Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 260: Cave House Candles Night (4)

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"No dust, your body..."

Mu Ruyue’s eyes fell on the man’s smooth jade body, his face slightly stunned: “I remember that your body seems to be scars, why is the scar missing?”

"I don't know," he shook his head in the dustless night, and his long fingers touched the purple eyes. "Since I became this look, the toxins were automatically solved, that is, I don't know what happened. ”

When I heard the man's words, Mu Ruyue was relieved. To be honest, the night-free body was also her most worried thing, so she was relieved after learning that his toxin was automatically released.

The warm lips covered and filled with the tenderness of the piece.

Mu Ruyue’s body was slightly stiff, his face was faintly faint, she closed her eyes gently, her arms were tightly holding the man, and her lips slid softly.

"Muer, I didn't think we could finally get married. I will use my strength to open up a world for you in the future." The nightless dust came to her ear, and the faint breath accompanied the tender voice. Let Mu Ruyue’s heart suddenly become nervous.

She grabbed the man's hand tightly, her eyes staring deeply at each other's deep purple eyes.

"No dust, one day, I will go to a stronger position, and then, alongside you."

This is her long-cherished dream, and her pursuit, one day she will also stand at the top of the peak with this man.

Not far from the top of the hill, the phoenix stunned in the evening wind, deeply looking at the location of the Xiao family, he slightly picked up the pair of phoenixes, and the eyes passed a trace of awning.

Now, they should be in the bridal chamber night...

Just thinking about Mu Ruyue and the man’s current situation, Feng Jingtian has an uncomfortable feeling, but the man is too strong, he is not his opponent...

"Oh," Feng Jingtian laughed low, and a sly smile on the glamorous beauty. "Woman, even if you marry now, I will take you from his hands. In any case, I will not give you to the man. In this life, you belong to me alone!!!"

Suddenly, a cold and frosty sound rang behind the phoenix: "Do you like Mu Ruyue?"

Feng Jingtian Liu Mei slightly wrinkled, turned to look at the woman behind the eyes, this strange woman is really beautiful, but gave him a very uncomfortable feeling, that temperament is far too far compared with Mu Ruyue.

"Who are you?" His phoenix flashed through the chilly cold and asked coldly.

Nangong Zifeng chuckled, and the cold voice was like hell: "My name, Nangong Zifeng, my brother is my man, but I was taken away by that woman, so I will take the dust-free brother from She grabbed it in her hands. Of course, I want you to cooperate with me. I don’t know what your intentions are. Rest assured, there is absolutely no harm in working with me.”

"Cooperation?" Feng Jingtian smiled contemptuously. "Sorry, I have no intention to cooperate with you. You are looking for the wrong person!"

Nangong Zifeng looked cold and sneered: "Is it difficult for you to get the woman like Mu Ruyue? And I want to get a dust-free brother. Although your strength is a little worse, you want to let the dust-free brother misunderstand. Missing a person, I will find a way to force Mu to leave, and then deceive the dusty brother she eloped with you, when you are not able to take the opportunity to enter?"

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