Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 263: The storm will start (3)

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"Ha ha ha!" Turkic, she laughed. "Mu Ruyue, I already knew that you would do this, but do you think you have the possibility of choice? You are the most stupid decision to go to the appointment today, you thought you were coming. Is there a possibility of leaving here? I have already made a trap waiting for you, haha!"

Mu Ruyue slightly stunned his voice and said indifferently: "I know, but even if I face the trap, I will definitely come. I will know that he is there, and he will not leave without dust."

This is an adventurous decision, but she does not regret it...

Nangong Zifeng smirked, this woman is really strong, but now the strength is still too far, she is no longer the great powerhouse of Zhongzhou.

Now she is a soft persimmon that she can pinch at any time.

"Mu Ruyue, I will let you leave the dust-free brother, it is to pay all the price for it!" Nangong Zifeng's figure flashed on the palm of his hand wrapped in a layer of cold breath and shot to Mu Ruyue.

Mu Ruyue did not speak, just looked up at Nangong Zifeng, and at this moment, the hand fell on her body, and the temperature of the bones also made her face slightly white.

With a bang, a blood was sprayed directly on the face of Nangong Zifeng.

Nangong Zifeng wiped the blood on his face in a sinister manner. His body was like a violent wind with a strong momentum. After the cold and cold atmosphere, the vegetation on the Nanshan Mountain gradually became a layer of ice.

The jade hand fell on the girl's body, and the mighty momentum forced her to retreat. At this time, Mu Ruyue had been forced to the edge of the bottomless cliff, looking up and staring deeply at Nangong Zifeng. A cold gaze swept a ray of light.

The light went so fast that the Nangong Zifeng did not find it...

Seeing that the mighty moon in the past life was forced by such a wandering, Nangong Zifeng laughed and arrogantly, but at this time, Mu Ruyue rose up and a white powder sprinkled to Nangong Zifeng.

Nangong Zifeng’s face suddenly changed, and immediately the girl’s indifferent voice came forward: “The answer I’m looking for has just been obtained.”

The white powder dissipated with the wind, and the girl's white clothes floated, and the beautiful face was hooked with indifference.

"What did you just do?" Nangong Zifeng's face changed greatly, and asked about his teeth.

Mu Ruyue glanced at her and said: "A kind of powder that can help my mentality to peep into your memory. Unfortunately, I am not strong enough now. I only saw a small piece of footage. Even so, let me know the answer, Nangong. Zifeng, this is the real reason why I came to see you."

Nangong Zifeng has a stiff face, she really looked down on this woman, but what about this? Today is destined to be her death...

"Do you think you can still leave? Mu Ruyue, since you came here, there is only one dead road! Hahaha!"


Suddenly, on the Nanshan, which was still calm on the other side, suddenly there was a blazing flame. The fireworks were scattered throughout the Nanshan Mountain, and the night was set against the dawn.

But in this flame, I don’t feel any heat, and some are just cold...

On a mountain range in the distance, Yan Yan stopped, and a black robe was light in the evening wind. He turned his head and looked at the direction of Xiaocheng Xiaojia. The Jianmei was locked, and the restlessness in his heart seemed to engulf him.

"There seems to be something wrong with the little girl, but how can she be in danger when there is that person?"

But the uneasiness in my heart is so strong that he can’t stand it anymore...

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