Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 275: Break through innate (3)

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"Feng Jingtian, why do you want to spend your blue moon sister?"

It seems that the words of the phoenix are too much. A beautiful woman next to the blue moon hurried forward, holding her rickety body, and then looking at the phoenix.

"Blue Moon sister just likes you. Why do you insult her? Her identity as your fiancee is also set by the Fengjia family and our father. You have no right to choose!"

The phoenix was so dangerous that he picked up the scorpion, and the smile on the red lips was sullen and gloomy, and like the blood of the hell, it was so tempting.

"Blue Xin!" The blue moon face changed greatly. She knew that Feng Jingtian was angry. "Don't say it."

"Why don't you let me say?" Lan Xin snorted, and his angry eyes moved from the phoenix's body to the side of Mu Ruyue. The eyes were still clearly with a skeleton. "Who is this woman? What qualifications do she have with you?" Going together? Is it difficult for you to abandon a good woman like Lan Yue’s sister and marry her? I don’t see any fluctuations in this woman’s body. It’s a waste that is nothing, even if the family of Feng’s family will not Let you be with her."

Lan Xin proudly carried his chin and looked at Mu Ruyue with that contemptuous look.

"Smelly head, Feng Jingtian is not what you can think about, and you will dispel your plan to fly to the phoenix. The excellent man like him is something you can't match. If you want to find a man to marry, we are blue." There are a lot of people, I can let them give you a small position. After all, even if I am a blue man, I have a request for my wife. You are a waste of their own, and they are really lifting you. ”

Within Fengcheng, the best man is the phoenix of the Feng family. Lan Xin thinks that it is not as beautiful as the blue moon, and it is impossible to become his wife. But if the blue moon marries Feng Fengtian, maybe she can marry with her sister. .

How can other women be destroyed?

After all, Lan Xin is unfair for the blue moon, just for his own consideration...

Feng Jingtian's eyes were gloomy and terrible. He lifted his big handkerchief to the face of Lan Xin. The slamming sound was loud, and Lan Xin was smashed out by this slap, and he fell on the roadside booth.

She stunned, and her eyes looked at the phoenix in tears.

"Feng Jingtian, I am the daughter of the Blue Family, hit me?"

The heart of the blue heart trembled, biting the lips and resentful to the man like a enchanting man, the grievances in the eyes are so obvious, just like Feng Jingtian is a **** who throws his wife and abandoning women.

"Hit you?" Feng Jingtian sneered. "I am impulsive, let my hand get polluted, and immediately give me a roll. If it is not for the sake of you as a daughter of the Blue House, now you are already a With a dead body! Finally, I warn you, it is best not to hit her idea, otherwise, I will let you know why life is better than death!"

The man's words are so harsh, like a needle into the heart of the blue moon, she hurts and twitched, tears are contained in the blue dragonfly.

Over the years, looking at the beloved man and other women in close contact, she is also used to it, as long as he is still her, that is enough ... but, those women for him, but nothing more than nothing.

She thought that this woman was also the same, so she ignored her existence at the beginning, and did not ask too much, just because he understood that Feng Jingtian did not like to take care of him...

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