Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 272: The first person of Fengjia (5)

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Feng Jingtian smiled and smiled. A pair of dawns fell on Mu Ruyue's body. Feng Xiaoli was complicated. Even he didn't know why he wanted to bring this unconscionable woman to this place.

In order to let her break through to innate? Once innate, the power of the seal will collapse, and she will leave the family forever, and she will have no chance...

"Haha," the ghost suddenly laughed. He held his fists tightly and stared at Mu Ruyue's mammoth. "Genius, this girl is definitely a genius. I have never found a seed with such a strong sense." Feng Xiaozi, she is much better than your talent. If it is not the old man, I am just reluctant to let my soul remain here by these innate forces. I am afraid that I really have plans to accept her as a disciple."

It is a pity that if he can meet this girl early, it is estimated that he will be desperate to accept her as an apprentice.

"But..." The ghost squinted his eyes and turned to look at the phoenix on the side. He said with confusion, "Feng Xiaozi, have you sealed her power? I don’t like this girl, I don’t like you, so you want to use this method. Leave her to leave? I said that you are also a descendant of my soul and soul, and you can do this by forcing women to do this kind of thing? It’s really losing your ancestors."

The fire soul shook his head, hating the iron and not forming a steel eye.

This kid has thrown away the face of the Phoenix family for thousands of years.

Feng Jingtian's face was red, and he seemed to be told by his ancestors. When he wanted to explain two sentences, Mu Ruyue, who closed his eyes and realized the innate power, suddenly opened his eyes.

"Predecessors, thank you for your guidance."

Mu Ruyue’s gaze moved from the horror of Feng’s face and landed on the soul of the fire.

The fire soul haha ​​laughed twice: "Shantou, this has nothing to do with me, it is your own deep feelings. If I have not guessed wrong, your current strength should be pseudo-innate, but unfortunately sealed by a idiot boy. Now, I am just a ghost, can't help you, otherwise I can help you to unblock the seal, but after you feel the power of innate, you can break through the innate in a few months, when the seal will automatically be released. ”

At the pseudo-innate level, you can accept the sentiments left by so many innate powers. This kind of gimmick can be enhanced so much. It is also natural to break through the innateness in the future. There is no longer any bottleneck.

Although Mu Ruyue did not have a good face on Feng Jingtian, he still had great respect in front of this old man who had not known how many years he lived.

"Predecessors, if you have just driven me out, I am afraid I will not have such an improvement. In any case, this channel thank you is also what you should bear."

"Haha," the fire soul laughed and cheered twice. "The character of Shantou is quite in line with the taste of my old man. Unfortunately, my boy is too much to do. I don't ask for anything else. I just hope to see it today. Let you feel the power of innateness here, and leave a vitality to my family."

Speaking of this, the fire soul sighed.

This woman is not the thing in the pool. He will definitely swim the dragon in the sky. I hope she can see it today, and then she will leave his life to the Feng family...

Mu Ruyue smiled a little, did not promise the fire, who knows the future? She can't easily make promises.

"Predecessors, I can guarantee that no one in the Feng family will provoke me. I will not take the initiative to provoke the Feng family. But if the Feng family commits my head, I am not a man who wants to swallow!"

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