Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 273: Break through innate (1)

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The fire spirit smiled twice, and cast a self-seeking and blessing to Feng Fengtian. How could he not see that this girl was obviously dissatisfied with his imprisonment?

Feng Xiaozi has done this too...

Even if you want to chase a woman, you have to use your heart to touch her. If he forced a woman who didn't love him like him, how could she change her? This method will only leave her with no trace of emotion.

"Zuzong, disturbed," Feng Jingtian arched the arch boxing, and the enchanting and beautiful face showed a thousand glory. He turned and forced the hand of Mu Ruyue and pulled her hard to his side.

It seems that I didn't see the girl's cold eyes. The more fascinating and fascinating the phoenix, the more enchanting the phoenix: "Women, I brought you to this place. Are you in a good mood? Can you go out with me?"

He looked down at Mu Ruyue, who was next to him, and the low voice even had a pleading.

Mu Ruyue’s heart shook a bit, but he was cold again after thinking of Feng Jingtian’s actions on himself. All this did not resist, let him pull himself out.

"Feng Fengtian..."

Under the sunset, the girl stopped and looked up at the taupe sky and said softly: "If you don't seal my strength and force me to stay here, maybe we will become friends..."


Feng Jingtian tightly held the hand of Mu Ruyue, and the low phoenix smashed the sarcasm: "Woman, you made a mistake, I never thought about becoming friends with you."

What he wants is her person... that is not that poor friendship...

Mu Ruyue knows that it is useless, this man will not let her go, so she did not say anything, but let her pull away from the Feng family.

Above the street, the phoenix's gaze screamed from time to time to the girl next to her, and the red lips evoked a pleasing smile, which was also a pleasure for him.

If you can get along with her for the rest of your life, there is not so much competition, how good it is...

"Talk to me about the things in Zhongzhou." Mu Ruyue was lightly lifted, and the voice was not cold or hot.

Feng Shengtian’s heart was a joy. This is the first time Mu Ruyue took the initiative to talk to him. At that time, he told her what he knew.

"Actually, this is not really a Zhongzhou. It is only part of the Zhongzhou state." Feng Jingtian provoked his lips and phoenix staring at the girl next to him. "If you use the situation of the four countries to describe Fengcheng, where my Feng family is located, is the border of Zhongzhou. The real Zhongzhou is the four facing the sea, while the middle has a continent that is wider than the four countries, so the place is called Zhongzhou."

Mu Ruyue’s brow picks up. So, isn’t she standing in Zhongzhou?

How does Feng Jingtian not know the thoughts in her heart? Low smile: "For example, the border of the Purple Moon State is also considered to be in the territory of the Purple Moon. Therefore, Fengcheng can also be called the site of Zhongzhou. You have also seen my ancestors. I used to be a big family in Zhongzhou before the millennium. Later, because of something, my ancestors fell and the Feng family was forced to move here..."

The Feng family is the best example of any glorious family.

"Older generation?" Mu Ruyue thought of the ghost in the tower, gently stroking the chin, "The strength of the old predecessors is good, it should be in the congenital realm of life."

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