price paid is the life. She used the exercises to save Fengxiang. After being succumbed to the incident, the person was hit. The man did not see her save the life of Fengxiang, but only saw the process of losing most of her life from a young woman to a dad, so she also passed the demon reincarnation. ”

If a person sees an original young face and gradually becomes a wrinkled old man, what kind of fright will it be? It is estimated that everyone will think that they have met ghosts.

Without the phoenix to continue, Mu Ruyue can guess the ending...

"The elders in the family said that she was a demon person, so she was given a fire, and the man survived because of her, but she did not speak for her when she was facing the fire, only because he was not Fengjia at that time. The heirs, their own forms are not very good, and many people want to remove him, how can they still care for other people? Even if that person is his wife, it is to save him to give up most of his life and lead to aging is mistaken demon……"

From the beginning to the end, Feng Jingtian did not want to call the man a father.

"I said so much, not to want your sympathy," Feng Jingtian looked up to Mu Ruyue, and Feng Xiaozhong was firm. "Once, before she left, I told me a word, if I can meet a woman who likes it." , then you must protect her from desperation, so I want you to believe me, I will protect your safety, and will not let you suffer a little bit of damage."

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