Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 266: The storm will start (six)

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The man did not kill the Nangong Zifeng, but the lively abusive woman with a pale face seemed to want to vent his inner anger.

This woman dared to shoot on Muer!

All emotions such as regret, self-blame, sadness and despair have emerged in the man's heart. It was his carelessness that he did not notice the departure of Muer, otherwise Muer would not be in danger.

All this is his fault!

"Nangong Zifeng, you **** it! You are even more ruined than a singer. Do you think that if you do something like this, you will let the king remember you forever and hate you? You are too stupid. That will only make the king never rest peacefully!"


Nangong Zifeng feels that the bones are like a broken body.

But the pain in the body is far worse than the heart. This man really hurt her too much, but this is the case, she can not help but love him.


The violent pain made her breathe, but she could only let the man's fist wrapped in a black ray suddenly fall on her body. Her lips were overflowing with a trace of blood. Up, the beautiful face is endless sadness, and there is deep despair...

Do not! I can't die!

Nangong Zifeng’s heart screamed.

She knows that if she is dead, the dust-free brother will let her disappear and disappear in the world forever, and she will not remember her. How can she see the beloved man completely forget her?

That kind of pain she can't stand...

"Blood fog? You want to escape in this way? Unfortunately, I will not make two more mistakes in the same mistake!" The nightless purple cicada became more and more cold, and the palm of his hand blocked the secret of Nangong Zifeng.

If it wasn’t for this woman to escape, Muer would not be in danger.

Anyone who moves her hair, he will call the man to pay a terrible price!

Despair appeared on the face of Nangong Zifeng. She knew that the night would come so fast, she would not make such an adventure today.

Unfortunately, there is nothing regret in this world...

Suddenly, a fierce aurora flew from the side, the night was dusty and cold, and the hand raised the hand to interrupt the aurora. At this time, Nangong Zifeng escaped from his palm, and a bite of tongue Then there was a **** mist coming out.

The evening wind blew, the blood fog dissipated, and the woman on the hill had already lost its sight...

The nightless dust-free sputum spurted out the raging anger. He looked up at the figure that turned and wanted to escape. All the violent gas broke out. The half-faced mandala flower made him look like hell. Out of the general, evil charm and mysterious...

"The Virgin Gatekeeper!"

The man has been missing for so long, and the people in the ghost hall can't find his whereabouts. It turned out that he and Nangong Zifeng came together. It is no wonder that Nangong Zifeng knows his situation so clearly.

There is still one behind him at the Nangong Zifeng!


The door of the door was shocked, and he had already learned the strength of the night without dust. He was not the opponent of this man at all, so after he saved the Nangong Zifeng, he turned and wanted to escape.

But he does not have the blood fog that Nangong Zifeng will have...

The purple robe crossed the night sky and fell to the back of the door. The big hand grabbed his shoulder, and a hint of coldness spread out. A bang came down his shoulder through his palm.

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