Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 277: Break through innate (five)

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Feng Xiang's filming began, his face looked at Feng Jingtian, and he clenched his fist tightly. He said in an angry voice: "Shen, what is the woman, what do you want to face with your father?"

Feng Jingtian smiled twice, and the red lips were hooked with a sloppy arc. However, the voice was so firm and firm that it was unquestionable.

"I want to break the marriage contract with Blue Moon and marry her as a wife!"

"Feng Jingtian!" Feng Xiang's eyes were sprayed with anger. "A woman is just enough to play. You want to let her be your servant. I can promise you, but you want to marry a waste." It is impossible at all! I will never allow my Feng family to marry such a woman who is unclear."

Although this kid is unruly, he usually does not do this with his father. Now, for a woman, he turned his face?

It seems that the woman can’t stay...

Feng Xiang’s scorpion glimpsed a trace of coziness.

As the owner of the Feng family, he will take the interests of the Feng family first. If he destroys the interests of his family, he will not let go of anyone, especially the son of the woman and his face.

Only he understands that as long as Feng Feng is here, he can’t start with that woman...

"Shocking," thought of Feng Qi's look softened, and the light flashed a few times. "You want to marry her, it is not impossible."

Feng was shocked and moved, but did not say much. He wanted to know what his father had to do.

"But..." Feng Xiang sneered and continued. "The blue family is also very strong. You don't want to get married with the Blue Family. It's not so easy, so I need you to get something. It is said that the Blue family is looking for the same name recently. Calling the medicinal herbs of the dragon grass, the medicinal material is in the Julong Mountain range in Zhongzhou. If you bring the medicinal material, you may be able to let the blue family agree to the dissolution of the marriage contract."

Feng Jingtian heard the silence and looked forward to a glimpse of the glory of Feng Xiang.

"You will be so kind?"

The **** just screamed at him with a sigh of relief. Suddenly, he changed his face. How could Feng Jingtian not doubt? What's more, Feng Xiang has always been a sinister way to achieve the goal.

At the beginning, did he not kill his mother like this?

"Bad boy, how are you also my son? Although I am very angry about what you are doing, I am also annoyed that you have played a blue house for a woman. You also know that the old man of the blue family has always been short-sighted, this is not the case. I am hurting my Feng family? If I want to change my mind, I also hope that my son can get happiness."

Feng Xiang’s eyebrows reveal a true color, which is like a father who is really considered by his son.

It seems that Feng Fengtian still can't believe his own words. Feng Xiang is angry at the bottom, but he is not insurance on his face: "I can assure you that after you leave, the Feng family will never do anything to the woman!"

Feng family will not shoot, does not mean that the blue family will let her go...

Feng Jingtian regained his gaze, and looked coldly at Feng Xiangxiang: "I hope you can remember what you said. When I come back, I hope to see an intact Mu Ruyue. If she suffers a little bit of damage, don't Blame me for washing the Phoenix!"

"Bad boy, don't forget that you are also a Feng family!" Feng Xiangqi's body trembled, this **** **** for the woman to actually wash his family?

In this way, he is even less likely to let the woman live...

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