Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 274: Break through innate (2)

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Don't look at the innate powers in Zhongzhou, but there are not many people who have reached this level of congenital success. The old predecessors should have reached this point when they were alive...

"Women, I don't know much about the situation there, but I know that the major forces in Zhongzhou are stronger in Zhongzhou than the forces of Yaozong, but above the medicine, there is more power. The existence of, as for how strong those people reach, I can't get it. Of course I don't know."

The horror of the phoenix looks serious, and the crouching tiger hides in Zhongzhou, where a force can be called the king outside.

Mu Ruyue still wants to ask something. Suddenly, there is a scent of fragrance in front of me. The faint body fragrance is that she can’t help but look up as a woman...

A blue skirt seems to be waved on the surface of the water. The woman's hair is soft and smooth like water. It has a bright luster under the sunset, and what is even more amazing is the woman's appearance.

The blue scorpion is like a deep pool, and the beautiful face is hung with a shallow smile. Her beauty is like the deep blue sea, and the four words of the world are hard to describe.

When this woman appeared, her eyes fell on the phoenix's body...

"Stunning, are you coming back?" The woman smiled softly, the smile was beautiful and the scent was deep, and the dark blue scorpion looked affectionately at the man who looked like a enchanting man.

It seems that there is only him in the whole scorpion, and no one else can accommodate it.

"I heard that you are back, but unfortunately some things have been busy recently. I haven't seen you. I just have time today and I plan to meet you. You won't blame me?"

The woman carefully watched the eyes and phoenixes, and what kind of man can resist the gentle and watery look?

The phoenix stunned Liu Mei's eyebrows were light and wrinkled. The phoenix was impatient and swept away from the gentle expression of the woman's water. The tone said faintly: "Blue Moon, what is your relationship with me? Why should I blame you? Let it go, don't block My way."

The blue moon's look changed slightly, and soon returned to normal. She smiled lowly: "Stunning, are you angry with me? Blame me not going to find you earlier? But I am not here, Can you forgive me this time?"

This woman can't understand people?

Feng Jingtian’s face was gloomy, his red lips were slightly open, and the snoring was so cold: “Get out!”

The two words sounded like thunder on the noisy street. For a time everyone turned their heads and looked at it. After seeing the two men and women who were facing each other, everyone was quite clear.

Feng Jingtian has always been in the flowers, the leaves do not touch, but he is disdainful to his fiancee, the gentle and beautiful blue moon, because she is his fiancée.

For this reason, he did not hesitate to disappear in Fengcheng for several years.

The dawn of the blue moon is slightly dark, and there is a bitter bitterness in the bottom of my heart. Since she was saved by this man ten years ago, her heart can no longer be recovered.

Even if the man hates her again, she willingly endure this insult, just hope to be his wife...

"Stunning, I am just..."


Feng Jingtian waited for her to speak, and her voice interrupted her.

Blue Moon's pretty face suddenly pale, biting his lip, desperately and painfully looking at this ruthless man, he can give himself to other people, why not give her a little bit?

Even a little bit is enough...

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