Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 271: The first person of Fengjia (four)

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"Feng Jingtian," Mu Ruyue sneered. "You don't have a chance. Do you think I will like a man who forced me? From the time you started this kind of thing, I didn't even let me put down your chances for the mustard." You don't want to know why I accept dust-free? I can tell you..."

The voice was light, and her voice softened when she said that there was no dust at night.

"Nothing, he respects me, never asks for anything. For me, I will not hesitate to expose myself to the gate of the Virgin. It is because of my safety to face the strong alone. However, he has done this for me, but he has never done it. I didn’t ask for any remuneration. I knew that he could have a relationship with him when I was in the aphrodisiac. But he didn’t do it. He respected my wishes. Not long ago, he broke out a powerful injury. To my strength, in order not to hurt me, the man is willing to waste his strength. If it is not for me to arrive in time, I am afraid that he has become a waste."

"He said that the powerful strength is to protect me. If this power will hurt me, then what is the use of him? You said, why do I give up such a good husband to choose you? Feng Jingtian, these In other words, I only say once, I admire a man who has no dust at night in this life. If I want to betray him, I would rather give up this body!"

The girl’s gaze is such firm and firm, and the phoenix’s heart is hurting.

Is he a step late? If it wasn't for the half year that disappeared, would he have a chance once? In the first half of the year, he really lost too much, so that every time this woman encounters something, she is always at night.

Feng Jingtian covered a trace of pain in the phoenix, and raised his hand to grasp the arm of Mu Ruyue: "Woman, follow me, today, you must go to a place with me anyway?"

"Feng Fengtian, let me go!"

Mu Ruyue's face was cold, and there were two clusters of anger in the scorpion.

However, Feng Jingtian did not seem to hear the anger of her suppression. She took her out of the door. At this moment, no one knew the man’s heart...

Within the tower, a strong breath rushed to the surface, and Mu Ruyue looked shocked and gently closed his eyes. In this tower, she actually had a sentiment.

Seeing that the girl is no longer moving, Feng Jingtian loosened her hand and turned to look at the girl behind her.


Yes, Mu Ruyue is really feeling.

There is actually a feeling of gathering many innate powers, so when she comes here she feels the situation here. If she can stay here for a month and a half, she is sure that she can reach the innate in the shortest time.


A shocking voice came from behind.

Then a transparent ghost floated to the side of the phoenix, and looked at the fascinating look of Mu Ruyue, who is feeling the innate power.

"Feng Xiaozi, this girl should not be a Fengjia person? Is it your sweetheart? Oh, no one can come in except the Fengjia people, but if this girl is your sweetheart, it will be another matter. ""

The white beard screamed out and sighed: "The Wizards are really wonderful! There were a lot of innate breakthroughs here, so there are all kinds of innate sentiments here. For thousands of years, many people will break through to the innate Fengjia people. They all came here to feel at the last minute, but this girl is obviously the best one."

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