Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (Phoenix Cry Firmament)

Chapter 237: I can cure him (1)

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"I just heard the movement here, so come and see," the old man smiled faintly, turned to look at the bottom of Mu Ruyue, curiously asked, "Little girl, can you tell me about your refining Dan? Drug name?"

Mu Ruyue looked at the old man whose beard was not trimmed: "Zijin Dan."

Purple Golden Dan?

Dan Zun’s eyes lit up and he was always interested in the medicinal herbs he had never heard of.

"Shantou, are you a pharmacist at the top of the line?"

There is more than one pharmacist in the mainland, and if the age of the peak is only about seventeen? Will anyone still feel normal?

Everyone breathed a tight, staring at the girl.

Under the eyes of everyone, the girl nodded lightly.


At that moment, the crowd rioted, all looking at the young face with incredible eyes.

"The physicist of the dynasty, the pharmacist, she turned out to be a pharmacist at the top of the mountain..."

Ridiculous, they thought she was just a middle class.

For a time, all eyes were turned to innocence.

In their opinion, this old guy must let Mu Ruyue play the pig to eat the tiger, deliberately doing this, and his old disrespectful character is not impossible.

Innocently, he laughed a few times and accepted the eyes of these people leisurely.

Are they not looking down on their own children? how about it? Are you dumb now? Now let these people have a long-term experience, not everyone likes to show off their strength like an idiot, as if they are very powerful.

In fact, it is just like this...

"You have a gimmick, I just told you that you were in the advanced stage. I blinked into a peak. It was really a shame for the master. Maybe I will be overtaken by you soon."

Innocent and somewhat sigh, more is proud, who makes this girl his baby?

At this time, Dan Zun has been completely fascinated by Mu Yue’s recognition, and her eyes are bright and she looks at her: "Little guy, are you interested in being my disciple?"

The genius of the peak of the earth, hey, this little guy's level is good, Zhongzhou can be less than her.

"Dan Zun, do you know what is the first comer? If the moon is my own, you will grab me in front of me, will it be too thick?"

Innocently heard that the old man wants to worship him as a teacher, and suddenly he is mad, he now also controls whether you are Dan Zun, want to grab his baby disciple, daydreaming.

Dan Zun’s eyes did not look at innocent eyes, and looked at Mu Ruyue.

Mu Ruyue looked up at Dan Zun, and wanted to tell the Lady of the Holy Moon, and she sighed for a while. Her faint opening: "My surname is Xiao, Xiao Ruyue is my other name."

On the Xiao family tree, this is indeed her name, and in China, her name is Mu Ruyue, so walking outside, or used to use this life.

“Xiao?” Dan Zun’s face was slightly stiff. “Are you a Xiao family?”

Mu Ruyue nodded lightly: "Yes, I am Xiaojia."

Xiao Jiayu is also the only system of Xiao Tianyu and Mrs.

" are the daughter of Yu's girl? It's no wonder that at first glance, there are some good things. It seems that this time, you can't really be my apprentice."

Dan Zun's mood was excited. I didn't expect Yu's daughter to come to the medicine. Isn't Yuer let her come over? Over the years, Yuer has not been angry?

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