Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 276: Break through innate (4)

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Now, she knows that she is wrong, and even more wrong is outrageous...

For this woman, he did not hesitate to turn his face with the blue family, but also slap a happy slap.

Blue Moon bit his lower lip tightly and looked at Mu Ruyue. This eye looks ordinary, even the blue dragonfly is as gentle as water, but Mu Yue clearly feels the hostility and anger of the woman's eyes.

Helpless shrug his shoulders, Mu Ru month sighed, she was completely dragged by the phoenix.

"Xiner, let's go," Lan Yue turned and walked to Lanxin's side, and the pace was slightly, and said, "Stunning, I won't tell my father about this, but after all, you are too big, even if I I want to help you, there is no way to help you..."

When she fell, she never looked back, and the elegant blue dress disappeared under the sunset.

Mu Ruyue looked at the direction of the blue moon, and did not know what he was thinking. When she was meditating, a low voice came from her ear: "Woman, sorry..."

Her heart trembled, and this man who has always been arrogant will apologize?

"Feng Jingtian, isn't that what you want?" Mu Ruyue smiled low and sneered.

"No," Feng Jingtian's heart tightened and hurriedly seized Mu Ruyue's hand. There was a trace of panic in Feng Xiao. "I didn't expect them to be here. I didn't mean to let these people humiliate you. Woman, me..."

In the end, he did not know how to defend himself.

How could this woman suffer such humiliation if he did not seal her strength? And if it weren't for him, Lan Xin wouldn't be arguing against her...

Feng Jingtian swallowed the words and looked at the girl next to him with apologies.

"Sorry, I just want to leave you alone. If you let you recover, you will turn away and disappear from my side. As a result, I will have no chance."

"Forget it," Mu Ruyue waved his hand and smiled coldly. "If you don't need you, I will unlock this seal myself. Feng Fengtian, you can't shut me forever, as long as there is a line, I will Leave here and go back to him."

Feng Jingtian held her hand tightly, as if she felt the pain of the girl, he hurriedly loosened, and a red smile on the red lips.

No matter what he does, it seems that this woman cannot accept him.

But he is not willing to give up like this...

"Woman, you are tired, I will send you back, next time I will take you out to go shopping." Feng Jingtian smiled and smiled, Feng Yi looked at Mu Ruyue without hesitation.

Mu Ruyue nodded lightly, and she needed to go back to practice instead of getting along with this man...

Back to the Feng family, Feng Jingtian sent Mu Ruyue to her residence, and was called to the poor by Feng Xiang’s owner Feng Xiang. When I saw the phoenix that came from outside the door, Feng Xiang’s face sank.

"Surprised, I heard that you brought a woman from the outside some time ago? It doesn't matter if you bring a woman back. Anyway, my Feng family can't afford a woman, but I heard that you not only bullied the blue moon for that woman. Also, have you given Lan Xin? Is this a statement for the father?"

Feng Jingtian sneered aloud: "How about I beat her? Just because she insulted my woman, I should kill her! Today, my life is to see the blue family, and then Next time, I will let her blood splash on the spot!"


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