Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 262: The storm will start (2)

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Mrs. Holy Moon smiled and nodded. "This is no problem. I will let Xiao Lao help. Month, you have been tired recently. Go to rest first."

Mu Ruyue didn't talk any more. She nodded slightly. She was really tired these days, but the culprit that caused her to be so tired was completely clean at night...

The night is extraordinarily quiet, and the moonlight spills over the path like water.

Suddenly, a voice came from a distance and fell into the brain of Mu Ruyue, causing her look to tremble and her face changed slightly.

"Mu Ruyue, if you still want to see your predecessor's son, then come to Nanshan to see me! You only need to come alone, otherwise you will never see your son again in this life."


That is, she did not know why, when I heard these two words, I felt a painful heartache. There seems to be a picture in front of me...

The purple lightning of the sky crashed down, and the two purple and white figures were against the Tianlei, but they could not see the appearance of the two. But at this time, a little cute who was cut off with both hands and feet was thrown away. In front of them, blood flowed, and the signs of life were slowly retreating.

The two people who fought against the thunder were scattered, and at this time they were unable to resist the powerful thunder, and they were destroyed in the thunder to annihilate...

The familiarity of these pictures is as if they have experienced the past.

Mu Ruyue’s heart trembled a little, and she did not know why she felt so distressed when she saw the miserable appearance of the little cute in the blood, like a knife digs her heart in her life.


Mu Ruyue clenched her fists tightly. She looked up at the direction of her bedroom. She said with a slight smile, she turned and walked outside Xiao’s house.

That feeling made her so uneasy, even if she knew that this time she would be in danger, she had to go.

On the Nanshan Mountain, Nangong Zifeng spit out a blood, and she smiled strangely: "In order to prevent the dusty brother from hearing my soul, the price paid is really not small, maybe the damage inside the soul will recover in a short time. No, but as long as I can deal with her, no matter what I pay, it is worth it for me."

If she does not do this, her soul will be intercepted by the night without dust, so that no matter what it does, it makes no sense...

Suddenly, there was a familiar atmosphere in front, and she looked up. After seeing the oncoming girl, she smiled coldly: "I already knew that you will come, and sure enough, Mu Ruyue, Even if you lose your memory, you can't let go of some things in your previous life, such as Bai Ze, and that little cute..."

Mu Ruyue stood quietly on the top of the mountain, looking at Nangong Zifeng with no expression, she did come, only because of the restlessness in her heart.

"I don't know what you are saying. I don't have any impression of what you said. Now I just want to know, what do you want me to come to?"

"I want you to leave the dust-free brother," Nangong Zifeng sneered. "You just leave the dust-free brother, I promise that your son will not be hurt."

Mu Ruyue did not speak, and there was no wave in the pair of scorpions.

"I won't leave no dust, the same, it won't make your plot succeed!"

Her voice was so determined, and the heart of Nangong Zifeng trembled.

This woman, still the former character, is not willing to be threatened anyway, it is the reincarnation of the world can not change this situation.

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