Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 270: The first person of Fengjia (3)

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In the memory fragment of Nangong Zifeng, she found the whereabouts of that person, no matter what relationship the child has with them. This time, since he came to Zhongzhou, he must bring him back.

Mu Ruyue hangs down the scorpion slightly, and the lips sneak a sneer.

"Nangong Zifeng, Feng Jingtian... There are so many obstacles around me and no dust, but even so, I will sweep all obstacles and keep him!"

No one can separate them.


Since being brought back to Fengjia by Feng Jingtian, he has never appeared again. Mu Ruyue is also happy to be quiet. He only spent time in the long cultivation. If she wants to break the seal, the only way is to break through to innate.

Perhaps it was the horror of the horror of the phoenix. After the cockroach was driven out, there was no more people to bother her. However, this tranquility was obviously only temporary...

The familiar atmosphere came on the scene, so that Mu Ruyue suddenly opened his eyes, and suddenly, a flower-like smile bloomed in front of her, so full of charm.

When Mu Ruyue didn't want to raise his fist, he attacked the smile that was owed to the flat. Who knows that the fist has not reached his front, he was easily grasped by him.

"Woman, you have been in Zhongzhou for so long, I will take you out for a walk."

Mu Ruyue turned his head and didn't want to see this enchanting smile: "No interest."

"Women..." Feng Shentian’s heart sank slightly. I don’t know why Mu’s indifference made his heart stunned, as if he would lose something forever.

But if he doesn't use this method? How could this woman stay in the Feng family?

"Let's go out."

Feng Jingtian put Junyan in front of Mu Ruyue's body, holding her hand tightly on her shoulder, and her enchanting face was with a flattering smile.

As the first person of the Feng family, Feng Jingtian was careful to accompany a smiling face to a girl. If she was seen by other women, she did not know how much she wanted to break.

He seems to be as sweet as he is...

"Let's let go!" Mu Ruyue shivered and said coldly, "I am saying once, I have no interest in going out with you. Feng Jingtian, what you have done, will always regret it."


Feng Jingtian smiled bitterly, and even he himself did not understand. How many women did he have as the first person in the Feng family? I don’t know how many people like to climb up to his bed... but they care about a woman who is so indifferent. Is this the legendary tendency of abuse?

The more indifferent others are to him, the more he wants Baba to get together, so that this woman hates him...

"Actually, I have regretted it," Feng Xiaotian bitterly smiled, and Feng Xiaozhong was stunned with a trace of sadness. "I have never been a master of the Feng family, but the only one who wants to be the master is only his own. Before I met you, I met a lot of women. Those women are just tools for venting their desires. Only you... I want to take care of them, to protect them. If you don’t want to be my lover, I can You are a wife, and don't care about everything you have in the past, and I know that you don't want to share the husband with anyone, so I promise you, and from then on, my woman will only have one of you..."

Mu Ruyue did not speak, only looking at the phoenix with a cold eyes.

The eyes violently panicked the phoenix's heart. He began to tremble slightly according to the girl's big hand. He wanted to say something and finally closed his mouth.

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