Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 267: The storm will start (seven)

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The main pain of the door was smashed and smashed, and turned to the palm of the night.

No dust did not dodge at night, but greeted him. His big hand slammed into the chest of the door, and a **** heart was dug out by him.

"You saved the Nangong Zifeng, you should pay for it!"

The man's voice is gloomy, and the indifference reveals the scent of chill.

The door owner’s wide-eyed eyes were stunned. I didn’t even think that I couldn’t even escape the strength. He thought that at least he could save his life...

However, before he could understand why the nightless dust would become so powerful now, there would be no more life to think about the problem. If he was given another chance, he would definitely hide and never appear in front of the night. .

Turning silently at night, looking at the silent night sky, the heart is tight...


At the beginning, he was really stunned by anger, and calmly calmed down during the time when he was mad at Nangong Zifeng.

Although it is only a shallow feeling, he can feel that Mu Ruyue is still alive...

This is enough.

No matter where she is now, it is to rummage through the ends of the earth, he will find her, and then, no longer will hurt her to a point...


On a nameless mountain, the silver-haired teenager smiled and smirked the lips, and the beautiful face marked with soft lines. Even though he did not have the evil spirits of night and dust, however, the lazy but not noble momentum is exactly the same with him, and the smiling smile between the eyebrows is such a similar image.

"For ten years, I have been waking up for ten years. If I really counted these years, it is estimated that there are more than a thousand years. If my aunt did not save me, I would probably be sealed there for a lifetime, but my aunt. I left when I was ten years ago, saying that I am going to find someone, then I should leave here..."

The young boy smiled shallowly, and the ink was swaying in the wind. He gently lifted his slender fingers and stroked his chin. The lazy smile on his lips was so moving...

He looked up at the sky not far away, and his eyes were filled with nostalgia.

Soon, he will be able to find them soon.

The seals over the years have made his cultivation extremely slow, slow to seemingly difficult to move, and after awakening, it took a whole few years to recover the body, and in those years it was completely spent in consumption.

In this way, he has made great progress over the years...

The teenager laughed, and the smile between the eyebrows was so beautiful. It was not enough to describe him with the words of Fenghua.

Mother, this time, I will not let people hurt us anymore...

As long as I thought that I could see my loved ones for a long time, the young man couldn’t help but tremble. The ecstasy and excitement filled the whole heart, so he couldn’t wait to insert his wings and fly to her side.

But no one saw the teenager standing on the mountain.

Otherwise, it will inevitably be immersed in the boy’s lazy smile. Such a beautiful teenager is hard to see in Zhongzhou...

At this time, in the Xiangge, Mu Ruyue's eyebrows moved slightly, and she slowly opened her eyes. In a flash, a enchanting face appeared in front of her eyes.

The distance between the two was very close, and her face sank at the time.

"Feng Fengtian, how are you here?"

She bit her teeth and asked in disgust.

Feng Jingtian had some grievances and looked at the moon: "The woman who has no conscience, you dare to ask me, is it that your man is not good for you, so you are forced to jump the cliff? If I didn't happen to meet you, I guess you are early. Feeding Warcraft under the cliff? Anyway, I saved your life, my request is not high, you are enough for me to agree."

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